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"I think it's patently obvious there's a bunch of Americans that don't want to work, that they're perfectly fine the way things are. As long as Santa Claus still lives in the North Pole and still runs the federal government, they're fine."

"Substance doesn't matter anymore in America. All that matters is optics."

"The Limbaugh Theorem shows up every day, sometimes multiple times a day."

"Obama is running the Gang of Eight bill from the White House. But the public perception, the optics are that Obama's doing everything but that."

"We are looking at her brain here, that's what we're examining here, Snerdley. We are looking at and examining her brain. I haven't described -- we are appreciating the brain. I haven't described her appearance to you once yet. I'm doing exactly what we're supposed to do."

"The presidential alert is any time Obama wants to talk to you. I remember when the federal law was passed, and it was not that long ago. But if Obama ever wants, or any president now, ever wants to issue a presidential alert, it's thought of as very, very rare, and only in the most dire emergencies. But that ability now exists for the president of the United States to send out emergency text messages essentially to every telephone."

"What's at play here in the amnesty debate is money. If elected Republicans are told by their donors that the money is gonna dry up if this amnesty thing doesn't happen, what are they gonna do?"

"I'm an employer. I'll tell you, when people get a load of what is gonna happen to their paychecks next year when Obamacare fully kicks in and all these other things? It's gonna be a shock to people."

"GE's not paying any taxes on $5 billion of profit. They found a way to profit from being involved in government, and it's not just GE. More and more corporations are profiting from being involved in government. Being involved in the EPA, being involved at the Department of Agriculture. So the old idea that big money corporations or Wall Street want nothing to do with big government because it's an obstacle, has gone out the window. It's now just the exact opposite."

"I have not changed my mind on conservatism's appeal. But there's no evidence the Republican Party's interested in conservatism, at least not as I am."

"I want the best for everybody. I want the best country we can have. I want everybody doing well. I want everybody attempting to acquire wealth. To do that we're gonna have to reform the tax code. The income tax is the number one obstacle to the creation of wealth in this country, by design."

"I love immigration when one of its major features is assimilation."

"There's a steadfast procedure and policy of Obama: Hands on nothing. Fingerprints on nothing."

"There was not a demographic shift in this nation after the election involving Hispanics. I believe their turnout was even down from what it was in 2008. So this is all a myth, this demographic shift."

"McCain, by the way, in 2008, was very pro-amnesty. Did he win? I've forgotten. Oh, no, he didn't. He lost. McCain was really, really pro-amnesty 2008 and he lost. Eh, must be an aberration."

"I don't know how many times I have mentioned how destructive it is to be so concerned with what other people think of you. One of the things that I would do would be magically erase from people's emotions the fact that they care what other people think about 'em. I know that'll never happen."


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