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Pearls of Wisdom

"There are miniature Obamas all over this government doing his bidding for him."

"Is the culture of corruption so pervasive at the IRS that so many people felt they could get away with these illegal activities? Do you realize how easy it must have been for these IRS employees to go to work each and every day? They never worried about what they were doing. They just lowered the hammer on all these conservative groups and they never once worried that anybody would rat 'em out."

"People, since the first days of discussion of Obamacare, have asked what turn out now to be very intelligent questions. 'What if I didn't vote for Obama? What if I'm not a Democrat? What's that gonna mean for me when I get in line for health care when the government runs it?' Well, here's a pretty good indication of what it could mean. You might be moved to the back of the line, while Democrat voters, Obama donors get moved to the front of the line."

"What's happening now is an educational opportunity for the future. What's happening now is an opportunity for a bunch of people to say, "This is what happens when people like this end up running the show. Don't let it happen again."'

"The news media have become the information launderers for Obama, which is exactly what the media's role is when it is in bed with leaders of the regime."

"Was the oppressive work being done at the IRS so encouraged that no one had the guts to come forward to report what was going on? Or were the people at the IRS threatened and coerced to keep silent just like the whistleblowers at the State Department were told in the case of Benghazi?"

"Even after 94 e-mails, not a word about the video. Not a single word about what the regime said was the primary reason Benghazi happened. There's not a word in the e-mails back and forth among any of the principles in Benghazi."

"Two big questions: Where was Obama during the heat of the moment of Benghazi attack, and where did this video excuse come from?"

"You don't need to hire people and give them instruction. You hire people because they already know what to do. You hire fellow travelers. You hire hacks, you hire activists, you hire true believers. You hire people who rejoice in the opportunity to get a job in the bureaucracy because what that means is it's an opportunity to wage war on your political enemies."

"I've always been very proud of the fact that I played some role in Andrew Breitbart becoming what he became. A lot of people have worked very hard on this movie called Hating Breitbart, and it opens all over the country today."

"The government will be running health care. Essentially, the government will be your gateway to access. They can grant it or deny it. This is what happens when liberals end up in charge of government"

"See, that's why the Tea Party came into existence, because you guys are growing out of control. The federal government's getting out of control. The federal government is in charge of every aspect of modern life now!"

"The Republicans don't use the IRS to penalize liberal groups. When has that ever happened? It has never happened. It never would."

"There's a huge difference in the parties, and this is where I take exception with people who say this is not Republicans versus Democrats. It is, but it is also bigger than that. It is the Washington ruling class against everybody else. The Democrats happen to run the Washington ruling class, by the way. The Republican members are tagalongs."

"You just have to accept the fact that this country isn't going to remove a sitting African-American president. It just isn't. It's not gonna really severely punish such a president. It isn't gonna happen, and the press isn't gonna turn on the guy."

"Venezuela, if they're out of toilet paper... Folks, the environmental wackos ought to be pointing to Venezuela and giving them awards."


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