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EIB Guest Host: Doug Urbanski

The Word Is "Hoax"

"Do you know what the IRS stands for these days? 'Investigate Republican Services.'" -Urbanski

WP: Poll: Americans Want Special Prosecutor for IRS Scandal
• CNN: Holder Runs Into Roadblocks on Off-the-Record Meetings on Leaks
• UK Telegraph: Barack Obama: Even the Mainstream Media has Given Up on the Hopey-Changey Stuff

"I'm very uncomfortable with the whole idea of officeholders taking the fifth. It's fine for Lois Lerner to protect herself by not self-incriminating. But it is not fine for the office to not function on behalf of the people that paid for her and the IRS's services." -Urbanski

IRS: 4th Branch of Gov't?

"I have friends in Washington, DC, who are connected to many of the IRS matters. I cannot identify them, but one of my friends that knows Ms. Lerner and has had experience with Mr. Miller said, 'The IRS has become arrogant to a degree that we've never, ever seen before.'  I wouldn't call it arrogance.  What I'm struck by is the impression they give that they feel they are not answerable to anybody, almost as if a fourth separate branch of government exists." -Urbanski 

• American Spectator: The IRS and FBI: Breach of Faith - Jeffrey Lord 
• Politico: NY Times Will Not Attend DOJ Session, Citing Opposition to Off-the-Record Provision
• National Journal: 7 Reasons Why the Media Shouldn't Keep Eric Holder's Secrets
• Daily Caller: IRS’s Shulman had More Public White House Visits Than Any Cabinet Member
• IBD: IRS Chief's 118 White House Visits Must Be Explained
• American Spectator: IRS Union Chief Stonewalls - Jeffrey Lord

"Any officeholder should, at a minimum, be removed from office for taking the fifth. I don't think it should be a usable defense for a public servant. Incidentally, this is claiming a right that the IRS very often denies anyone who opposes the IRS." -Urbanski

Candy Crowley's Theater Moments

"All you have to know about the leftist mindset is this: Just like the leftists in the media, they do not consider themselves -- or any of their actions -- as partisan. Because they feel they are serving the public interest." -Urbanski

• NewsBusters: Candy Crowley: Is it Possible This Isn't Political and IRS Didn't Intend to Harass the Tea Party?
• NewsBusters: Candy Crowley Disgraces Herself With Outrageous Tag-Team Hit on Romney Over Libya - 10.16.12


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