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Pearls of Wisdom

"Apparently, the only right to privacy Democrats now believe in is the right to privacy that allows for universal abortions and over-the-counter morning-after abortion pills for everybody."

"There are two things that we have to do in whatever creative ways we can, and they're both gonna be really tough. We have to stop amnesty and we have to hold the House at the very least."

"If we lose the House, then the Democrats have their one-party rule and there really is nothing stopping them other than some unforeseen event that forces the country to turn totally against them. And those are the kind things you can't sit around and wait on and you can't force those kinds of things to happen. That's just fate, nature taking its course."

"Where is Edward Snowden? They don't know where he is. They have no idea where he is, and the long knives are out now. This guy is a traitor. You know, it's amazing how much he looks like Jay Carney."

"Obama's one guy. He wouldn't be succeeding in all this without a political party at his beck and call. Barack Obama's the Democrat Party. It's the Democrat Party doing all this."

"The new Mac Pro, folks, is state-of-the-art. I cannot wait to get my hands on a couple of those babies. Whoa!"

"You're never, ever gonna be satisfied if you're waiting for the media to, quote, see the truth and start reporting it, because they don't do that. The media is just a huge branch office of the Democrat Party."

"You're asking Obama to all of a sudden forget he's a Democrat and become one of us. It isn't going to happen."

"I have constantly told people they have much more influence over people just by living their lives than they possibly will ever even know."

"Americans, way too many of 'em, are way too interested in conformity and what people think of them and getting along and letting Washington make decisions for them."

"In America today, freedom is a tough sell. And you know why it's a tough sell? Because part and parcel of it is accepting personal responsibility. We have some real cultural problems. Today nobody thinks their freedom's up for grabs. Nobody thinks their liberty is being lost. A lot of people don't think any of this is at risk. They think people trying to warn them of it are a bunch of extremist, conspiratorial kooks. That's what we're up against."

"Whatever comes after 'but' doesn't matter. Whatever happens, whatever Obama said after 'but' doesn't matter. Because what it means is what came before 'but' is irrelevant. When you throw a 'but' in after all that you are just canceling out everything that came before the 'but.'"

"It matters who's collecting this data. It's all about the potential for abuse. Anything can be abused. That's why it's so important who we elect to high office. This is why character mattered so much to the Founders."

"The fact that three branches signed off on it doesn't make it legal. It just means consensus."

"It seems to me that we are in the midst of really lowering our standards here. And we are willful -- not we, not you and me. People are willfully ignoring what's right in front of their face."

"If you're a global warming scientist or a global warming advocate and you claim you're not political, nothing to do with the political agenda, you're just pure science. Okay. You're warning everybody that the warming is taking place at a rate that's unprecedented and it's dangerous and it's catastrophic and we've got to stop it or else. And then you learn there hasn't been any in 15 years, wouldn't you be happy?"

"Go ahead, folks. Admit it. Face it. Be public. You are addicted to this show. It's the only healthful addiction known to exist in the free or oppressed worlds."


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