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"I can't foresee any circumstance where the first African-American president would be removed from office. Can you tell me who in the Congress is gonna make that move? Give me a member of the House of Representatives that is gonna make that move and then be joined by enough other members to make it a reality? Tell me who's gonna do it? Nobody's gonna do it."

"Will the country survive the implementation of Obamacare? Will the country survive all this spying and all this data collecting? Will the country survive amnesty, will the country survive every plan this man's got? That's the question."

"The government's not just this thing sitting there that people run. There are certain kinds of people running it."

"This UK Telegraph headline: 'You Have to Wonder: Will Obama See Out His Full Term?' That's not the question. The question is: Will America last through Obama's full term? That's the question, to me."

"There is a peaceful coup d'etat going on. The kind of coup that's taking place here is nationalizing one-sixth of the economy, the health care system, under control of government. They've taken it over."

"We're in the middle of a coup. And the question is not whether Obama survives it, folks, it's whether the country does."

"Nixon is a piker compared to what's happening here with Obama. Literally. I'm not even speaking to you politically. Nixon didn't even dream of the stuff that's happening."

"There's no real uptick on jobs. There aren't any careers being created. People have lost jobs. Jobs are vanishing. Taxes are going up, skyrocketing high. The divide between rich and poor is only gonna get worse. Obamacare's gonna be fully implemented. Will the country survive?"

"I don't know a woman who eats bacon, do you? You eat bacon? Do you, really? Well, I'm honored to know you. Congratulations. You're not afraid to eat bacon, Dawn? Are you kidding me? My faith in womanhood is being restored."

"The real danger is not one or two rogue employees at the IRS or the NSA or the CIA. The real danger is having a rogue administration."

"Benghazi exposed that this administration will lie about the death of four Americans in order to get reelected."

"The IRS Tea Party scandal exposed that the regime openly, willingly, laughingly suppressed its opposition, basically at the sandbox level, what they did was cheat."

"I'm not equating what Google's doing with the NSA, don't misunderstand, spying on everybody, but Google is the place that the Obama regime goes to find campaign worker support. And you can be fairly confident that Google is doing everything they can to find out everything about as many people as possible so as to make that data available to the Democrat Party so that they can use it in ways that benefit them. You might say, "Well, the Republicans are doing the same thing." Well, I don't know if they are or not. It's just another example of massive data Hoovering that's taking place out there."

"There isn't any real economic uptick. There's not an economic uptick that everybody senses and feels and thinks, "You know, we're coming out of this." That's not happening."

"You're not gonna talk people against Obama. Too many factors that stand in the way of that. But you can persuade people that Democrats are a problem. You can persuade people that liberalism isn't good for them. You can persuade people to vote against the Democrat Party. You can persuade people to vote against individual Democrats, or the Democrat Party at large."


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