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Snooki Wants a Gay Son... Chelsea's Strange Planned Parenthood Comment...  AP Headline: Six White Women to Sit on Zimmerman Jury... Weiner Apologizes for Supporter's Homophobic Remark...

NY Post: Last Supper Killed Gandolfini

RUSH: The story goes into great detail about what Gandolfini ate three hours before his heart attack, with the clear implication that his dinner killed him.  What he had for dinner killed him! It fits right in line with all of the stuff that you've heard over the years about what you shouldn't eat...  This is a really mean story. 

The Gang of Nine: It's Obama's Bill

RUSH: It turns out if you read this story, things are even worse than we thought, because even some Republicans are helping to shield Obama's involvement.  In fact, even the New York Times says that these Republicans, quote, "do not want to be seen by their constituents as carrying out the will of Mr. Obama."


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