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BURN Wholesale: Just the Best!


RUSH: Folks, please indulge me. I must take some time here. I need to issue a thank-you to a company that really did a great job for me. I order a lot of stuff off Amazon, and normally I have one specific address that everything from Amazon gets shipped to for a whole host of reasons. But sometimes Amazon uses third-party sellers, and sometimes they don't ship in a way that will get to me at the address I use for Amazon.

So I ordered a bunch of stuff two weeks ago. After I ordered it, I noticed that it was going to be coming from a third-party shipper -- and every time that's happened, the stuff has never arrived, and it's gotten lost, because the third-party shippers use mail and I don't. So, I use the proper form at Amazon and I sent the shipper a note. It's an outfit called BURN Wholesale, and they're someplace in Michigan, and I just sent an e-mail saying, "Please do not send via United States Mail. I will not get it."

I gave them the instructions and so forth, and I knew they'd never see it. I mean, how many millions of such e-mails are they gonna get as an Amazon seller? But they did see it, and they replied, and they shipped it in the way that I asked -- and it was a way they never ship. I was told that the people in shipping are big fans and that they made an exception in this case. It was a fairly decent-sized order, and I just want to thank them. They have great customer service, just like we have at TwoIfByTea.com. These people at BURN Wholesale, third-party sellers at Amazon, are just the best.


RUSH: It's BURN -- B-U-R-N -- Wholesale. They are a wholesaler of tobacco products, Colibri Lighters and butane and all that stuff. They're a third-party reseller for Amazon, and I bought a bunch of lighters. I give them away and this kind of thing. I noticed after the fact that Amazon wasn't shipping. If you buy from Amazon, you know that you've got a bunch of presets that you can set up for when Amazon ships. They usually use UPS, but none of their resellers use FedEx or UPS.

They always use US Mail or Express Mail, and I don't. So stuff sent by third-party resellers never gets to me, and I never order stuff from third-party resellers because of that. At least not from Amazon. I didn't realize that the stuff wasn't gonna be shipped by Amazon 'til after I had placed the order, and I don't cancel orders. It's too big a hassle, even if you know how to do it. So I used the opportunity Amazon offers to send an e-mail to the wholesaler, figuring, "This will never be seen."

I mean, how many gazillions of e-mails are these guys getting? I can't possibly read all the e-mails I get. But they did see it, and they did ship it in a way that I would get it, and they shipped it in a way they never ship. I mean, they ship a lot of stuff. They've got their systems, and they went outside their system for this order. So I just wanted to thank 'em. When I encounter customer service like this -- or any company or product that, in my mind, excels -- I take the occasion of the opportunity I have at this microphone to thank them, even though I did in another e-mail.

I just think they're really good, and I just want to thank 'em publicly here.



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