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Guest Host Douglas Urbanski

Snowden on the Run

"Why would a young man give up his life for a bunch of people, ourselves, who he doesn't even know? He had a lot of guts to do what he did." -Urbanski

Snowden: Whistle-Blower or Traitor?

"It took Snowden to prove to you and me that our worst nightmare has come true. The United States government spies on its own citizens. It's not because you're criminals or terrorists, but because they feel that they can. That's why you're seeing the words of Paul Revere pop up all over the Internet next to his name." -Urbanski

"It is an enormous sacrifice this young man has made, based upon what we know now. Moreover, and I think this gets lost in the conversation, this is not about our enemies.  This is about us." -Urbanski

Immigration Bill Debate

"We learned nothing from the rushing through of the monstrous health care legislation. This is not just Congress failing the American people. The administration is just as much responsible, if not more so -- and they're going to vote on this immigration bill without even reading it!" 

"There is no immigration crisis. There is no gay marriage crisis.  There is no gun control crisis. There was no health care crisis." -Urbanski

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