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NYC Feminists Stand Up for Weiner in Mayoral Race

RUSH:  Listen to this story from Breitbart.com: "Sending pictures of his genitals to random women via Twitter wasn't enough to turn the people of New York City off to former Congressman and mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, according to the latest poll from the Wall Street Journal-NBC New York-Marist. He now leads City Council Speaker Christine Quinn by a margin of 25% to 20%. Trailing far behind are former Comptroller Bill Thompson (13%), Public Advocate Bill de Blasio (10%) and city Comptroller John Liu (8%).

"Quinn's numbers have slowly deflated, and Weiner's have solidified as the race has developed. ... Weiner's campaign to stand up for New Yorkers is apparently penetrating the public consciousness -- he's ahead on all fronts, even leading Quinn by one point among [women]." I have to say (sigh), you liberal feminist women in New York are an embarrassment.  But, see, this is what we always get. This kind of stuff is always a resume enhancement for Democrats. It is always a resume enhancement. 

(interruption) "How did Weiner stay up like this?" 

Because liberal feminist women don't care.  They obviously don't care. This is not enough at all. (interruption) No, all men couldn't get away with it.  All men couldn't get away with it.  Hey, Huma didn't appear to have a problem with it, so a lot of these other women say, "Why should we, if it's okay with Huma?"

(interruption) "Well, why did Spitzer strike out?"

That's an interesting question. That's 'cause Spitzer left his socks on during sex and that was something nobody could accept.  That embarrassed everybody.  All Weiner did was send pictures.  Spitzer actually went out there, paid the money, and all that.  But it is an interesting question. It is an interesting question.  How come Spitzer couldn't survive what he did and Weiner stands tall?  Both are New Yorkers; both have feminist women in their constituencies.  You figure it out. 

North and Kanye Happily Breastfeeding with Kim
RUSH: Now, what all you low-information voters want to know is, yes, North West is breast-feeding constantly.  Kanye West and the baby Northwest is "breast-feeding constantly" with the happy new mom, Kim West. (interruption) No, they didn't get married. That's right, they're not married. She's still Kim Kardashian and North West is to be determined. (interruption) Yeah, if they get married it's all gonna go "south."  They better stop and think about this.  There's no reason to get married anymore.  Ahem.  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and the daughter North West, if they get married, it can all go "south."  Just a little lighthearted attempt at humor. 

Will George Zimmerman's Weight Gain Sway Jury?
RUSH: What is that, "Defense: George Zimmerman has gained 120 pounds. Could his weight gain impact the jury?" He gained 120 pounds?  How could that impact the jury?  Don't tell me it it's because he's so much bigger than Trayvon.  Don't tell me.  Why not?  Why not? 


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