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Goal of the IRS Scandal: Scare GOP Donors


RUSH: We're gonna start Southern California with Mattie. Thank you for calling. It's great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, and thank you for being the number one guy to get the news out to people who get it.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I want to talk to you because I am what's called a major donor in the Republican Party and a bundler. So that means all the businesspeople that I know, they write checks for our candidates, for our party, and all this scandal that has come out now on the IRS... We knew that the Tea Party was being targeted back in 2010. But we figured, "Okay, it's not gonna reach us," but then --

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. When you say, "We knew," you mean who? Major Republican donors, now?

CALLER: Well, no. The Republicans knew, and I know you said something the other day about Twitter, but Twitter knew. They were talking about it all over Twitter, about how the Tea Party was being targeted by the IRS.

RUSH: Oh, that's right. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Republicans in Congress also knew.


RUSH: And the regime knew, too. Everybody knew this was going on except us.

CALLER: Yeah, everybody knew. But here's what's happened. This IRS scandal was not leaked by some great reporter. This IRS scandal was leaked by them, because they have one purpose in mind: 2014 is coming up, and they are scaring the hell out of Republican donors. I can't get anyone to write a check, for congressman, for senator, for anybody or anything. Now that it's public on Fox and the Internet that Vandersloot paid 80 grand to defend himself against the IRS, anybody who has a business and writes checks to the GOP -- they write checks, they're businesspeople, and they support the GOP -- now they're not gonna do anything.

RUSH: That's right.

CALLER: So my message is to any congressman listening out there. You better understand. When the money isn't coming in for 2014, and for '16, if you guys don't do something to stop this, then you've made your own grave. You've dug your own grave. 'Cause you were right, Rush, when you said they're not gonna do anything. With Benghazi, we've got an ambassador and three other men dead, and nobody's been held accountable. Susan Rice can go out and lie to the American people, and still nothing has been done. In fact, she's gonna be elevated. This has been going on and going on, and it's our Congress. I blame Congress. I blame the American people for not screaming their heads off and just stopping it, because it's madness.

RUSH: You know, I have to tell you something, Mattie. The chilling effect that you talk about is very real, and I want to thank you very much. I want to expand on that point. The IRS did announce the scandal. We talked about that in the first half hour of the program. Lois Lerner was in an American Bar Association meeting and she arranged for a lawyer at this convention to ask her a question, and the question was designed for her to produce the answer:

"Yes, we found that the Tea Party was being targeted unfairly in tax-exempt applications," and that's how everybody publicly found out about it. Two days or three days later, the inspector general's report came out documenting it all. So the IRS appeared to be the first to blow the whistle on itself, which is important for credibility. But the chilling effect here -- what this is saying to other donors, to conservative and Republican candidates and causes -- is "Don't, because the IRS is targeting you."


RUSH: I want to explain in my own inimitable way what Mattie from southern California's just told us.  She's a fundraiser and a bundler for the Republican Party.  She can't get anybody to write checks.  What this proves is that the entire IRS scandal, the entire IRS operation, the objective of this scandal from the regime standpoint is to target Republican donors and frighten them into not donating.  That's all this is.  It's not a distraction from Benghazi.  It's nothing other than designed to have a chilling effect on Republican, conservative donors into not writing a check. 

In fact, do you remember when Obama took over General Motors?  Do you remember there was a story that emerged shortly thereafter that in the downsizing and the reorganization of GM, assertions were made that only Republican GM Cadillac dealerships were shut down, and immediately, "Rush, that's not true. A bunch of Democrats were shut down, too."  I'm looking back on that now and I actually am beginning to think that that did happen.  Money is the fuel that makes political victory possible.  Sadly, folks, in many cases it's more important than ideas.  And this is what turns off so many people to politics, frankly, that money and the chicanery involved in money matter more than ideas. 

What you have here, let's first look at the IRS targeting Romney donors:  Frank VanderSloot, Sheldon Adelson, there were a number of them that the IRS targeted for audit simply because they donated to Romney. VanderSloot was audited three different ways, personally and professionally, three different ways.  His story has been widely reported.  Now, one take on the VanderSloot story, "Well, that's just outrageous, it's outrageous!"  The other reaction is, "Oh, my God, I'm not giving any money. I don't want that to happen to me. I don't want to red flag my tax return.  I just won't make any donations and I'll be safe.  The IRS won't come after me."  And that's exactly what this is about. 

Lois Lerner going to that Bar Association convention and rigging a Q&A, which is what happened, and this has been acknowledged, by the way, now.  This is not just me speculating.  She arranged for a friendly lawyer to ask her a question, said he had heard something about Tea Party groups being targeted during the tax-exempt approval process, (paraphrasing) "Yes, we just discovered this. We just learned this.  It was some employees in the Cincinnati office, low level, and we're very ashamed by this, very, very upset, and we're working very hard to fix it." 

