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Did You Hear About the Vaccine Tax?
RUSH:  You want to know how taxes are raised in a surreptitious way? I doubt that if somebody came out and said we need to raise income taxes it would get much support right now.  Everybody's overtaxed.  We just had an income tax rate increase thanks to Obama ending the Bush tax rates. 

"The House of Representatives is scheduled Tuesday to consider a bipartisan bill to add new seasonal flu vaccines to the IRS definition of taxable vaccines.  The Senate has already reached an agreement to vote on its version of the bill without further debate if the House passes an identical version.

Now, if all of this happens, "If passed into law, all new flu vaccines would become subject to the 75¢ per dose vaccine tax, and also become eligible to be included in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).  A summary of the bill provided by the House Republican Conference explains: The VICP is a federal program designed as a no-fault alternative to traditional tort law for resolving vaccine injury claims arising from covered vaccines.  The program is funded through a 75¢ excise tax on each dose of specified vaccines."

Now, there's already one of these vaccine injury compensation programs.  This would just be added to it. 

"The balance in the VICP fund as of May 2013 was about $3.4 billion. The fund has paid out only $2.7 billion since it was established in 1988 for cases involving all vaccines; about 17 percent of those cases involved a flu vaccine. At that payout rate, the $3.4 billion balance could last another 25 years with no new revenue."

It isn't needed.  We have plenty of money in this fund to cover whatever the hell we're covering here.  "However, in response to initial reports on the legislation in April, Julia Lawless, GOP press secretary of US Senate Finance Committee, issued the following statement: First off, the Joint Committee on Taxation is clear this bill is not a tax increase."

Right.  It's not a tax increase.  We're just gonna increase the fee.

Obamacare Soaks Young People

RUSH: Obamacare.  Listen to this.  Folks, I have mentioned several times my belief that the bureaucracy involved in Obamacare is unsupportable.  I believe that the system is incapable of doing what it is supposed to do.  I think it's too massive, it's unmanageable, it's unfundable.  There's not gonna be one person who knows what to do.  There isn't going to be a final authority with the answers to whatever questions that come up.  This thing is gonna be an absolute disaster.  Much like I think the Gang of Eight bill is a disaster on substance, this Obamacare bill cannot possibly function.  It's just too unwieldy.  It's too big. It's too massive. Its tentacles just go into too many hidden crevices in our society and culture. 

I don't know how this thing is ultimately gonna be run.  And I think that may be by design.  I think the whole bit of confusion and the chaos and the panic that is sure to be part of this is going to be lead people to ask for something simpler.  And the something simpler is going to be something that sounds simpler, like, "Well, how about we just do single payer?  How about the government just run it?"  You know, early conservative thinkers knew exactly what was going to happen as government grew. 

Edmund Burke, Tocqueville, they all spelled it out.  The bigger government gets, the more efficient government gets, the only place you can go for remedy is government.  There isn't a private sector place to go to administer this mess, to fix it, to clean it up.  You have to go back to government to ask them to fix what's wrong in the first place.  And in the process, government grows and grows and becomes unaccountable, unmanageable, unaffordable.  And that's exactly what this is. 

Now, here the details.  This is a column in the Wall Street Journal by Holman Jenkins.  Very simple.  There's plenty of research data on this.  Healthy adults spend an average of $854 a year on health care.  And most of those are young adults because young people are the healthiest.  Average healthy people today spend, on average, $854 a year.  Obamacare is going to mandate that they buy insurance policies expected to cost roughly $5,800.  These people are gonna figure out pretty quickly that they are not paying for their health care.  They are subsidizing all kinds of health care for all kinds of other people. 

You go into a store, you want to buy an iPhone.  The iPhone costs 200 bucks with a two-year contract, and you pay it.  Then you find out that next year the iPhone is gonna cost $1,500.  Nothing changes.  Your service stays the same. Your contract stays the same. The phone hasn't changed, but all of a sudden the phone's gonna cost $1,500.  And the reason given, "Well, not everybody can afford a phone.  And so we're charging you an additional $1,300 so other people can have a phone." 

"Well, why should I pay for other people to have a phone?" 

"Well, because it's an emergency nice.  Everybody needs a telephone." 

In the case of health care, it's a right.  So basically what's going to happen here is that people -- believe me, they are aware of what they're spending on health care -- and when they are told that their costs are gonna go up, what, $854 to $1,500, I mean, that's serious.  Mandated.  That's what all the IRS agents are for is to make sure that that's either paid or the fine is.  Now, the fine is gonna be cheaper than that for a while.  Young, healthy adults spend an average of $854 a year on health care.  Obamacare is gonna require them to buy policies expected to cost $5,800.  Why would they sign up for Obamacare?  The penalties are gonna be much cheaper. So you're gonna have people say, "No, I'm not gonna do it, and come catch me.  I'm not doing it.  You can't find me with the NSA, well, you can't find me here."


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