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Pearls of Wisdom

"The news just isn't the news when I'm not here to tell you about it."

"Folks, we're not gonna stop Obama from being Obama. And you gotta remember that everything you know about Susan Rice and Benghazi, over half the country doesn't know. The low-information voters still don't know about that, and they don't care."

"I lit a cigar in honor of Sarah Palin right as the program began."

"I will not be surprised... I'm not predicting it officially here, but I will not be surprised if when 2016 rolls around and Governor Christie is seeking the presidency, I won't surprise if he seeks the Democrat Party nomination."

"Kathryn and I hoped that nobody would have ever heard of me. That, to us, was peace -- nobody caring who we were, where we were going, what we were saying, what we were doing -- and it happened. Nobody cared."

"I want to thank myself on the best-of day as guest host as well."

"California's an abject mess. High taxes. You have a caste system of economics. You've got the poorest of the poor, the least educated of the least educated. You have the wealthiest of the wealthy; you have the most powerful of the powerful."

"D-Day was a giant, giant act of great deception on the part of Eisenhower.  The Germans were entirely faked out -- and it's a good thing, because even being faked out, D-Day was a deadly event."

"The City of New York has an active ad campaign against my tea, 'cause some of it is sugary.  We also have diet versions as well.  We're not gonna sit still for this. We're not like some other companies that get all panicky and bowed down, 'Oh, please, leave us alone!'"

"I just think Apple's gotten bigger than they ever thought they would get.  I don't think they can meet their demand.  I don't think they can meet the demand for their products."

"I get so many people asking me, 'But if these guys are Big Business-types, Rush, why are they for Big Government?' It's called crony capitalism. It's called being at the seat of power without having to be elected! You buy your way in there, and then you're able to shape whatever comes out of Washington to your benefit without having to go through the work of being elected and getting into the political process at all."

"It's called rude.  Michelle Obama shows up expecting to be idolized for 20 minutes while she makes a speech, but something happens, and it isn't on the prompter, so she doesn't know what to do."

"So the lesbian protester gets ushered out of there and literally doesn't know what happened. (imitation) "I thought she would want to talk to me. I thought she'd be interested in what I had to say."  Now, if this lesbian protester had spent 10 minutes listening to this program the past five years, she would have known what was gonna happen."

"Something unexplained has happened in the last 15 years that's resulted in the temperature staying the same, and that's a godsend, gives us a second chance to get it right.  And they're gonna make another full-speed-ahead push for more environmental legislation, carbon tax kind of proposals."

"The low-information voters are carrying the day here.  By low-information, we don't mean stupid.  We just mean uninformed, maybe ignorant just in the literal sense of not knowing what's going on while thinking they do."

"If Obama and the Democrats win the House, then there's no such thing as a lame duck for the last two years."

"I'm not under any illusion that any of this attention, the focus on the IRS, the discovery of what they did, it's not gonna change Obama, folks.  We cannot stop Obama from being Obama.  Isn't gonna happen."



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