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You're Gonna Love the New Apple Features
RUSH: So on Monday night I installed the new beta for the iOS 7, new Apple operating system for the iPhone.  It's created a lot of controversy out there because of the new look.  I happen to love it.  I always do a test when this happens.  I use it for a day, then I go back to the old version.  And I can't help it, the old version just now seems like an antique.  I think those of you who have Apple products, iPhones, iPads, I think you are really gonna love this.  It's got the same functionality, it does the same things, but in different ways.  But there are so many fabulous, great new features in this thing.  And this is just the first beta.  It's really raw; it's really buggy; and it's because it's a brand-new system. It's gonna be upgraded quite a lot before its release sometime in the fall. 

But I can't stop playing with it.  I can't use it full time because, for example, the dictation doesn't work all the time when I'm on a cell network.  When I'm on Wi-Fi, it does.  It's just buggy.  So I can't do it when I'm violating the law, texting while driving, via dictation. 

New CIA Deputy Director Held Erotica Readings
RUSH: You know, yesterday we told you that the regime had just named a woman, a White House lawyer to be deputy director CIA, and I reminded you it's the deputy directors that roll up their sleeves and actually run these joints.  The CIA director is the grand pooh-bah, he is the last word, he is the power, but in many ways the figurehead does the relationship with Congress gig, appears at the hearings, testifies, tells Congress what's going on, and tells 'em what they don't know and tells 'em what they can't know and tells 'em there's nothing to see and all that.  Same thing at NSA.  The deputy director is who really runs the day-to-day operations. 

Get this. The Daily Beast.  Not The Daily Caller.  Daily Caller is Chatsworth Osborne Jr.'s website.  The Daily Beast, good liberal website, owned by Tina Brown.  "New CIA #2 Pick Used to Read Anne Rice Aloud at Her Bookstore’s Erotica Night."  Now, we had a call earlier today saying that the statistics are that 11% of adults are sending nude photos of themselves in texts to their wives, girlfriends, barmaids, madams, you name it. Sexting, 11% of adults do it, and they send nude photos.  And the caller said, "What you need to do, Rush, you need to tell those people the NSA has their photos."  And I said, "Yeah, what'll that do?" 

"Well, that'll shut it down.  These people will get mad.  They don't want Obama, the government, having those pictures." 

I said, "Are you kidding?  Do you really think that's gonna turn 'em against Obama?"  My guess is they're gonna send more nude photos once they figure out he's looking at 'em.  If you tell 'em Clinton is looking 'em then the number is gonna become 20%, 80% of which will be women.  Half the Washington female press corps would probably -- well, anyway, the deputy director of the CIA, the pick, Avril Haines, held erotica readings at the Baltimore bookstore and restaurant that she co-owned while she was in her twenties. 

"Twenty years ago, Haines opened and co-owned Adrian’s Book Café in the Baltimore waterfront neighborhood of Fells Point. ... The store featured regular 'Erotica Nights.' including dinner and a series of readings by guests of published work or their own prose, according to a 1995 report in the Baltimore Sun; couples could attend for $30, while singles paid $17."  That's our new CIA deputy director.  So if you think nude photos are gonna upset 'em, you have another thing coming. 

Harvard Study Says Scent of Money Corrupts
RUSH: CNBC:  "It's often said that money corrupts. But a new study says that just the thought of getting some hard cash will do the trick. The report by University of Utah and Harvard researchers found that individuals who could gain monetarily through unethical behavior were more likely to demonstrate that behavior than those who weren't offered a financial gain.  'Were were interested in why good people would do bad behavior,' said Kristin Smith-Crowe, a management professor and co-author of the study released last month. 'We certainly found that the love of money is corrupting and just the mere exposure to it makes people do bad things,' Smith-Crowe said."

Now, you know what this really is?  What's happening?  We have to put everything in context.  Let's go back to the nineties, Clinton lying every time he opened his mouth.  What did we get?  Studies, university studies.  We had think tank studies.  And what did they tell us?  That lying is good. That lying saves people hurt feelings. That lying promotes good relationships.  Little lies, big lies, they all are actually helpful. So we had news stories that said, "Hey, you know, Bill Clinton is actually ahead of the curve on this."  In the early days of the Obama regime when unemployment was skyrocketing, what did we get in the news?  We had stories on how wonderful it is to lose your job. 

Why?  Because you were able to reconnect with your family and your friends.  It was called funemployment.  The media concocted a name for it, funemployment.  It was story after story of the positive impact of losing your job and losing your income.  Because you finally were allowed to devote time to things that really mattered.  Your job and work are nothing other than things of punishment. They are things that society requires you to do, and nobody really likes their job, nobody really looks forward to it.  It's something that an evil capitalistic society has created to occupy people to keep them busy.  Capitalism created jobs, and capitalism sucks, and so when you lose your job, you've been liberated.  We had those stories. 

Now, when nobody has any money, we get a study from Harvard that says it's really good, and in fact even when you're around money, it corrupts you. When you smell money, it corrupts you. When you hang around and see rich people, when you go to a rich person's house and you see what you don't have, it corrupts you.  So we have the beginnings here of what could be a propaganda movement to diminish the importance and concept of money, all designed to make you not interested in it. Well, not you, but your kids, college students.  Don't pursue money.  That's the root of all evil.  Don't go after money.  That's the root of unhappiness.  That's materialism.  That's capitalism. 

