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EIB Guest Host: Mark Steyn

Going "Full Chicago" on Darrell Issa

"The issue that ties all these scandals swirling around the government together is basically trust. The issue here is accountable government.  Can our public servants do what they want, or are they responsive and accountable to the public they serve?" -Steyn 

"The IRS, the tax collector, as a matter of policy had half the American people on it's enemies list. If you can't get the agency abolished once it's done something like that, then you never will be able to." -Steyn

A Nobody, Literally, Wins Multiple Government Awards

"A cabinet member of the United States has a fake ID and the government is so convinced by the fake ID that it's handing out all kinds of awards to this fictional character." -Steyn

Little Shop of Horrors: Obamacare

"At some point the American people have to reclaim the fact that they are citizens, not subjects." -Steyn

More Stories Discussed on Today's Program...

"Just because the IRS is leaking your confidential tax information to George Soros groups, there's no reason why the TSA would leak your confidential genitals to a George Soros group." -Steyn



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