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Pearls of Wisdom

"Any of you high-tech specialists out there, tell me, how do I retreat to the shadows and join the 10 to 11 million illegals in the shadows so that I, too, cannot be found. I want what they've got. I want the anonymity they have. How do I become an illegal? That's the question."

"Can I be a little bit of a smart aleck here? Of course I can because it's my program."

"Go to California and try to find the Republican Party. They're there, but you don't hear from 'em much, and you need the Hubble telescope to find them."

"They know e-mails, photographs, chats, Facebook, whatever you're doing out there, it can be tracked. But somehow the 10 to 11 million illegals escape notice. Somehow we don't know who they are. Somehow we don't know where they are."

"You don't own your phone calls. They're not yours. You don't own your phone number. It isn't yours. It's the phone company's. The record of your phone call is not yours to give. It's the phone company's. You don't own it. It isn't yours. So you run around thinking your calls here are private. They're not yours."

"All of this data collection and all of this monitoring is in itself intimidating. It's intimidating to any opponents of the regime. It could be intimidating to any opponent of a Democrat candidate."

"The phone company owns the audio. You don't. You are renting. You are leasing. In fact, most people don't even own their phones."

"The FISA requests for that data has gone up something like 1,000% under Obama over Bush. It used to be limited by the requirement of a foreign component in the phone call. That's out the window now. So the president who's telling us that the War on Terror is over and we basically kicked ass and that we got nothing to worry about because everybody loves us now because Obama's a great, lovable messiah, and there is no more war, FISA requests for this kind of data are up 1,000% the last four years under Obama."

"The individual is said to have no right in his phone number. The phone company is said to own the number, but the phone company can't protect it from the government because the government gets whatever it wants. And so the courts are said to be the stopgap. That's FISA."

"I'm a small-government guy. This isn't small government. This isn't limited government. Just the exact opposite."

"So now critics of Obama not only have to worry about the IRS, they gotta worry about the NSA. And the NSA then telling the IRS and the FBI, and then those people downloading information to ProPublica, which is left-wing journalists, and that's how the data on you can end up in profiles in the media, as in the attacks on Romney donors. And all of that is intimidating."

"You can trace back, go back, California early eighties, seventies, the Republican Party owned that state. They literally politically owned that state. The governors were Republican, the legislature was Republican. When I got to California in 1984, the Republican Party was still a viable political party that shared power. Amnesty hits in 1986 and from that point forward is when the Republican Party began to fade into practical nonexistence in California."

"Of all the places to go, Hong Kong, and then to claim that he's in a bastion of freedom when he's there."

"Every time low-information people end up supporting something they think is gonna stick it to the rich, they end up being the ones stuck. So this is gonna happen and greater and greater frequency."

"Most of their little low-information followers haven't the slightest idea what's going on. They don't have the awareness. If you sat 'em down and told 'em this is what Obama's doing and why, it would go in one ear and out the other, couldn't comprehend it, wouldn't even want to try to. But they willingly facilitate by supporting it."