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Americans Hate Their Jobs, and Perks Don't Help

RUSH: CNBC: "Americans Hate Their Jobs, and Perks Don't Help -- If you hate your job, you're not alone. But having in-office access to catered meals, a ping-pong table or free massages may not make you any happier at work. Just 30 percent of employees are engaged and inspired at work, according to Gallup's 2013 State of the American Workplace Report..." Get this. Have you ever heard of this, Gallup's State of the American Workplace Report? 

They "surveyed more than 150,000 full- and part-time workers during 2012." That's a lot of people for a survey.  If you've got a sample that big, you'd have to say that the extrapolation is pretty accurate.  "A little more than half of workers," which is a really great communist term. Workers. "A little more than half of workers (52%) have a perpetual case of the Mondays -- they're present, but not particularly excited about their job. The remaining 18% are actively disengaged or, as Gallup CEO Jim Clifton put it in the report, 'roam the halls spreading discontent.'

"Worse, Gallup reports, those actively disengaged employees cost [America] up to $550 billion annually in lost productivity." They say, "No wonder companies have been looking for ways to make workers happier. One trend that has taken off is cushy office perks, said management consultant Bob Nelson... For example, Google ... boasts a roller hockey rink and nap pods, among other amenities... Such benefits are attractive, particularly to younger workers. 

"'They're often looking for things they can brag about to their peers,' Nelson said. ... 'There's a lot of research out there that says, although it depends on the employee, the perks come out as less important as job satisfaction,' said Randy Allen, the associate dean of Cornell University's Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management. In other words, free massages or beer on tap in the office kitchen don't make up for having a boss who's a jerk..." 

Everybody's boss is a jerk.  

I mean, that's been standard operating procedure for who knows how long. (interruption) What? (interruption)  You don't agree?  You don't agree?  Well, then you haven't... (interruption) Snerdley says I'm not a jerk.  I'll bet you I am to some.  You would be surprised.  I wouldn't be surprised if I were to learn what's whispered about me in the hallways. (interruption) I'm being told nobody says I'm a jerk.  Okay, I'm being told nobody says I'm a jerk.  They just make gestures that indicate I'm a jerk.  (laughing)  


It's rather common in America that the boss is not popular.  That's nothing new.  But the idea that only 30% of people like their jobs?  When you couple that with the story we just had that 75% are living paycheck to paycheck, and you couple it with all these college graduates with all this student debt coming out with no jobs and certainly no careers that they can see and so forth, and then you couple that with the active economic policies of this administration?

Whether people realize it or not... Even low-information voters who think Obama's just cool, just so many things he can't fix; he's really trying to -- even with that -- there is a level of discomfort.  I believe it. I think throughout every strata of our society, there is this feeling -- subliminal to some and very conscious to others -- that this just isn't right. Things just aren't right. This is not how things have happened, not how things get done. What's happening, something about this is just not right.

But nobody put their finger on it. 

The low-information crowd, the last thing they'll do is blame Obama, because that just couldn't be.  So they chalk it up to things out of their control that they can't explain that are just changing and evolving.  The last thing they will do is say that there's any specific policy or policies that might be responsible for this.  

Mick Jagger and Jay Leno Slam Obama

RUSH: You know, I don't have this right in front of me, and I didn't print this out, and I don't know what just reminded me of it.  Oh, yes, I do.  It was the phone call from Reuben.  The idea that some day, something is gonna happen that is going to turn low-information voters against Obama -- and we've all speculated on the kind of thing it would be.  Now last night or recently, the Rolling Stones were at a concert somewhere.

Mick Jagger stood up there and made fun of and dissed Obama on something, and the place erupted in cheers.  Yeah, and I'm having trouble remembering right now what it was about.  Leno is getting brutal on Obama jokes, by the way, and his ratings are soaring past that idiot Letterman and some of these other people.  I can't remember what the joke was. It was in Page Six, Snerdley. It's Page Six of the New York Post.  

It was over the surveillance program.  Yeah, the NSA surveillance program, spying. You know, the hippies of the sixties don't like the idea they're being spied upon. It's one of the reasons, one of the things that cause them to organize.  Jagger said that Obama was probably listening in, even if he wasn't in the stadium, and the audience just erupted.  So it's a joke about Obama spying on people, and the audience did not boo Mick Jagger.  

Woman Crushes Husband Trying to Learn to Park SUV

RUSH: Did you see this ChiCom woman killed herself and her husband while learning to drive?  Get this.  I feel like I'm watching an episode of The Sopranos.  "A woman tragically killed her husband and herself while backing up her car in an underground parking garage in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on June 18 as their 6-year-old daughter watched in horror from inside the car." They were in a parking garage. 

"Qianjiang Evening News reported 41-year-old driver surnamed Lin, who was issued a driver's license in May, was practicing backing up her Lexus RX270 SUV into a parking space as her husband directed from behind, when she backed up too far and pinned him against the wall.  According to the report, Lin stuck her head out the window upon hearing her husband’s scream, and accelerated in an attempt to move forward. 

"She however forgot to change gears from reverse to drive, which not only [squished her husband] instantly but caused her head to get stuck between the car and a wall along the parking space," and that was it. She basically squished her husband and decapitated herself learning to park her SUV.  So it's another SUV killer.  "Rescue team arrived soon after but Lin died from her sustained injuries in a nearby hospital, said the report. 

"The couple’s 6-year-old daughter saw the entire tragedy unfold from inside the car. A source ... said that Lin had successfully parked in the space once before that day, but her husband asked her to do it again because she needed the practice." So he was behind the car, he looked in the rearview mirror and said, "Back it up! Little more, little more, little -- Oh! Whoa! Ack!"  He starts screaming and she forgot to put it in drive and hit the accelerator. (interruption) No, they haven't blamed the SUV, but this is a ChiCom story.  


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