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Pearls of Wisdom

"As far as the low-information audience or voter group out there is concerned, they don't have any reason not to trust Obama yet. They don't have any reason not to believe him."

"Politico has the breaking news. Congressman Darrell Issa will call on Lois Lerner to reappear before his committee saying she has waived her Fifth Amendment right by giving her opening statement and denying that she did anything wrong. So somebody gets results out there."

"The low-information voters out there, they must be lying awake at night wondering what else Obama hasn't been told about."

"We have to learn to look at the news through the eyes of low-information voters. Hard as it is to believe, they really believe when they're told that Obama wasn't told about the IRS, when he wasn't told about Benghazi, they believe that."

"The New York Times is trying to blame me for the media not uncovering the IRS scandals before the elections. This takes the cake. I have now surpassed Bush, folks, in terms of being responsible for things that have gone wrong. I mean, I've gotta put a notch in my belt on this one. I wish my dad were alive."

"Snerdley, stop what you're doing and listen. I want you to hear this."

"You people in this audience made it impossible for them to succeed in this. And I don't want you to ever, ever forget, I don't want you to ever think that I am not grateful and that I am not appreciative of the fact that you all are there and continue to say that you were there."

"Congressman Issa shoulda kept Lois Lerner there all afternoon and asked her a hundred questions and made her invoke the Fifth on every one of them! That's how the Democrats would do it."

"If you're a low-information voter, I dare say you might even support Fox reporters being spied on. Because if you are a low-information voter, you believe the Democrat spin on things, and you might believe that Fox is a problem."

"I'm a member of the media. I'm America's Anchorman. Where is the outrage at trying to suppress me? This administration has been trying to suppress me long before they started going after the AP and long before they started going after Fox News and going after James Rosen."

"The latest union that is now against Obamacare and is asking to be exempted is the National Treasury Employment Union, which is the union that runs the IRS."

"Everything this administration does has a political purpose, a political objective, and you know what it is? It's the elimination of all their opposition."

"The Fifth Amendment is not intended to be used as a sword and a shield. The Fifth Amendment is simply there to make sure they prove it. You do not have to incriminate yourself. But once you assert your innocence and once you say you didn't do anything wrong, you can't then use the Fifth Amendment to say, 'I'm not answering questions.'"

"If it were a Republican president and administration who had done this kind of thing and they'd come to me and said, "Look, will you help us through this?" I wouldn't. I wouldn't lie for 'em or excuse it. But their media will do that."

"Obama blamed me at that fundraiser for the gridlock in Washington. He blamed me (somebody inconsequential and irrelevant) for the fact that nothing's getting done, that his agenda isn't moving forward. I offered to meet with him anywhere he wants, in private. No microphones. I have not heard from him."

"A tornado hit and then 24 hours later, my golly, they're already starting to rebuild. Can you believe that? Why, they're not sitting around feeling sorry for themselves and sucking on straws and stuff. They're already starting to rebuild. This is the backbone of America."

"Wolf Blitzer found the only atheist in Oklahoma, and he didn't know it."


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