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Untangling the Gang of Eight Web of Deceit

RUSH: A zone blitz is also happening in the United States Senate looking for votes.  Legislation is being crafted in such a way as to get votes as opposed to be focusing on policy.  That's my take.  The zone blitz in progress looking for votes appears to be centered around throwing more money at this problem.  Twenty thousand new border agents are going to be hired, but to do what?  And to be laid off when? 

Washington's False Premise on Amnesty

RUSH: The false premise is that Hispanics hate Republicans.  It has been constructed by the Democratic Party and amplified by the media.  The false premise is that, if the Republicans don't do this, they are finished as a political party, when, in fact, they probably are finished if they do do this.

Obamacare Health Care Exchanges are Democrat Party Front Organizations

RUSH: Investor's Business Daily had an editorial yesterday, and they have discovered the purpose of Obamacare.  It has nothing to do with health care.  The purpose of Obamacare has got nothing to do with your health, and nothing to do with your insurance. It's about building a permanent, undefeatable, always-funded Democrat majority.

Must Read: IBD Editorial by Betsy McCaughey


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