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EIB Guest Host: Mark Steyn

Mark filled in from Ice Station EIB in New Hampshire. Check out Mark's Stack for links, audio clips and more. Rush returns on Wednesday, June 5th.

"To have a tax code this big, this bloated -- with so many complicated, contradictory exemptions all snaking and intertwining each other like spaghetti -- is a disgrace to any free society." -Steyn

Full-Blown Banana Republic

"When the tax collection agency is corrupt, everything is corrupt." -Steyn

It's Your Government!

"Eric Holder is stunned and deeply troubled to discover that he personally approved a decision to subpoena Fox News telephone records. Eric Holder had no idea until he read it in the Washington Post over breakfast after reading the Style section piece on what fabulous shoes White House counsel Kathy Ruemmler wears." -Steyn  

Homage to Michele Bachmann

"Michele Bachmann is like a lot of successful Republican women. She took a ton of heat about everything. There's something about successful Republican women that so-called liberal feminists seem to absolutely loathe." -Steyn

"At her best she could have been America's Thatcher." -Steyn

More Stories Discussed on Today's Program...

"The Ricky Martin of the Republican Party, Lincoln Chafee, has finally come out and announced that he's joining the Democratic Party." -Steyn  



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