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ChiComs Fine Single Mothers
RUSH: There's also a miniature summit this weekend between President Obama and the Chinese premier, Xi Jinping.  We talked about that in a minor way, about the controversy involved here over Michelle Obama not going and leaving the celebrity (very, very hot) wife of the Chinese premier hanging, so to speak.  I'll have a little bit more on that. In addition, let me just give you a little teaser on this. 

The ChiComs have a recently enacted ordinance that -- Are you ready for this? -- will fine women who have children out of wedlock up to six times the average disposable ChiCom income.  In other words, there's an ordinance in China that a single mother -- a woman who has a child out of wedlock -- will face a fine of up to six times the average annual earnings, income, disposable income.  The ChiComs are going to charge...


That's exactly right, Snerdley.  We in this country have turned single parenthood into sainthood.    But nevertheless, we're moving in the same direction the ChiComs used to go.  If anybody in this country is gonna get fined for being involved in birth somehow, who might it be?

Matt Birk Skips Ravens' White House Visit Over Obama Planned Parenthood Speech
RUSH:  The Baltimore Ravens went to the White House today, Super Bowl champions.  They get their rings tonight, a ceremony.  The center for the Baltimore Ravens is a man named Matt Birk.  He's been publicly opposed to gay marriage. The Ravens have a linebacker who was much in favor of gay marriage, a little contretemps there.  Matt Birk refused to go to the White House today.  He said he has great respect for the office of the presidency but he just as a pro-life person could not see going to the White House after the president said God bless Planned Parenthood five or six weeks ago. 

So Matt Birk didn't go and told everybody why.  He just didn't feel comfortable being there in the presence of a president who had asked God to bless Planned Parenthood.  It just didn't work for him.  So he didn't go.  So what will the NFL do about this? 

Audit the IRS Rally
RUSH: Tea Party Patriots.  I love this, folks.  I absolutely love this.  Tea Party Patriots are gonna organize a mass rally on June the 19th in Washington called "Audit the IRS."  The IRS says they don't have receipts for all those parties they threw that cost, what was it, $200 million. I forget the total, I don't have the number in front of me. All the money, 250 different parties, $50 million, 40, they don't have the receipts, they can't prove.  So the Tea Party Patriots want there to be an audit. Not want, there is going to be an Audit the IRS rally on June 19th in Washington.  Really the protest is about the IRS targeting conservative organizations, but the IRS does need to be audited.  They don't have the receipts. 




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