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"The CBO -- in all of this scoring, in all of this economic data that they're projecting -- says that even with the passage of the bill, illegal immigration will continue at a rate of 75% of current levels."

"If you haven't read any Vince books, you really should start. For no other reason than they're great. And if you want to know who Vince was, Vince is Mitch Rapp in so many ways."

"The CBO report has come out on the gang of eight bill, and the way it's being interpreted is laughable. The idea this is gonna grow the economy? It's almost exact replay of Obamacare, particularly in the way the whole thing is being scored."

"Vince Flynn was engaged, and he was opinionated, and he was informed. He was a thoughtful, thinking, considerate, caring, real man. A brave, brave guy. He went out of his way to do anything he could for anybody and didn't expect anything in return. If every person in the neighborhood was like Vince Flynn you'd live in the greatest place in the country."

"The Congressional Budget Office reports on the Gang of Eight bill reveals (to me, anyway) something that's inarguably obvious -- and that is, it is a disaster."

"In 2008 Obama went over to Germany and he requested at that time to speak at the Brandenburg Gate, and the Germans, boy, they were under a lot of pressure because back then Obama was The Messiah. He requested to speak at the Brandenburg Gate, and the Germans said no. You're not yet of that stature. So he got as close to the Brandenburg Gate as possible, and 200,000 people showed up. German beer was flowing. And the god echo in Obama's speech, you remember that? I mean, it was just all over the place. You know how many people showed up today? Six thousand. Two hundred thousand in 2008. Six thousand today. That's quite a drop."

"I've heard that Obama, in his speech -- not the presser with Merkel -- but in his speech, it kind of fizzled at the end. Chris Matthews offered a reason why. The setting sun made it difficult for Obama to see the teleprompter. He couldn't see the text. So it was the sun's fault."

"I know why Obama's always on the prompter. And that is to make sure he doesn't slip up and portray what he really thinks and what his plans really are. It's so Obama stays confined in the way that he has been marketed and presented, and he participates in that of course, and the way they manage, 'cause it's all about the Limbaugh Theorem. It's all about Obama appearing detached, unattached."

"The Congressional Budget Office says the cost of Obamacare is up to $2 trillion now. I think it's $1.8 trillion. What, Obamacare's two years old? In just two years the cost has doubled from the original estimate of $1 trillion? Well, hello! The identical thing is going to happen the Gang of Eight immigration bill."

"There isn't a country in the world that isn't a nation of immigrants. That's no great thing. We're not talking here about the great days of Ellis Island and people escaping the tyranny of Europe, the so-called magic days of immigration. Nobody I know is anti-immigration. Nobody I know is anti-Hispanic."

"Ladies and gentlemen, a very simple question: If the influx of millions of new immigrants is gonna really grow the economy, then why aren't the current illegal residents living in the shadows growing the economy? 'Well, they're gonna come out of the shadows, Mr. Limbaugh.' It's gonna depress wages is what it's gonna do. It's going to reduce what people make."

"The one thing I know is where you all are on the Republican Party today. You know, people have said the country's hanging by a thread. Well, so is the party. The Republican Party is hanging by a thread."

"If 75% of illegal immigration is gonna continue after this bill is signed into law, then what is the point?"

"Early conservative thinkers knew exactly what was going to happen as government grew. Edmund Burke, Tocqueville, they all spelled it out."

"Two hundred thousand people showed up for an Obama speech in 2008. Six thousand today. Fox has a side-by-side comparison of the crowd side. That's not 6,000 people there today. What are they telling us? There's no way that's 6,000 people! That's not even a minor league hockey game crowd. There isn't any 6,000 people there."

"The problem with that is that there is a ruling class in Washington that is made up of people in both parties, and they don't really think of themselves as Republicans or Democrats. They're identified that way for political purposes. But Washington is its own universe."

"I've heard people say, 'Rush, you know, you need to stop using that word 'illegal.' It just too stigmatizing.' What would you like me to call them? Undocumented? Undocumented aliens? Well, they don't like "aliens," either, because that connotes big-eyed monsters from Mars. 'Undocumented wannabe citizens'?"


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