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"We see the denigration of this country, no matter where we look. We're seeing the crumbling, the literal tearing down of the foundations that have built this country and maintained it. That is what's so unsettling to everybody, is that there doesn't seem to be anybody else concerned about it."

"There are 27 NFL players who have been arrested just since the Super Bowl. There is clearly, clearly something happening within the NFL's cultural feeder system that they're gonna have to get their arms around and deal with or they're gonna be in deep, deep doo-doo."

"I have nothing to do with Crossfire but they're gonna bring it back. Newt Gingrich will anchor the conservative side of this and Stephanie Cutter will anchor the left side for the Democrats. Of course, I have nothing to do with it but there they are using me."

"We are being told, in order to survive, the Republicans have to throw away their position on gay marriage now. In order to survive, the Republicans have to throw away their position on illegal immigration. What's gonna be next?"

"You read the Scalia dissent, and he said in part, in his opinion, that Justice Kennedy was basically begging someone to bring a case before the Supreme Court that would allow them to decide this on a national level. Scalia predicted 10 years ago, in a sodomy case, "If this happens, we're opening a door to gay marriage." He was right about it. He's predicting that what the majority wants now is a case where they can rule nationally that gay marriage is the law of the land."

"The votes of the people increasingly don't mean anything in this country. The power is being usurped. Crony capitalism, corporatists are taking over the country, it appears. The Republicans are caving and giving away on every issue."

"The Senate does not want people going home and listening to constituents. The Senate does not want that. Dingy Harry, Obama, the Democrats do not want anybody going home and listening to you about this. So they may not have any town hall meetings."

"The NBA guys wish they were gangsta rappers, the gangsta rappers wish they are NBA guys, and the NFL guys want to be part of it, too."

"Tupac became OnePac before they killed him. Tupac Shakur, driving around chewing gum with a pistol. Tupac was shot in the street in Las Vegas, right? He pulled up beside a drive-by shooting. Bam, bam! It's all over rap music, or whatever the hell it was."

"Twenty-six percent of Democrats in this poll identified conservatives as the number one terror threat facing America. I was surprised it was that low, because I believe that most liberals actually look at Republicans and conservatives as full-fledged, real -- not just political, but real -- enemies."

"Bristol is where ESPN is, and I thought they were the gang there. I didn't know that there were other gangs. I thought ESPN was the gang, but nevertheless apparently there are gangs there in Bristol."

"Imagine that, having on your resume that you're a member of a gang. Most places you don't stand a prayer. But in the NFL, you just lose a couple rounds of the draft order."

"Nancy Pelosi has just said that what she thinks what we ought to do is stop and give thanks for "health independence" on July 4th and honor Obamacare. I am not kidding you."

"Don't waste time giving thanks for health independence and honoring Obamacare. A 62% majority of independents favor repealing at least some of it, but 66% are worried. And here's Pelosi! Seriously. She's dead serious. She wants you to stop and give thanks to Obamacare for "health independence" on the Fourth of July."

"Is there any doubt that this administration has launched an all-out war on religious freedom? There isn't! That's what the War on Women is really all about, and the War on Women that's being waged in this country is being waged by the Democrats and by Obama at institutions like the Catholic Church. They're forcing Catholic churches and universities to pass our contraception."


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