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Chris Matthews on Ted Cruz
RUSH:  You know, I know you people don't watch MSNBC anymore because I don't watch it.  Since I don't watch it, you don't watch it.  And we don't talk about what happens on MSNBC anymore because it's not worth it.  But, somebody told me how Chris Matthews ended his show on Friday.  He said that Ted Cruz represents -- and I quote, now -- the unsmiling, contemptuous face of the wild, nasty, hard-right fringe of the Republican Party.  I have to tell you, folks, I was a little hurt by that.  What am I, chopped liver?  How do I get left out of that? 

Hillary Movie Sure to Win Oscar for Makeup
RUSH: Now, I wasn't making it up.  Hollywood's thinking about doing a movie entitled Rodham.  And the movie will focus on Hillary Rodham's time as a lawyer for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigation.  That's really where Hillary Rodham got her start.  She was kicked off of that committee.  Hillary was kicked off.  She was an intern type advisory council to the Democrats on the committee, and she was kicked off of that committee because she was a partisan hack, and she did not think Nixon should have a lawyer.  She was opposed to Nixon having a lawyer, and they got rid of her.  Now, this is before she was Hillary Rodham Clinton.  This was before anything.  This was... whew.  Folks, it's not pretty. 

Now, the director of this movie said, "Regardless of people’s political affiliation or how they feel about Hillary Clinton, you don’t find people who question the quality of her intelligence or her drive. I want a wonderful actress who could embody that."  That's one of the biggest myths in American politics today is Hillary Clinton's brilliance.  I don't know what her IQ is.  But her political instincts, folks, this woman, I mean, in the real world she's incompetent.  Benghazi?  Look at the secretary of state, the Department of State during her tenure.  I mean, Hillarycare, utter disaster.  It was her strategy for dealing with the bimbo eruptions of her husband.  But it doesn't matter because the conventional wisdom about Hillary is she's the smartest woman in the world, smartest lawyer -- but it's more than that.  I've told you what it is. 

I feel like if I repeat it again, I feel like I'm kind of phoning it in 'cause I've told you this so many times.  But she's who she is, she holds this lofty perch because the party feels indebted to her.  She sacrificed what could have been, in their view, her own triumphant individual life and career in order to marry the hillbilly from Arkansas, and then she went to Arkansas.  Folks, to these people that go to Harvard, Yale, Wellesley, moving to Arkansas for any reason, that's like agreeing to go to prison.  I mean, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, it doesn't matter.  And she went.  And then she suffered humiliation after humiliation after humiliation.  She hung in, and she enabled Bill Clinton's career to be maximized all the way to president of the United States.  That's why she's owed, and that's why this attitude about her, and they circle the wagons and they're gonna protect her no matter what.

Four Committees to Investigate IRS Scandal?
RUSH: Chris Cillizza, in the Washington Post: "How the IRS Scandal Helped Immigration Reform -- [Last] Wednesday the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would comprehensively overhaul the country's immigration system. It was a major step for a Congress that has shown an inability to do just about anything over the past few years. You probably missed it. The immigration bill's forward progress -- it now heads to a full floor debate next month -- was entirely drowned out by a series of House and Senate committee hearings on the IRS' ... targeting of conservative groups.

"That drowning out, however, was, quite simply, the best thing that could have possibly happened for the immigration bill. In fact, without it, the immigration legislation's path out of committee might not have been so smooth. The simple fact is that political Washington really can't pay attention to two big stories at once. Or, more accurately, it can't fight two battles simultaneously. It can't walk and chew gum," which is laughable, folks.

The news media can juggle any number of scandals at one time if they want to. For example, when the Republicans are involved, the media can handle as many scandals as they want to invent. The truth is the media is covering the IRS scandal as an excuse to ignore the push for amnesty, as well as all of Obama's other scandals. Now, a lot of people thought that the timing of a lot of this -- the IRS scandal, the making it public, Lois Lerner making it public -- was to distract us from Benghazi.

But it was also maybe to distract us from Obama's push for amnesty or what have you. The bottom line here is that it gave the media an excuse, and so they can create whatever explanation for why they're not covering something all they want. "Oh, yeah! Well, we can't walk and chew game the same time. We can't do two things at once here and we had to cover the IRS scandal. So they were allowed to just sort of sneak amnesty through and out of the committee. It would nota happened otherwise."

It happened exactly as they wanted it to happen. Now, they were covering me when the IRS scandal broke. In fact, the New York Times, folks... Let's not forget this. The New York Times, in a story last week, actually blamed me for the IRS scandal not being covered.

The media, the New York Times said (impression), "We were too busy covering Limbaugh.  We were too busy reporting on Limbaugh to cover the IRS scandal 'cause that IRS scandal broke at the same time as all this testimony on contraceptives, and we all know what Limbaugh did, ha-ha-ha. We were so busy covering Limbaugh because we had Limbaugh in our crosshairs, we were gonna get Limbaugh once and for all.  And so the IRS scandal broke and we didn't even notice it because we were covering Limbaugh."  The New York Times actually reported that last week, folks.  Mr. Irrelevant here was the sole reason the media, according to the New York Times, couldn't cover the IRS scandal when it was happening, 2011, 2012, they couldn't cover it when it was happening 'cause of me. 

