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The Obama Regime DOJ's Harassment of Fox News Ties into the IRS Attack on Republican Donors


RUSH: I just I want to remind you again, folks, that it was the Obama campaign website that targeted all of Romney's donors. It was Obama's website that named Romney's donors and then implied that they were criminal, implied that they were unsavory. That sent the signal to the freak extremists that make up the Democrat Party underground on the Internet to start getting everything into gear. The way it ended up, 15 top Romney donors were audited -- 15 of them, folks. Obama, on his campaign website, was constantly demanding that the IRS do what they did.

Obama was doing it in a subtle way.

So many senators were doing it in a subtle way -- and Harry Reid wasn't so subtle, saying that Romney wasn't even paying his taxes. But all of these Romney donors are being slimed on the Obama campaign website. Of course the immediate purpose then was to have a negative impact on Romney's campaign to win in 2012, to limit the amount of money, to limit donors, to frighten other donors away. I mean, if Romney donors are being audited before the election, then the objective is to make sure Romney has fewer and fewer people willing to donate to him because they're afraid of the IRS, which makes total sense.

We literally do have, folks, banana republic-type government going on here. I don't know how else to describe it. Virtually every aspect of this administration is politically oriented toward eliminating opposition. None of what is publicly seen from this administration is aimed toward governing, and that is a fundamental point. It's a very key point to understand. This administration is not seen as governing. This administration is constantly on the attack. This administration is constantly attacking somebody.

So let's try to put all of this in some sort of semblance of order, if we can. We now have a total understanding of why the IRS went public with their own scandal, and we have that from no less than a Republican bundler and donor in Southern California who called here in the last half hour and said she cannot get anybody to write a check to any Republican candidate or cause. They're frightened.

They see what the IRS did to Tea Party organizations for 27 months. They see what's happening to Frank VanderSloot and Sheldon Adelson and 13 other Romney donors. They're just scared, which is exactly what this regime wants people to be. This administration wants people to fear it. That's what sets it apart. That's what sets it apart from previous administrations. This campaign -- and that's what it is, frankly. It's not an administration. This campaign wants Americans frightened of it.

They want you to be afraid.

They want be to you scared.

They want you to be intimidated into shutting up, not opposing them, not helping anybody else oppose them. They don't want any of opposition. They're attempting to intimidate anybody and everybody into just shutting up. No criticism whatsoever of the regime is tolerated. Anybody who criticizes the regime is gonna be targeted. Anybody who speaks up about this administration is gonna be named and targeted, and it's going to appear that the administration's going after them -- and who wants that? Particularly an average citizen!

A Tea Party person is an average citizen. Very few of 'em have time for that. They've got their families. They've got their lifestyles. They have jobs. They've got to try to continue to provide for their families and so forth. From the New York Times today: "The Obama administration's efforts to raise private money to carry out the president's health care law have provoked such a strong partisan uproar that potential donors have become skittish about contributing, according to several people involved in the fund-raising program."

Now, the New York Times is worried about this, but not about the chilling effect of auditing and scrutinizing the Tea Party. The New York Times is worried it's gonna have a backlash effect on Obama. "Potential Donors to Enroll America Grow Skittish." Those are donors to enroll people into Obamacare growing skittish. I don't know if you've heard about it but the regime is using, they're trying to raise private money to carry out the health care law. That's what Obama's constant campaigning is. He is out raising money, folks.

He can't run for anything. He's using the campaign contributions that he's getting today to implement his agenda, and the New York Times is admittedly worried about it, not the chilling effect of being audited or being scrutinized. Look at what Obama talks about. Look at what he says. Look at all his talk of revenge and that kind of thing, all of his talk about punishing his enemies. So we have now the truth of the IRS scandal and why the regime made it public. So what else is happening? Well, try this.

"Fox News reports that three Fox staffers," not just James Rosen, the reporter. Now there are "three Fox staffers, two reporters and one producer, were targeted by Barack Obama's Justice Department. Fox doesn't have all the details yet on reporter William La Jeunesse and producer Mike Levine, but their emails showed up in a IG report regarding Fast and Furious. Either their emails were leaked by the Justice Department officials they were sent to, or the email accounts of both were subpoenaed and invaded by government investigators.

"The IG report does say that subpoenas were issued to obtain emails. Whose email was targeted is not yet known. The third staffer is reporter James Rosen. The Washington Post's story behind that is downright chilling. What we have here is a case of the Obama [regime] criminalizing reporting. In June of 2009, James Rosen of Fox News reported that North Korea might respond to an increase in United Nations sanctions with even more nuclear tests. Rosen added that the CIA had learned this information from their sources within North Korea.