So the news is out and then the news kept expanding the details to the tune that we learned that 500 Tea Party groups were harassed in unimaginable ways. Religious groups were told to submit the contents of the prayers that they were making.  We also learned, folks -- don't forget this -- that all of the information that was being requested by the IRS from these Tea Party groups was then being turned over to a group called ProPublica, which is a group of left-wing journalists, essentially, and that information was then being laundered and turned into news stories about these people in the Tea Party group and these donors and so forth and who they were and what kind of extreme kook views they have.  These stories would appear in local media on local TV news, in local newspapers all over the country. 

Some donors had their businesses audited by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Some donors had to put up with inspections by OSHA. Some had to put up with inspections Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms.  So the upshot of this is that the IRS scandal and the IRS making it public, three days later the inspectors general report comes out and divulges all the dirty details.  The reason for this is to simply frighten other Republicans into not donating.  This is all about the Obama administration -- and the media loves this, by the way.  That's why this is not gonna hurt Obama.  It was never going to hurt Obama.  It was never going to stick to Obama. 

The purpose of this is to hurt Republican fundraising.  The purpose of the IRS scandal being divulged is to target Republican donors.  So you're a potential donor or you're being hit up to contribute, and in the midst of that, you're seeing that the IRS is just a couple of rogue people causing trouble for 500 Tea Party groups, put 'em through hoops for three years, just on tax-exempt status?  And we're learning that some were audited. Then we learned that all these Romney donors were audited, these really rich bundlers for Romney were audited and so forth.  What do you think the net result is?  The net result, for most people, "I don't want the hassle, okay, I'm not gonna donate. I'm not gonna make myself a target." 

So Mattie, a fundraiser and bundler in Southern California calls and tells us, "I can't get anybody to write a check, everybody's scared. They don't want to be audited. They don't want to be put through the grinder like VanderSloot was or Sheldon Adelson was.  Remember, it was Obama's own campaign website that posted the names of eight of Romney's biggest donors, including Frank VanderSloot, in order to sick the left-wing nut jobs on 'em, plus the IRS. So they wanted Media Matters on 'em and they wanted the Democrat Underground and the Daily Kos and all of this collection of real Democrat freaks, the Twitter universe. 

They wanted 'em all targeting VanderSloot and all these other donors and saying just horrible things about them.  I think VanderSloot was accused of being a racist and sexist and homophobe and the usual things, all because they donated to Romney.  And the objective, don't forget now, all of this, everything that's happening, folks, is about 2014.  Everything.  The immigration bill is about 2014.  The gun control bill was about 2014.  Every piece of legislation that's pending right now and where it stands is about 2014.  The IRS scandal being announced by the IRS, the details forthcoming, is about 2014 and the Democrats winning the House. 

That's all anything's about because when and if that happens, then... how else to put this?  We've got a banana republic.  We've got one-party rule in the White House, in the House, and in the Senate, as it was in the first two years of the Obama administration, but the difference this time will be Obama doesn't have to worry about being reelected. He doesn't have to worry about angering the Republicans.  He's gonna have two years, everybody thinks presidents in their last two years, second term, are just lame ducks 'cause everybody's focusing on the 2016 presidential race.  Nope.  Everybody may be focused on the 2016 presidential race, that's when Obama simply issues an executive order or -- when they amend the Constitution in Congress.

"The Second Amendment no longer applies to modern American life, and, you know what, we're gonna amend it and write whatever they want to write and Obama sign it, and then challenge, what are you gonna do about it?  Take it to the Supreme Court?  Fine.  We have them, too.  You saw what we're able to do with chief justice and Obamacare.  So take it to the Supreme Court.  We don't care."  That's what 2014's all about.  And as they've shown by successfully intimidating the Tea Party and denying the granting of tax-exempt status to 500 Tea Party groups for 27 months leading up to the 2012 election, I think it's very logical to assume here that the millions of votes Romney did not get in 2012 are traceable to this action against the Tea Party, because those people coulda just said, "You know what, to hell with this. This is not worth it."

And while this is going on, nobody's standing up for these people, by the way.  While this is going on, while these Tea Party people are being discriminated against and put through hoops, there's nobody in the Republican Party that was standing up for 'em.  And they already feel a little isolated anyway because they're the Tea Party.  They're not professional political people.  So it just makes perfect sense what she said.  I had so many people say, "Rush, the IRS thing, don't fall for it, Rush, that's just to distract everybody from Benghazi."  That's not what this is.  This is to scare, to literally frighten people into not donating to Republican or conservative causes.


