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Obama's Half Brother's Shady Charity was Approved by IRS
RUSH: Okay, Malik Obama. "Abongo 'Roy' Malik Obama, is Barack Obama's half-brother and was the best man at his wedding, but he has a checkered past. In addition to running his charity," the Barack Hussein Obama Foundation, "Malik Obama ran unsuccessfully to be the governor of Siaya County in Kenya. He was accused of being a wife beater and seducing the newest of his twelve wives while she was a 17-year-old school girl."

Now, "It is also not clear what the Barack H. Obama Foundation actually does. Its website claims the organization has built a madrassa and was building a[n] imam's house but there is no other evidence that" they've done anything except collect money. And here, again, the important thing to review: Obama's half-brother had his illegal and very shady charity approved in less than a month, in June of 2011.

Tea Party groups had to wait, on average, more than three years for their tax-exempt status to be proved. And bear in mind the Tea Party movement has only been around a little bit more than three years. You know, folks, the IRS has been suppressing the Tea Party for the vast majority of its existence. Meanwhile, every Democrat group, from ProPublica to Organizing for Action, has sailed through the process for tax-exempt status without even a question -- without even a single question -- compared to what the Tea Party people have had to go through.

Angelina Jolie's Ovaries and OJ's Testimony Lead the News
RUSH: All right. It's true, folks. Angelina Jolie will have her ovaries removed in a preventive procedure. That dovetails with her double mastectomy as she takes preventative measures to avoid getting cancer. Now, the story's been out there for a while. It has the potential. The ovaries story has the potential to swamp the IRS story. I just want you to be aware. That's a distinct possiblity. Once they catch up to it in the Drive-Bys, they'll see that for what it is.

CNN: Two Rogue IRS Employees Did Everything, They've Been Punished -- Story Over
RUSH:  We have breaking news from CNN.  CNN is now reporting they have sources who have pinpointed two rogue employees responsible for being overly aggressive at the IRS.  They're being described as being "off the reservation."  I guess they're Indians.  That's right.  Off the reservation, they must be Indians.  CNN is saying two rogue employees at the IRS did all of this, and they have already been punished, so the story is over.

Politico: Sequester to Close IRS for a Day
RUSH:  I kid you not.  The Politico has a story running as we speak that says, "Furloughs to Shut Down IRS For a Day."  And from the article it says: "The agency reminded taxpayers today that it will be closed on May 24 so employees can serve one of five furlough days triggered by the [sequester.]"  The IRS is gonna close on May 24th because of the sequester.  That's exactly right.  That's gonna be the day to shred documents and erase some hard drives.  He-he-he-he-he.  May 24th, shut down the IRS day via sequester. 



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