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Militant Vegan Website Outs Former Vegans
RUSH: Regular listeners to this program know that Mr. Snerdley is a vegan, and over the course of many broadcast years, we've had a little back-and-forth over militant vegetarianism.  Snerdley has always claimed that there really isn't militant vegetarianism, and I've always maintained that there is and that they are trying to force their way of eating on everybody else.  They're not just content to run their lives.

You know that's true. 

I mean, these people tried to take over Burger King and get veggie burgers served at Burger King in Berkeley, California.  It's not even arguable.  From the New York Observer:  "A vegan extremist website is taking ex-vegans to task for betraying the cause. ExVegans.com..." Let's shut down another website.  ExVegans.com, also known as "'The Vegan Sell Out List,' shares names, descriptions and photographs of former vegans in an effort to publicly humiliate them for renouncing the meat and dairy-eschewing lifestyle."

There is an entire website out now, outing ex-vegans just as certain homosexuals are outed.  Well, now, we've got a vegan website that lists traitors, people who have decided that they want to eat meat and they want to eat chicken.  This has ticked off the vegans. They're not content to just be vegans. They want everybody else to be -- and they want, of course, the federal government to come in under the guise of health administration and force it on everybody because they're just a bunch of classic leftist advocates. 

Gay Pride Parade Cheers for Weiner
RUSH: By the way, at the gay rights parade over the weekend, Weiner was marching, and all of the gays on both sides of the street were saying, "Weiner! Weiner! Weiner!  And Weiner actually said, "Do you guys know that's my name or are you saying something else?"  Honestly, he did. 

Of course they were shouting his name, "Weiner! Weiner! Weiner!" at a gay rights parade, or a gay celebration, whatever it was.

Head of Security at JFK Airport Accidentally E-mails Photo of His Penis
RUSH: Get this story.  You know, we've talked on this program a lot about this overwhelming desire for fame among people in this country. They do things on these social websites. They tell everybody everything about themselves: Where they're going, how far away they are from where they're going, when they get where they're going, when they're going to leave where they are.  You know there are apps for this? 

There are mobile telephone apps for you and your friends, and you're able to advise your friends where you're going, of your route, how far along the route you are, how many minutes from the destination you are, how long you're going to be at the destination. And then there's a place in the app to rate whether or not the restaurant or cafe or wherever you happen to be going is worth it -- and then how long you're gonna be there, and then when you leave and then how long ago you left.

I mean, it's stunning what people are willing to divulge about themselves, not to mention the pictures of themselves that they post.  That's what's of note here.  It's a story from Mediaite.  "When the security supervisor for JFK International Airport..." The security supervisor. Now, let that soak in.  "When the security supervisor for New York's JFK International Airport thought he was email-blasting his coworkers with images of a car accident, it turns out" what he ended up doing was e-mail blasting pictures of himself nude from the waist down. 

That's right. 

For those of you in Rio Linda, he e-mail blasted pictures of his penis.  I don't know if he sent one to Weiner, since you ask.  I have no idea if the security guy at JFK knows Weiner.


RUSH: Anyway, the security supervisor for JFK e-mail blasts a nude photo of his penis and his belly and everything below it.  "Using his company-issued Blackberry, [Gerard] Robson accidentally blasted the picture out two dozen co-workers and higher-level executives at the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey.

"After attempting, in vain, to delete the picture from computers and phones, Robson sent an apology to everyone: 'Earlier this morning, while I was sending out a notification regarding a Motor Vehicle Accident, I had taken several pictures of the vehicle,' he began. 'In error, I accidentally attached a very inappropriate photo and without realizing the mistake, continued to send out the notification with the photograph attachment. Please accept my sincere apology as I am truly [sic] sorry for my actions.'

large"Robson is employed by FJC Security, a contractor that works with the local transportation authorities. A company spokesman told the Post that Robson has been suspended, before joking that 'Maybe he'll run for mayor'..." Now, here's my question.  Dawn, do you take nude photos of yourself from the waist down?  Brian, do you take nude photos of yourself from the waist down? Snerdley, do you take nude photos of yourself from the waist down? 

Okay, one out of three does. 

