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This Is Big Government. This Is Liberalism. That Has to Be the Focus for the 2014 Election, Not Barack Obama


RUSH:  Charles in Springfield, Illinois.  Great to have you on the program, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Well, hi, Rush.  Thank you for taking my call.  It's an honor to speak with you.

RUSH:  Thank you.  You bet, sir.

CALLER:  Thank you for everything you do.  I can't imagine living in a country where people don't have someone like you to challenge an overreaching government.  I do have a question for you, but, first of all, I want to let you know I've got my checkbook out ready to write another check to the Tea Party.  I hope they come back even stronger than they were in 2010 like a locomotive on the rails with the throttle wide open and no brakes.

RUSH:  Well, you know, I'm hoping there's a backlash and a lot of people have that kind of an attitude about this.  I really, really do.

CALLER:  I hope they're not intimidated by the government.  But I know how it's overwhelming sometimes when you're talking about the IRS.  My question to you was how should we handle this, these episodes like the three problems we have here, like the IRS and the things we have, in coming across to the people and how we get out to them regarding this without acting giddy.  And the reason I'm asking you this is last week, Mitch McConnell had a press conference, and there were three people standing around him that had big smiles on their face and looked like they were trying to refrain from laughing.  And I thought that really doesn't come across well --

RUSH:  So what do you think the attitude ought to be?

CALLER:  People should be angry that the government is overreaching.  They shouldn't be -- I mean, we should just be so upset and not --

RUSH:  So you're worried that people laughing or apparently enjoying what appears to be Obama in trouble could anger the low-information voters that Obama has in his corner and just buck up even more support for the guy?

CALLER:  Absolutely.  They just take the attitude they're after one guy, and it's never gonna reach Obama.  He's got a circle around him, and evidently they were not supposed to tell him anything bad going on, that way he had plausible deniability.

RUSH:  Well, look, let me tackle this.  I've seen all these -- they're almost predictable.  "Don't overplay it.  Don't act happy Obama's in trouble.  Don't do it. Don't gloat. Don't laugh. Don't look like you're enjoying this. Don't convey that you're happy Obama's in trouble, because all it's gonna do is make the Republicans look like all they care about is getting Obama."  Folks, we are so far beyond any of that.  In the first place, Obama isn't in any trouble.  I don't know how else to say this.  Obama's not in any jeopardy whatsoever. 

Folks, let me tell you something.  I'm just gonna launch here.  I'll do this with as much restraint as possible.  But, in my humble thinking, the people of this country, if it came to this, are simply not going to tolerate the first black president being removed from office.  And if that's not gonna happen, all the rest of this is academic.  The people of this country are not gonna tolerate the first African-American attorney general being removed from office.  They're just not gonna put up with it, and they're not gonna sit by while it happens, no matter what. 

But beyond that, I'm telling you, as far as the public is concerned, Obama's not in trouble.  These people that you saw sitting behind McConnell laughing, I don't know what they're laughing about, but this isn't gonna touch Obama.  Benghazi's not gonna touch Obama.  Nothing else has touched Obama.  The economy hasn't touched Obama. The debt hasn't touched Obama. The fact that nobody can find a decent job anymore hasn't touched Obama.  The fact that militant terrorists are all over the place attacking Americans hasn't touched Obama. 

Why is this?  The mistake, if we got people on our side thinking, "All right, now we finally got something."  No, we don't.  In the first place, you are not going to see the media join any kind of movement to even cause Obama to be embarrassed to be in trouble.  CNN just updated their poll.  Obama's approval numbers are up an additional two points today over yesterday.  The daily tracking, he's up two more points, according to CNN.  So all this talk about causing a backlash, it's so misplaced.  We're nowhere near. Now, I think the focus of this needs to totally change. 

I think, as I said on Friday, the focus of this, we need to just leave Obama out of this.  What this is is liberalism.  What this is is big government out of control, and we don't want this no matter who's in charge of it. And I'm not saying this, folks, because I'm afraid to go after Obama.  Please don't assume that.  I'm saying it because Obama's not gonna be on a ballot anymore.  There's at no point -- the people of this country are not going to tolerate the first black president being removed from office, impeachment or whatever, no matter, no how, no kind, no when, no wherever.  That isn't gonna happen, no matter how justifiable it may become. It isn't gonna happen. 

The whole focus needs to be on 2014.  What needs to be focused on now is going to these potential donors and talking 'em off the ledge.  Republican donors who are sitting it out, scared to death, need to be talked off the ledge.  We need to get rid of the circumstances creating this atmosphere of fear and a boding and a paranoia.  The focus has gotta be on holding the House of Representatives in 2014, and dare I say winning the Senate in 2014.  And the focus has got to be big government.  You can take this IRS scandal, leave Obama out of it for all I care, or leave him in it, I don't care.  The message has got to be, this agency is out of control. It is auditing people to intimidate them. You've always suspected it, now we can prove it's happening. The IRS and the IG report have given us details to take to the American people, say, "Here's what's going on." 

