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Pearls of Wisdom

"It looks like there are people in the Republican Party actively, purposely trying to harm it while saying that they're trying to save it."

"It may be just me, but the Drive-Bys are not talking about the amnesty bill vote yesterday very much. They're not talking about it. I think partly here they're trying to shield this debacle from everybody. I think they don't want to report what's in this bill."

"Folks, if you're harboring any hope that this country is ever going to come together and be unified, you can throw it out. You can literally forget it."

"I sometimes wish I weren't as logical as I am and I wish I weren't as smart as I am, because I'd be happy."

"I'm sorry. I just don't believe that any Democrat really cares about us winning the presidency, and therefore is really willing to offer us advice on how to do it. I think what the Democrats want is for the Republican Party to never, ever again, be a viable opponent -- and it looks like they're affecting that, making that happen."

"Liberals just want to get rid of God because they are just uncomfortable with the whole idea. To hell with the Constitution. They don't even know what that is."

"I'll tell you, there are some strange-looking people out there, folks. I don't care where you go; I don't care where you look. You can't miss them. There are just some real weirdo-looking people out there. Half the people I see on Fox today just look odd, but that's not fair. We're not supposed to do that. We're not supposed to notice, comment, form opinions, or any of that."

"The market plunged because people there realized that Bernanke wasn't going to be funneling the $85 billion to them every month. Well, he said he's going to start doing it again. The market realizes that Bernanke is going to have to continue to digitize $85 billion a month despite remarks the other day and that's why the stock market rebounded. It had nothing to do with the economy because there isn't an economic recovery going on."

"It's easy to get market share. Give your stuff away! That's what I always said when I started this, 'I want to be a legitimate and real number one. I don't want to be number one because of buzz or because the media says so or a PR campaign says so. I want it to be a real, legitimate number one!' Yet over the course of this program, for 25 years, you've read, 'Rating are down! Limbaugh is losing sponsors!' None of it's true."

"In every story, there are lies and mistruths and false premises and misstatements -- and it takes real effort and genuine skepticism of everything (combined with a profound curiosity) to weed through it, and that's what program is all about."

"The assault on God has been going on since before all of us were born. God is a frightening thing to people who don't believe. It's scary. To people who don't believe in God, it's one of the scariest things they can contemplate, and they want to get rid of it."

"A Wall Street journal story is out basically telling how highly educated women are becoming mothers; it's not fulfilling and they're becoming alcoholics at home, drinking way too much white wine. Wall Street Journal."


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