"According to the Washington Post, upon hearing learning of Rosen's report, the White House launched what many believe is an unprecedented leak probe that went so far as to criminalize standard news-gathering. Because the Justice Department believes the source of the leak to Rosen was Jin-Woo Kim, a government adviser, he is facing federal charges that could land him a 10-year prison sentence." What happened here is that the regime intercepted the reporter's e-mails. They basically bugged the reporter to find out his sources.

Folks, Nixon only contemplated doing this. Nixon probably dreamed of doing this, but never got anywhere near doing this. Nixon bugged himself, but all he did was dream. These people are out bugging the AP. They're now bugging William La Jeunesse and James Rosen from Fox News and a producer -- three people-- and that's about the only way you can describe it is "bugging." You might want to say they got subpoenas to intercept e-mails.

They still are bugging these Fox employees -- and in bugging James Rosen, they learned his source. It was Jin-Woo Kim, a government adviser who told Rosen what the North Koreans' likely response to UN sanctions would be. "But in their zeal to dig into reporter Rosen's part in this (and supposedly firm up their case against Kim), the Post reports that FBI agent Reginald Reyes claimed there was 'evidence Rosen had broken the law, "at the very least, either as an aider, abettor and/or co-conspirator"' [with his leaker].

"After building their case against Kim, the Obama administration then went after Rosen, using his badge to trace his whereabouts in the State Department. But they also wanted Rosen's emails. The Post writes that in order to do this, because of legal protections offered the media, the case had to be made that Rosen was a co-conspirator in a criminal conspiracy to leak national security secrets," and that's what they did to get the subpoenas to get Rosen's e-mails.

They claimed he was a criminal -- and, of course, they didn't have to prove it. They just had to suspect it and the subpoena was granted, and they in effect were legally allowed to bug the Fox reporter James Rosen. "'Privacy protections limit searching or seizing a reporter’s work, but not when there is evidence that the journalist broke the law against unauthorized leaks. A federal judge signed off on the search warrant -- agreeing that there was probable cause that Rosen was a co-conspirator.'

"Rosen said the government never contacted him. The thing you have to keep in mind here is that if Kim and Rosen did what the [regime] says they did -- it is something that happens almost every day between reporters and their sources. It is called everyday journalism," and it's not practiced much anymore. Fox News is about the last place on earth in this country that you find journalism practiced. In this case, the journalism was a reporter attempting to find out what the regime was doing.

He found somebody would tell him.

The regime didn't like what Rosen learned, and so the regime is now saying that Rosen and his leaker are criminals, when all they're doing is engaging in journalism. Now, this kind of thing did happen routinely when Bush was in office. When this kind of thing was learned when Bush was in office, it was Bush who was the criminal in the eyes of the media. It's everyday journalism. The Obama administration is simply trying to quell American journalists, quash them from doing their jobs.

The thing that I have to observe is that the only place where this is really happening is at Fox. As such, it's gonna be really interesting to see to what extent other journalists say they are appalled at what is happening to William La Jeunesse and Rosen at Fox. Remember how they were all just outraged over what happened to Judith Miller? Remember the Valerie Plame story when they just had to get somebody frog-marched into jail? You've got the regime basically bugging the Associated Press in the same way, and all they did was send a letter, and that's pretty much it.

I mean, this is the kind of stuff that happens in totalitarian regimes, folks.

So let's review, shall we, just what we have today?

We've got Obama administration trying to criminalize journalism as practiced by Fox. We have the IRS scandal made public by IRS for the express purpose of frightening and scaring future donors away from the Republican Party and Republican candidates. We have learned that 15 top Romney donors were audited and the Obama campaign website alluded that eight of these 15 were criminals, thereby lighting a fire under these literally insane, extreme zombies that troll Democrat websites on the Internet.

Fox News reporters and a staffer were spied on by the Department of Justice. Five hundred conservative organizations were delayed, by the IRS, in their attempt to gain nonprofit status through two election cycles. We have the Department of Health and Human Services shaking down health care executives. Fast and Furious was an attempt to undermine the Second Amendment, and now the whistleblower of Fast and Furious is being smeared by the Department of Justice. Whistleblowers are being intimidated.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you remember the story of Gibson guitars? Do you remember when Obama and Eric Holder went after Gibson guitars? Do you remember what we were told was the reason why Gibson guitars was raided? That's right. We were told that they were using wood that was banned. They were violating environmental regulations in the manufacturing of their guitars. Well, now we've learned that the Gibson guitar CEO, Henry Juskowitz, is a Republican donor.

Remember when all of those GM dealerships were shut down after Obama took over General Motors on behalf of the government? All those dealerships -- the vast majority of them -- were Republican owned. Yeah. You remember Obama and Eric Holder's attack on Gibson guitars? That was back in 2009. They raided Gibson and demanded that its woodwork labor be done overseas. The original excuse by the regime for the raid was environmental concerns. Court documents, however, revealed the raid legal hassles were from a non-environmental question.

The CEO was a Republican.



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