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Americans Hate Their Jobs, and Perks Don't Help ... Mick Jagger, Jay Leno Slam Obama ... Woman Crushes Husband Trying to Learn to Park SUV ...

Barack Obama is a Great Success

RUSH: Obama isn't "making a mess" of anything. Obama may be one of the most successful presidents that we've ever had... He's getting everything he wants. He's transforming this country in ways that no one ever thought possible. He is succeeding at every turn, and he has a scandal pop up at just the right time every moment some big transformation's taking place so that we're all distracted. Everything the guy wants is happening one way or the other, sooner than later, later than sooner. Whatever. Nobody's stopping Obama. Nobody's stopping the Democrats. They're getting everything they want.

The Left is in Tizzy Over the Supreme Court Ruling on the Voting Rights Act

RUSH: This isn't about making amends anymore. It's about two things. It's about advancing liberalism, of course. But it's also about keeping the black population constantly roiled and angry and told that they're being discriminated against. And that their voting is being denied and their voting rights are being denied and that the Republicans have designs on never having them vote again. 


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