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Pearls of Wisdom

"Five thousand ships and 13,000 aircraft supported the D-Day invasion, and 9,000 Allied soldiers were killed or wounded. That cemetery has 10,000 graves. But more than 100,000 soldiers survived and began the march across Europe that reclaimed Europe for liberty and freedom."

"The American media hasn't broken a single Obama scandal. The American media hasn't taken the lead on any of the four major Obama scandals. They're just playing follow the leader."

"There's nobody even close to the violation of privacy and civil liberties, nobody even close, to what Obama's done."

"Changing the way America thinks, one American at a time. That's why we're engaged now, don't forget, in our outreach to the low-information voters."

"It is a really comforting thing to know that you have the ability to avoid the conventional wisdom of the day, to recognize how the crowd is being swept up and not follow it and go along. To stand out, be an individual, it's a very confidence inspiring thing to be aware of about yourself."

"The Google guys are in the business of doing what Obama's doing with Verizon. They're in the business of scanning your e-mails. They're in the business of collecting and harvesting data on everybody."

"You can't fake sincerity like Ronald Reagan's."

"What happened in World War II and the bravery of Americans, is indescribable. I hope in describing it I can somehow convey the sheer unique bravery and audacity of what was attempted and what was achieved, what was accomplished against the odds."

"The United States really was the first time in the history of humanity where a nation was founded on the concept that it is the individual who reigns supreme. That it is the individual, as he was created by God, that makes the difference. The individual triumphs over any government, over any institution."

"The Bush warrantless wiretaps involved foreign telephone calls. Remember when the left was getting so aggravated over the Bush warrantless wiretaps? They were involving domestic to foreign phone calls and foreign to domestic. The Bush administration was not monitoring domestic phone calls."

"Up until the founding of this country, the individual had always served the institution, the government, the dictator, the tyrannical leader, the whoever. And we saw what happened with the founding of this country. The turning loose of the natural born yearning of the human spirit created the greatest country ever. For one simple reason. We had the freedom to be the best we could be."

"You walk through that cemetery, the American cemetery at Normandy, and you can't help but be moved by it. And then you look at the names and the dates of the death of everybody on the tombstones, and you see 18 to 22. They died for people they would never know. To me, it's profound. That's why every day I age I have an increasing awe for people in the United States military and the military around the world."

"The liberals will always tell you what they fear. They always will do that."

"Baby Boomers today, some of them in their sixties, still do not come to grips with the fact that the world does not rotate around them."

"Single mothers justify wealth transfers, single mothers justify expansion of health care and other benefits, single motherhood justifies and promotes the redistribution of wealth. In this country, we've made it a sainthood status, and we reward it, and we compensate it. The ChiComs are gonna fine them!"


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