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ChiComs Fine Single Mothers...  Matt Birk Skips Ravens' White House Visit Over Obama Planned Parenthood Speech...  Audit the IRS Rally...

US Press Blames George W. Bush for Obama's Unprecedented Eavesdropping

RUSH: There's nobody even close to the violation of privacy and civil liberties, nobody even close, to what Obama's done... This is utterly embarrassingly shameless.  To bend over backwards or forwards or to pretzel yourself in whatever perverted position is necessary to include George W. Bush in this?  But that's what they're doing, because it just can't be Obama's fault. It just can't be!

Elijah Cummings Musters Up Some Outrage Over Wasteful Government Spending

RUSH:  You can't say it much better than he said it there.  But how about all the other trillions of dollars that this government wastes?  Where is the same attitude about all of those wasted dollars?  Why now is this attitude only about the IRS excess when it happens to be at the top of the news? How about all of the other millions and trillions of dollars wasted that are also taxpayer dollars, that are also the dollars of the guy hauling trash for 45 grand a year up the street from you at your neighborhood?  But, better late than never. 

Changing the Way America Thinks

CALLER: The first thing that I thought of when I heard that Elijah Cummings clip was, yeah, that lady doesn't pay any taxes because she's making $35,000 a year.  I think had alternative media not existed, we would still be sucking up the pabulum that the mainstream media is feeding to us, and that kind of stuff would have just gone right by us.  So I want to thank you profoundly for changing not only the way I think, but the way America thinks.


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