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Where is Edward Snowden -- New England?... Obamacare Raises Premiums 88% in Ohio... Russia Bans Gay Propaganda... IRS Told Pro-Life Group Not to Impose Religious Views... Lois Lerner Remains on Job... Putin Lectures President on Proper Surveillance... NYT Spins Global Warming "Plateau"... Hillary Created State Department Culture That Okayed Buying Women for Sex...

We're All Depressed, Folks... But the Country is Up for Grabs: We Must Stop Amnesty and Hold the House in 2014

RUSH: Have I conveyed unwittingly here that the only thing we can do is sit back and wait for the elections of 2014?  No, seriously.  If anybody has gotten that impression, then try to disabuse yourself of the notion 'cause it isn't true... I fight the futility.  I mean, it's there, but, folks, I'm just as disturbed as you are.  It's hard to say what's the most disturbing about all this. The ignorance of so many Americans. The apathy of so many Americans.  The desire of a major American political party to basically turn this country inside out and upside down.  The lack of any pushback on that from our party in Washington. 

El Rushbo's Take on the New Apple Stuff

RUSH: I'm still wading through it all, but iOS 7 is a massive change.  I think for certain iPhone customers, iOS 7 is gonna cause people to throw their hands up in frustration.  Even though the operation is the same, it looks so different.  Some of the new features are -- I love them.  I love every new feature.  

If Obama's Doing It, Democrats are Cool With Spying

RUSH: All of a sudden now, in the midst of all of these scandals, PRISM, Verizon, all this stuff, now we're getting polling data that shows a vast majority support it, and not only support it, but want more of it...  As long as Obama is targeting the right Americans, like those dangerous Tea Party people, then everything's fine with these Democrats.

Long Knives Out for That Punk Kid Snowden

RUSH: It wasn't that long ago, I kept hearing how important it was to find out what the Millennials thought, how important it was to pay attention to what the Millennials thought their future would be.  Okay.  This is a pretty good example of a Millennial.  And now, all of a sudden, the only difference between this guy and a bag of excrement is the bag because he's 29. 

A Dose of Reality on Immigration

RUSH: This business of having these newly legal, provisionally legal, immigrants wait 13 years for all the goodies of citizenship, you have to be born on a turnip truck to think that that's gonna hold up... Chuck Schumer will leave the signing ceremony at the White House, and he'll find the nearest camera outside the driveway, and he'll start talking about how unfair this 13 years is and he doesn't know how it ended up in the bill. But it's unfair. It's unjust. It's un-American. It's discriminatory.

If All Three Branches of Government Agree, Does That Make It Right?

RUSH: John Bolton says, look, all three branches signed off on this...  In my mind -- and I'm sorry to be naive -- that doesn't make it legal...  I love John Bolton.  I have an incredible amount of respect for John Bolton.  But all three branches signing off -- this is the most massive amount of spying and data collection ever.  It's happening in the midst of news stories of how this administration is openly targeting for punishment its political enemies. 


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