And what does capitalism do?  It sucks.  And so what is capitalism?  Money. Capital is money, money sucks, capitalism sucks, it corrupts you, don't want it.  There's now virtue in not having money.  There is virtue in raising your nose at money.  There is virtue in not wanting it and not desiring it.  There is virtue in not using it.  There's a quote from Ayn Rand:  "Until and unless you discover that money is the root of all good, you ask for your own destruction. When money ceases to be the tool by which men deal with one another, then men become the tools of men. Blood, whips and guns -- or dollars. Take your choice - there is no other - and your time is running out."  This is an excerpt from one of her books. 

What in the world is the point of a story about even the smell of money will corrupt you?  "The study found that participants who were merely exposed to the concept of a monetary gain were more likely to demonstrate unethical intentions."  The point is, they want you to believe that anybody who has any money has cheated or stolen or come by it in an ill-gotten way, part and parcel of the liberal way of life.  There is no legitimate wealth.  There is no honestly created wealth.  It's all corrupt.  And all you have to do to be corrupted by it is want it.  All you have to do to be corrupted by money is to smell it.  Don't doubt me, folks.  This is exactly what the point of this is. 

"'The next question is how business decisions can be framed so that money won't be corrupting,' said one of the study authors.  'We're looking into that. We hope there's a positive story out there.'" How business decisions can be framed so that money won't be corrupting.  In other words, we've got to get businesses to stop focusing on money and acquiring money, otherwise they're gonna be nothing more than corrupt.  Just like in the nineties, lying was good, Clinton is lying, it's fine.  Here we are in 2013, and the government's taken everybody's money away from 'em, tax increases, Obamacare, you name it.  You don't need it anyway, says Harvard. You don't want it anyway.  It's corrupting.  The government should have all the money because when people have it, all it does is cause misery and suffering, jealousy, and envy, and rage, and sickness and corruption and crime.  Nothing good.  So don't even want it. 

Chickification: The New American Father
RUSH: From the Pew Research Center.  "The New American Father."  The upshot of this survey -- study, if you will -- is that Americans expect fathers to be more moral teachers and emotional comforters than breadwinners or disciplinarians.  "Being a father in this era of changing family structures and converging gender roles means more than bringing home a paycheck or delivering punishment to a misbehaving child. A new survey by the Pew Research Center finds that Americans expect dad to be more of a moral teacher and emotional comforter than a breadwinner or disciplinarian.

"About six-in-ten Americans (58%) say it is 'extremely important' for a father to provide values and morals to his children, the top ranked paternal role of the four tested in the survey. Roughly half say it is extremely important for a dad to provide emotional support (52%) and discipline (47%). And just 41% say providing income for his children is one of a father’s most important responsibilities, according to the nationally representative survey of 1,004 adults conducted June 6-9.

"When the same question was asked about the role of mothers, the survey produced roughly the same hierarchy of responses, with values and emotional support at the top and income at the bottom.  But there are also some differences in the way the public weighs the roles of mothers and fathers, especially when it comes to being an income provider. Just 25% of survey respondents say this is an extremely important role for mothers, compared with 41% who feel that way about fathers. That gap is notable in light of a recent Pew Research Center report, based on U.S. Census Bureau data, which showed that mothers are the sole or primary breadwinner in 40% of all households that have a child or children under the age of 18."

Do you know what it was in 1960, the percentage of mothers that were the breadwinners of the family?  In 1960, what do you think the percentage was?  It was 11% in 1960.  Today, 2013, 40% of mothers are the sole primary breadwinner.  So the chickification of the American culture continues. 

There were four options given here, folks. Let me put this in an even better perspective.  It's a multiple choice poll, and there were four options Americans were given, and the role of providing income for the family was the least important of the four, as important for a father to do.  The most important role for a father:  provide values and morals to his children.  The at least important role for a father:  providing income for his children.  What do you think that number was in 1960?  I don't have it here.  The number is not contained in the story.  What do you think that number was in 1960?  Probably 90%?  I wouldn't doubt it. 

"So how do you explain this one, Mr. Limbaugh?" Mr. New Castrati with the question.  It's easy, Mr. New Castrati.  Government is supposed to provide the money for the family now.  It started with Clinton in earnest and actually predates Clinton, but the whole soccer mom phenomena, what was that?  You remember the soccer mom.  The soccer mom actually was a cover story for TIME Magazine.  They found a woman with a half-baked SUV beat up with a bunch of kids in soccer uniforms piled in the back.  The soccer mom phenomenon was a created phenomenon, a politically created phenomenon by pollsters and consultants. 

The soccer mom was the average, supposedly, American mother whose husband didn't care about her, whose husband was a brute, off getting drunk or doing whatever.  The mother had to raise the kids. The mother had to get up early and fix breakfast, take 'em to school, go to the PTA meetings. Do whatever during the day, pick 'em of after school, take 'em to soccer practice, bring 'em home, cook dinner, then get 'em to bed, do whatever, an exhausting day that never ended.  And Bill Clinton cared more about these women than their own husbands.  That was the key to it. 

The soccer mom was a voting bloc, we were told. The soccer mom demographic overwhelmingly voted Democrat because the Democrats cared more about her than her own husband did.  So now the Pew Research Center says that the role of fathers in the view of Americans, only 41% say that providing for the family economically is important.  So money corrupts, wanting it corrupts, having it corrupts, fathers aren't even supposed to earn it anymore. It's okay if the mothers do, though.  The government is supposed to provide that.  Dad is supposed to inculcate values, if you can get him sober.

Two If By Tea Turns Two
RUSH:  You know what tomorrow is?  You don't, but I do.  Tomorrow is the two-year anniversary of Two If By Tea.  And, of course, we're not gonna be here to commemorate it tomorrow, but next week we have another huge, major, big, eagerly anticipated, gosh everybody waits for 'em Two If By Tea sweepstakes coming up next week, but our second anniversary of our little tea company is tomorrow. 


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