Washington.  Here's the headline from the Daily Caller:  "Washington Launches Four Different Investigations Into the IRS Scandal."  House Ways and Means Committee, House Oversight Committee, Senate Finance Committee, and the IRS itself.  Now, remember, there was a story we had last week that the speaker of the House did not want to consolidate all the investigations into Benghazi into one select committee, but rather let all five committees that had purview over part of it have at it.  And the reason that they did it that way is because these committee chairmen have egos and they're all running for reelection, and they want face time on TV. So the Speaker said, "You know what, I'm gonna let these guys have their face time." 

The problem there is that the Benghazi investigation isn't gonna go anywhere, with five committees looking into it?  That's the best news Obama coulda had, five committees looking into this?  That means nothing is gonna happen.  Instead of consolidating them all and having one committee look into everything, five committees are looking into a part of it here and a part of it there.  Well now it looks like the same thing is going to happen in the IRS scandal.  Four different entities investigating the IRS scandal.  Sad to say, might have the same result.  Just utter confusion.  No progress.  Four committees looking into this?  House Oversight Committee, House Ways and Means committee, the IRS itself is investigating itself.  And the Senate Finance Committee. 

This, folks, is how Washington, the ruling class, circles the wagons around itself to protect itself.  The country sees Washington really intensely investigating, but nothing comes of it because nothing's learned, because none of these committees have total authority to go look at everything, otherwise they're stepping on toes of another committee.  So one committee can look at maybe Lois Lerner, another committee can look at the Ingram babe.  Another committee can look at what happened in Cincinnati, but when they all finish, there's no resolution. 

The same thing with Benghazi.  But it looks like they're really taking it seriously.  Five investigations.  The low-information voter crowd out there, "Wow, Mabel, look at that, five committees, they must really be serious about that, Mabel, gonna get to the bottom of it."  Same with the IRS.  "Well, Mabel, look at that, four committees."  Meanwhile, nothing gets done.  At the end of it all, Washington is praised for all of its serious oversight.  But when it's all over, said and done, nothing changes.


RUSH:  I checked the e-mail during the break.  I am not trying to be negative.  I got people sending me: "What are you saying, none of these investigations are gonna matter?"  If they're done the way they're being done, folks, it's gonna be problematic.  Now, I am not a potted plant.  The bottom line is this.  I have to tell you what's happening.  There are five committees looking into Benghazi.  Folks, it isn't gonna work, and there are already -- I mentioned that last week.  I made a big deal of that last week, and there are a couple of pieces in -- I don't the mainstream media, blog posts or whatever, now echoing that, so pressure is being brought to bear. 

It's the same thing with this IRS stuff.  I understand how you could hear this stuff and think I'm being negative and throwing up my hands in sort of surrender and sacrifice.  It's the exact opposite.  You know, everybody involved here is trying to take the easy way out.  Nobody really wants to get to the bottom of this stuff because that's gonna be hard work and then once they get to the bottom of this that's gonna require consequences and nobody in Washington wants there to be consequences for what they do.  Well, that's gotta stop.  There are consequences to you and I for everything we do, particularly if it involves government, and if we do something they don't like, we got consequences, right?  Well, they ought to have consequences, too.

We've got four dead Americans in Benghazi, and we have an absolute voter suppression scandal at the IRS.  And there's no doubt in my mind the ruling class in Washington would like to make it look like they're really looking into it but at the end of the day nothing ends up being done about it.  You know as well as I do if they can exempt themselves or excuse themselves from any kind of consequences, they'll do it.  All I'm doing is trying to highlight what is happening, 'cause it can't go on this way.  This stuff has got to stop.  This IRS scandal, I'm gonna tell you, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, and amnesty, all these things happening at once, combined with Obamacare, all of this is gonna cause an implosion. 

None of this can actually work.  All of it represents a huge, giant mess, and the debt, too, throw that in there, and all of it's being kicked down the road, which is standard operating procedure.  The people in power now don't want to deal with this.  They don't want any consequences. They don't want to pay any consequences. They don't want to face any. They'll just kick the can down the road, delay whatever they can so that when whatever hits the fan, they're not around.  It's been going on for ages and ages.  And it's hard to say, you know, which of these angers me the most.  If you look at amnesty, if that actually does happen, all the rest of this academic. 

You say, "Well, if they get amnesty, then that means one party Democrat rule, and then whatever they want can happen with hardly any opposition to it."  So that's the overriding problem.  That's why, to this day, I do not understand the Republicans going along with this.  I hear McCain say, "That's not gonna get us one vote."  Why do it?  "Well, because it's gonna put us in play.  We're gonna have a chance to get votes." Why can't you go do that now?  Why do you have to wait for amnesty before you think you've got a chance?  It just patently absurd. 



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