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 "The same people who went to the streets to demand change are now in the streets demanding to get rid of what they demanded in the first place. It was the spring of 2010 when it all took place in Egypt."

"Look, the truth is the truth and facts are facts, and you students need to understand that it's the Democrat Party doing this student loan interest rate increase. This is a Democrate Party idea. It's a Democrat administration, which is eagerly embracing the increase in the loan rates so they get more money to fund Obamacare."

"So now we've got the student loan industry taken over by the government, ostensibly to make it fairer, ostensibly to make it more financially sound. We got the greedy big banks out of it. But now you're at the total whim of the federal government -- whether you get a loan, what the interest rate's gonna be -- and the sad reality is that college graduates are coming out with lifetime debt before they've even earned a dollar. Lifetime debt!"

"If you see the Democrats want to lower the student loan interest rate, please, do me a favor and understand: It's nothing. They're not gonna touch it. It's just a tug on the heartstrings of your emotions to try to make you think the Democrats are outraged by this and terrified by it and want to do something about it to fix it. It's the Democrats who are gonna leave it where it is. It's Obama who's happy and the regime that's happy that the student loan interest rate's now 6.8%."

"The Kenyan president told Obama to shut up about gay marriage."

"There is an entire website out now, outing ex-vegans just as certain homosexuals are outed. Well, now, we've got a vegan website that lists traitors, people who have decided that they want to eat meat and they want to eat chicken. This has ticked off the vegans. They're not content to just be vegans. They want everybody else to be -- and they want, of course, the federal government to come in under the guise of health administration and force it on everybody because they're just a bunch of classic leftist advocates."

"In an effort to boost the female participation, I came up with an idea that required all women who were gonna call and be on the air to have a photo on file with us.
We got women in bikinis on the rocks at the beach, but I don't know that we got nude photos. Well, maybe there were, but we didn't require 'em. One of the Snerdley brothers handled the photos. I never even really saw them. But he never walked in and showed me any nude pictures. I did see, as I say, bikini shots on the rocks at Northern California beaches and stuff. What Snerdley? You remember nudes? You kept the nudes? Is that right? You kept the nudes? How many of them are there?"

"The establishment of the Republican Party is authoring its demise."

"The idea that the Democrats are advising us to do things to help us, which means that they would lose? I just don't buy it. I'm sorry. I don't think the Democrats ever want us to win the White House ever again."

"Obama goes over there and tells these people to modernize and get with it and legalize gay marriage, and the Kenyans say, 'Screw you, buddy! We believe in God, we believe in the Bible, not you!'"

"You people all for gay marriage, guess what? The federal benefits? They're really are not that different. They're not that big. You better be getting married for love, otherwise -- ha-ha-ha-ha -- ever heard of the divorce rate?"

"The environmentalist wackos, they were rejoicing. A bird that they thought was extinct resurfaced, one bird last seen in Britain 22 years ago. It was discovered by 40 enthusiasts, and while they were watching it, it flew into a wind turbine and was killed."

"You have people more and more talk about third party now. If that happens, you can kiss the Republican Party good-bye."

"The Democratic Party does not want anybody to have a photo ID because that would have a very negative impact on cheating! If you require a photo ID, that pretty much shuts out cheating. Well, it doesn't shut it out. It just makes it harder, and that's why they don't want it."


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