RUSH: Knoxville, Tennessee, Jake, 22 years old, thank you so much for waiting.  I appreciate your patience, and hello.

CALLER:  Hey, buddy, how are you?

RUSH:  Good.  Thank you, buddy.

CALLER:  Excellent.  So, I got a question about all these poll numbers we got going out at CNN and whatnot.

RUSH:  Yep.

CALLER:  So they're saying roughly 60% of the population is saying that this IRS scandal is a black eye on the Obama administration, correct?

RUSH:  No.

CALLER:  No.  What are they saying then?

RUSH:  No.  No.  They're not saying it's a black eye.  They didn't say black eye.  What we have here is 55% say questions about the administration's conflicting stories on Benghazi and the IRS are very important. 

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  Not a black eye.  That's a big difference.

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  Fifty-nine percent say that the government could have prevented Benghazi.  Fifty-four percent say the GOP and Congress hasn't overplayed it's hand.  Not a black eye on the administration.  It's very important, Jack.

CALLER:  All right, well, this still leads into my next comment then.  That still sounds like it's a loaded question then.  How reliable is all this polling?  If you've got 53% of people come into this thing, "Yeah, Obama's doing a good job," and then all this stuff comes out and these same people are saying the exact same thing, does that not call into question the authenticity of these numbers?

RUSH:  I used to think it did, but now I don't.

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  And I'll tell you why.  First I need to ask you. Be honest, there's no wrong answer here.  Don't misunderstand my tone.  I'm not being combative or contentious with you.  Did you vote for Obama?

CALLER:  I did not.  I'm actually one of the very, very few young Republicans at the University of Tennessee.

RUSH:  Okay.  Here's what's going on.  What is happening -- and it's really brilliant.  You have correctly observed that 55 to 53% of the American people approve of Obama's job performance.  Yet, 58, 59% disapprove of these scandals and his agenda.  And so you're saying, "Wait a minute, this poll is confusing," right?  Well, it's not, if you understand one thing:  The people who are saying they approve of Obama's job performance, Jake, do not associate Obama with the IRS scandal or with the Benghazi scandal.  Now, if you've never heard me explain this, this may be tough to understand.

CALLER:  No, I have, I have.  Yeah.

RUSH:  They see Obama as stopping it, or opposing it.  They see Obama trying to bring the deficit down.  They think Obama, 'cause he's constantly campaigning, Jake, he's never seen as governing, and that's important because he's never seen as responsible.  He's constantly on the campaign trail, and he's always what?  What did he say about the IRS?  "I'm mad.  This makes me mad, and I'm gonna get to the bottom of this and I'm gonna find out what happened and we're gonna make sure it doesn't happen again." And the truth it's exactly what he wants to happen. It happened because people he put in place are doing his bidding, but as far as the low-information people that vote for him and show up on this poll, he also opposes it.  It's just these renegades at the IRS did this, and these irresponsible jackals in Benghazi did this, and poor old Obama, boy, he's trying.  But look, Bush left him with so much economic problems, troubles, and so forth. So you are absolutely right to notice the anomaly but the explanation is not that the polling is flawed.  The explanation is that these low-information voters do not blame Obama for anything that's happening.

CALLER:  Right, I'll throw one more thing at you and then let you get back to it.  So I got a new job down there, I bartend, and upon my hiring they asked me for my ID or whatever. I gave them my handgun carry permit, and this was like two weeks into my employment there.  And then all of a sudden I don't have any more shifts coming up.  Figure that one out.

RUSH:  They didn't fire you, but they just aren't scheduling you to work?

CALLER:  Exactly.  Yeah, exactly.

RUSH:  Just because you told them you've got a carry permit?

CALLER:  Exactly.  And I can't carry the weapon into the bar, it stays out in my car, but, yeah, figure that one out, but yes. 

RUSH:  Well, you know the answer to that.

CALLER:  Yeah, I'm not surprised.  You take a job to fix your computer, and then, you know, carry a handgun, now you can't fix your computer.

RUSH:  You know, Jake, I appreciate you're able to laugh at this, but in this case this is really another serious thing.  You are entirely legal.  You have permission to carry that gun.  Now, I'm sorry, folks, I may just be too logical for some people, but to me, the value in having permission to carry is having people know you're carrying.  It's an act of self-defense.  You get the permit to carry based on satisfying a bunch of requirements.  One of them is that there could be threats made against you that could involve guns.  The idea of a carry permit is that you want people to know you're carrying.  It's the ultimate statement of self-defense.  But you have a gun.  You are therefore guilty in America today.  You're a law-abiding guy, Jake, but because you got a gun you're guilty.  You may blow up a school. 



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