The message has to be ideological.  Gosh, I'm going blue in the face saying this five years now.  People have got to be told who liberalism is.  Now, if you want to go after President Obama, do it that way, here's who he is.  He's an unabridged radical liberal, and what he believes in is exactly what's happening here, government getting bigger, country getting more in debt, you losing liberty, government coming after your guns, this is what big government does. By definition, big government gets big by your life and your neighborhood and the private sector economy getting smaller, and it's the private sector economy where your chance for prosperity and fortune reside, and it's being shrunk right before your very eyes. 

The whole focus here is this is what happens when liberals end up with unchecked power.  And then you can point to Detroit, and you can point to any other place. If you want to point to Cuba and then point to the ChiComs, then point to North Korea if you want to.  For me, the message is big government.  For me, the message is liberalism, big government, out of control.  And I'm perfectly comfortable using Obama, but in terms of focusing efforts to try to have Obama impeached or held personally responsible for these scandals is a bunch of wasted effort.  That is a dream that's only going to remain a dream.  That just isn't gonna happen. 

And by the way, I would love to be wrong about this, and if I am wrong, I'll be the first person, "You know what, I missed it. I shoulda seen it coming."  If it ever does I'll be the first to tell you I blew it.  But I don't think that's gonna happen, and I don't think that it's productive to go after Obama.  Even if we're able to impeach Obama, nothing's gonna change.  Government's gonna keep getting bigger.  We've gotta get rid of Democrats.  Why are you shaking your head?  You disagree with this?  What do you mean, how can it get out of the Senate?  Well, no, impeachment's in the House.  Well, there will never be is my point. Snerdley is saying the trial would be in the Senate and Harry Reid -- exactly, but it's not even gonna get to a trial. 

Removing Obama isn't gonna happen.  Holding Obama accountable, making Obama pay the price for what he's done to the country the last five years, the way to do that is to kick Democrats out of office.  The way to do that is to beat Democrats if every election that you can.  If you're not comfortable in talking to people about ideology and liberal versus conservative, just say, "Hey, this is what happens when Democrats run the country. This is what happens when Democrats have unchecked power. This is what happens when the Democrats get control of Justice Department, it's what happens.  The Democrats get control of the IRS and all these people that contributed to Romney get audited."  And be prepared to run into people who say, "Yeah, and they should be, they're criminals, they're the rich." 

Look, these people on the left, these Democrats, they have poisoned millions of American minds.  But this business about we're gloating over Obama being in trouble, it just so misses the point.  Obama's not in trouble, number one.  But big government is.  And it's a much easier case to make against big government than it is against Obama because the people that voted for the guy don't want to hear it.  They don't want to believe it.  It's a lost cause.


RUSH:  Here's Vickie in Brooksville, Kentucky.  I'm glad that you waited.  Great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  I just wanted to say one thing.  In your opening monologue, you said something about, that it was circumstantial, all of this stuff that was going on. Well, I have a point.  There are many, many, many guys that are sitting in jail because of circumstantial evidence.  What they do is they connect the dots, and the dots are there, if somebody could joust cohesively connect the dots.  If a captain of a ship runs aground and he's sound asleep in his quarters in the depths of the ship, guess who gets the blame and gets relieved of duty?  The captain.

RUSH:  Yeah, true. 

CALLER:  Not the guy, not the guys that did it.  He was asleep.  I don't give a damn where Obama was, but it's his fault and this last guy that you told me about with the union person coming in a meeting with --

RUSH:  Yeah, by the way --

CALLER:  -- Obama --

RUSH:  -- on that, the US News & World Report is reporting that that report is wrong, that yes, she was in the White House but she attended some conference --

CALLER:  Oh, bull, and you believe that?

RUSH:  No, and I didn't use the word circumstantial in my opening monologue, either.  That's why I'm sitting here confused over what you're talking about.  At least as far as  what I said.

CALLER:  I heard you say that it was all circumstantial stuff, that there was no hard evidence.  Well, you know, the only kind of hard evidence we have these days is DNA in court, that's it, that's hard evidence, or an eye witness.

RUSH:  I don't think that you were interpreting what I was saying right. Did you think I was telling people leave it alone, it's only circumstantial?

CALLER:  No, no, I didn't mean that you said that.  I meant that you were trying to say that all of these things are circumstantial but we don't have any hard-core --

RUSH:  No, all I'm saying is I don't think any of it's gonna stick to Obama no matter what anybody does.  Deep breath.  I gotta take a brief time-out.  I appreciate the call, Vickie.  Thanks much.


RUSH:  Folks, all I'm saying is, we can't impeach Obama.  It isn't gonna happen, but we can impeach the Democrat Party and get it out of town by voting them out.