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Amazing Message from a Former Democrat

RUSH: His name is Elbert Guillory, and he is a Republican, and he released a video message to his constituents about why he switched parties from Democrat to Republican.  It's amazing.  We've heard it before in various forms over the course of many years, but with our low-information outreach that is taking place here on the EIB Network, it's especially timely.

Dingy Harry Hurries Gang of Eight Bill

RUSH: You and I all know why they want to speed this up.  They don't want anybody to find out what's in it.  This bill already weighs 24 pounds.  It's already in the thousands of pages.  It is just like Obamacare.  There are people who do not want you to know everything that's in this bill.  That's why the speed (in addition to the falling polling numbers on this). 


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