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"Great Recovery" Not as Great as Expected...  Breadwinner Moms: Good or Bad?... Erickson and Dobbs Roasted... The New Global Warming Spin in Europe...

Death Panel: Secretary Sebelius Denies Lung Transplant for 10-Year-Old Girl

RUSH: I don't know how many times it says it in there, but the phrase "as the secretary shall determine," meaning the secretary of Health and Human Services.  Well, Sebelius is determined a 10-year-old doesn't get the lung.  She doesn't get a lung transplant 'cause she is 10 years old, and you have to be 12 to get a lung transplant under the current regulations. Her Republican congressman has begged Sebelius to waive the regulation, but she has refused.

Obama Approval Unaffected by Scandals

RUSH: People, in increasing numbers, don't like what's happening in the country.  They don't associate Obama with it at all. He's not tainted by it. His "administration" has problems. His "administration" may be dishonest. His "administration" is very, very troubling.  Not him, according to the polling data.

Amnesty Made California a One-Party State

RUSH: There is no opposition to the Democrat Party or the American left in California at all.  Whatever the left wants, they get. And that state is exactly what this country's gonna become. And when did it happen?  After amnesty in 1986.  And that's why California's important because we're about to repeat history here.


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