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Kim and Kanye Can't Decide on Baby Name
RUSH: They can't decide what to name the baby.  Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, they can't decide what to name the baby.  It is a major controversy out there in low-information media.  The first reported possible name was Christ, K-r-i-s-t.  But that was then reported to be a rumor.  VH1 had that report.  I guess you'd pronounce it Krist.  Why call it Krist?  Anyway, they broomed that, nothing but a rumor.  And then according to the UK Daily Mail, Kim and Kanye are still battling it out over the name. Kanye wants to name the baby North West.  I kid you not.  His last name is West.  North West.  It's tough to keep up with all the breaking news out there. 

North West, by the way, is Shakespearian English for crazy, and I'm not kidding you. But I don't think they know that.  I don't think Shakespeare's entered the picture here.  I have some suggestions.  North West doesn't cut it, and Christ/Krist doesn't cut it.  There are standards that have to be maintained now.  It's celebrity baby names.  So how about Green Clover?  Or how about Yellow Vines?  I'm just trying to help out here.  Blue Grass?  No, can't do Blue because it's already taken.  At any rate, that is the big controversy. According to the UK tabloid Metro News, family sources say that they're going to name the baby Kai Georgia Donda West. Kai Georgia Donda West.  Anyway, it's the big news in low-information media, and of course as you know, we have an outreach program going on. 

Weiner Wife Abedin Probed
RUSH: Try this headline in the New York Post.  Are you ready?  "Weiner Wife Abedin Being Probed --" All you have to do is stop there.  "Weiner Wife Abedin Being Probed Over Employment Status."  Now, the news is that "One of the Senate’s most aggressive investigators is probing longtime Hillary Rodham Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s employment status, asking how she got a sweetheart deal to be a private six-figure consultant while still serving as a top State Department official."  That is not allowed.  You either in or you out.  But you can't take a consulting gig while on the federal payroll and double up. 

"Abedin, one of Clinton’s most loyal aides, is married to former Rep. Anthony Weiner, who’s in the midst of a vigorous effort to beat back his own scandal and become mayor.

The inquiry by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), compiled in a three-page letter to Abedin and Secretary of State John Kerry, adds drama to Weiner’s bid." And so Weiner wife Abedin is being probed over her employment status. 

"Grassley, the top Judiciary Committee Republican, wrote that he was concerned Abedin’s status 'blurs the line between public- and private-sector employees, especially when employees receive full-time salaries for what appears to be part-time work.'  He peppered Abedin and Kerry with 13 questions about her employment. Among them: 'Who authorized the change in status in your official title?' and 'Who was made aware of the change in status?' ... A person close to Abedin said she voluntarily disclosed that she worked for Hillary Clinton personally -- 'to allow Huma to begin planning for [Clinton’s] activities post-State.'"

So she was doing the consulting gig to get ready for Hillary's post-State life.  And she was also working for Teneo Holdings.  "The person added that Teneo conducts 'no business' with State and that Abedin 'did not provide "political intelligence."'  One source diagnosed the situation this way: 'She has the Clinton disease. When your husband gets knocked down, get up right away or else.'"  So Hillary and Huma have things in common here, and the advice is when your husband gets knocked down, you get up quick as you can.  So Weiner wife Abedin being probed over unemployment status. 

Snowden Does Online Chat
RUSH: Now, let me get in straight.  Edward Snowden participated in an hour-and-a-half-long online chat yesterday, hour and a half, online chat.  And the NSA can't find him?  I don't know.  Something tells me that we may not have anything to worry about about being tracked down.  They're looking all over the world for this guy.  He's online for an hour and a half, and by virtue of his own reports says, "Look, when I was there I could read your e-mail almost as you typed it."  Well, why can't they find the guy? 

If you think about it, actually, the fact that Edward Snowden would even do an online chat seems to throw some doubt on a numbers of his claims.  I mean, if, as he claims, the NSA can see and do anything, and if he says they're out to kill him, why would he do an online chat for an hour and a half?  I think the guy's a bit of a drama queen.  I think the guy's got delusions of grandeur out there.  Now, we know that Snowden doesn't like Cheney and there's also a story today in the Stack that Snowden doesn't like Obama.  So we know that Snowden doesn't like Cheney, Obama doesn't like Cheney.  I want to go on the record and say I do like Cheney, just to differentiate myself. 

NFL's New Purse Size Rule
RUSH: USA Today:  "New Policy Banning Purses From Football Games -- The NFL today announced a new policy that forbids anyone from carrying a purse that's larger than a paperback novel into football games starting in the preseason." However, there is an alternative.  "You can use a one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar)."

That's right.  I know you don't want put your tampons in a clear Ziploc bag, but you're gonna have to.  Or squeeze 'em into a purse no bigger than a paperback.  That's the maximum size purse that women are gonna be allowed to take into NFL stadiums this year starting in preseason. As an alternative, one gallon size clear plastic freezer bags will be permitted.

Well, the reason is the bombings at the Boston Marathon, keeping people safe at large events like this, and avoiding big, long lines checking all the stuff that's in bags that women are bringing in.  If you can see through the bag, you don't have to empty it.  Big purses have to be searched, so it's all about streamlining the experience for the fans.  And the belief, look, if there's a football game here, what the hell do you need your purse for anyway? 

Now, the conflicting part of this is that the NFL on the other end is making an outreach to women. They're trying to get people in the stadiums. They're doing all kinds of things to try to replicate the experience at home.  Big, new video boards, improved Wi-Fi connectivity in the ballparks. 


What was that?  No beatings from your husband in the stadium will be permitted.  That's right.  Because men beat their wives on Super Bowl Sunday.  Yeah.  So no beating your wife at an NFL game.  Tailgate, fine, but not in the stands. Just kidding, folks.  (imitating Mr. New Castrati) "He really said it and he means it." 

Study: Men Cause Menopause
RUSH: CBS News Pittsburgh: "Why do women go into menopause?  'The ovaries basically shut down,' explains West Penn Hospital OBGYN Dr. Emily Lebovitz. 'Why exactly that occurs we don’t know.' ...  But a Canadian researcher says it’s because of men, and because of competition. Using computer modeling, he found competition among men of any age for younger mates left older females with less chance of reproducing. He says the result is that genes favoring menopause got passed down through the generations, so that now it’s a normal part of the female genetic blueprint. But there are problems with this theory." Honest to God, menopause is now men's fault.  The competition for a hot babe is leading women into menopause. 

Baldness Drug Curbs Men's Interest in Alcohol
RUSH: Baldness drug.  Fox News.  "Some men who take the drug finasteride (Propecia) to slow a receding hair line may also find it reduces their interest in drinking alcohol, new research reveals. Almost two-thirds of the men in the study noticed they were drinking less alcohol than before taking Propecia, said study researcher Dr. Michael Irwig, an endocrinologist and assistant professor of medicine at George Washington University School of Medicine."  So a baldness drug eliminates the massive consumption of adult beverage. 



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