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"This unfairness -- this mean-spiritedness, all of this extremism, all of this using the power of government against citizens -- is liberalism. Liberalism is not benevolent. It is not compassionate. It is not fair. It is not justice."

"Liberalism is a minority of the population of this country, but yet we're being governed by them."

"I don't often do this. I am begging you to keep an open mind about the Limbaugh Theorem to understand precisely what's happening here and the way that we can successfully attack this."

"The Democrats run and rule the roost with union donations. The unions collect all that money through dues, and they money launder all that money back to the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party has a massive fundraising advantage: unions. Well, the Citizens United case said that the people who employ the unions can also donate -- and that really ticked the Democrats off."

"Obama has successfully put things into motion where everything he wants to happen is happening, but he is not attached to it."

"It is literally amazing how many mainstream reporters are describing Obama to the T, fitting my definition of the Limbaugh Theorem without even knowing what they're doing."

"These people in the Drive-By Media are cementing the notion that I have put forth in the Limbaugh Theorem. The way that Obama gets away with this is to be disengaged, or to appear to be, and ultimately not responsible for it. That's the key to this. He's sitting pretty. He's not in any trouble, not with the people that elected him. And that's what you have to understand."

"This is liberalism on display. Benghazi, IRS, phone intercepts of AP, the massive debt, the economy, the lack of jobs, all of this is liberalism on display."

"It doesn't matter if it's Barack Obama running this show or Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton. This is what you're going to get. This is liberalism. Again, it is a golden opportunity for the Republican Party -- and I fully expect them to not get it, 'cause everybody's gonna be focused here on an opportunity, they think, to nail Obama."

"This is who liberals are. This is why I hoped he failed. I wanted liberalism to fail. I wanted socialism to fail. This is big government. Obamacare? It's gonna be a bigger nightmare than all of this when it fully implements. The opportunity that exists here is twofold to explain to people that this is what happens when Democrats run the show."

"Conservatives want to get government out of people's lives. Conservatives want people not to even have to think about government. It's kind of like an operating system in a computer. You just want it to work."

"Liberals want to run the operating system, and they want to use the operating system against you, or their political enemies. That's not at all what conservatives view government as."

"Money is the mother's milk of politics, everybody knows this, and the Democrats wanted to do anything they could to make sure that conservatives couldn't raise money to compete with 'em. They urged the IRS to really be tough on granting approvals."

"What you have is utter destruction. What you have is the assaults on the Constitution. What you have is declining liberty, declining freedom. You have a bigger and more intrusive government. This is what happens. This is liberalism."

"The truth is, he's getting everything he wants. The truth is, he is marching through this country like a hot knife through butter. His agenda, he's putting notches in his belt every month. Stimulus, Obamacare, tax increases, blowing up the Bush tax rates, whatever the agenda item is. The only major thing that he wanted that he hasn't got is Card Check, and maybe some environmental stuff."

"You're not gonna have to satisfaction of hearing people who voted for Obama tell you that, "Oh, yeah. You know what? You were right." It isn't gonna happen."

"What they don't understand is that Obama has successfully put things into motion where everything he wants to happen is happening, but he is not attached to it."

"You know, if you want to say socialism, if you want to say statism, if you want to say big government, whatever, but it's liberalism on parade. This is what you get. You get economic failure. You get morass. You get malaise. You get a national funk. You have people afraid of their government. You have the IRS targeting people because they are political enemies. This is liberalism."

"Men who are physically strong are more likely to have right-wing views. Weaker men are more likely to support the welfare state and wealth redistribution. There no link between women's physical strength and their political views. Only men."

"In a political sense, folks, this is rather genius. I don't know of any other president who has been successful in detaching himself from the events of his own administration. I have never seen that happen."

"This Nixon comparison is starting to bug me 'cause it's the wrong comparison. It's not Obama-Nixon, it's Obama-Putin. What's going on in this country is the same kind of stuff that goes on under Vladimir Putin."


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