You're the first that I have ever asked... (interruption) Okay, you're yanking my chain.  Okay.  Okay. You had me going.  Look at what you can make me believe.  So that's my question: Who does this?  Who has nude photos of themselves that they take that could be accidentally sent out?  (interruption) Well, that's the answer.  "Everybody does," apparently! A lot of people do.  Teenagers particularly.  Up-and-coming media hosts and potential candidates.  There's gonna be more and more of this pop up because... (chuckling)

These people that have taken nude photos of themselves have blasted them out.  Somebody has them.  So one of these clowns is gonna run for office one day. It's gonna happen. Somebody's gonna have the picture and put it out there. My point here is about the whole notion of fame and wanting to be known, and have everybody know everything about you. Stop and think. This is a security guy! By virtue of his job, this guy ought to be oriented toward keeping things close to the vest, and this guy is taking nude photos of himself. 

If he had not done that, he could not have accidentally sent them out. 

Then the question is: Did he actually accidentally send 'em out, or did he do it on purpose for the yuks of it and this is the cover-up?  Who knows?  But who does this?  And then after answering that, why do they do this?  Why would anyone take a photo like this in the first place?  Now we have a guy who did it running for mayor of New York who may, in fact, win.  Anthony Weiner.  Now, I feel safe in saying that I don't know anybody who would do this.  I can't imagine that Dawn knows anybody who would do this. 

Well, wait, maybe one person. 


RUSH:  I'm reminded by somebody (very snarky, by the way), "Remember way, way, way back when this program was first starting in the late eighties or probably early nineties, people saw a marketing report on talk radio that said women average 40% of the audience? They said, 'Rush, you need to up the female participation. You need more women callers. Make it sound like more women listen.'" 

So in an effort to boost the female participation, I came up with an idea that required all women who were gonna call and be on the air to have a photo on file with us.  An innocent little idea that if you're gonna be a caller on the program, and you're a woman, you had to have a photo on file. (interruption) Hey, what?  Yeah, I didn't ask for nude photos, and I don't know that we got any nude photos.

We got women in bikinis on the rocks at the beach, but I don't know that we got nude photos. Well, maybe there were, but we didn't require 'em.  But it wasn't very many.  Anyway, I caught hell for this idea.  All it was, was a way to increase the female participation of the program, have a little fun with it, have a photo on file. I still can't believe the grief that I got for that. 

But we didn't require nude photos, and there might have been a couple in there.  One of the Snerdley brothers handled the photos.  I never even really saw them.  Mario Snerdley, who was one of the Snerdley brothers. He was -- I don't know -- the second or third call screener. He handled the photos.  But he never walked in and showed me any nude pictures.  I did see, as I say, bikini shots on the rocks at Northern California beaches and stuff, but... (interruption) You remember nudes? (interruption)

You kept the nudes?  Is that right?

(interruption)  You kept the nudes?  How many of them are there? (interruption) He's just kidding. There aren't any.  I'm just telling you, we didn't get any nude photos. Yeah, yeah, yeah. (interruption) Okay, well, H.R. says we did get nine or 10.  But, see, that's different. That's different than posting pictures nude of yourself on social media.  These weren't gonna be posted anywhere and the people who sent the pictures knew they weren't gonna be posted anywhere. 

They were for internal use only in our filing system.  You can't even say it's the same thing, and we did not ask anything more than you must have a photo on file.  The kinds of photos we got were totally up to the women who sent them.  There were no requirements or limits. They just had to be recognizable so that we could put a face to the voice.  Anyway, I thought it was a brilliant idea at the time, and I still do.  But the grief that we got! 

Indian Airline Hires Slim Female Flight Attendants to Save Fuel
RUSH:  "An Indian airline has hit on possibly the worthiest excuse yet for hiring slim women as cabin crew -- it saves fuel and therefore money. While some airlines admit to hiring women for their sex appeal, budget carrier GoAir has told The Times of India it will be hiring predominantly female flight attendants in future because they are 15-20 kilos lighter on average than men."

Hiring these thin women as flight attendants "will save it up to $500,000 annually." Now, how long do you think it's gonna be before some...? Oh, what's the politically correct term?  How long you think it's gonna be before some full-sized woman sues Air India?  Can you imagine? Why didn't they just do it?  Instead, they make themselves a target by announcing why they are doing it. 

"Airline Recruits Thin Women to Save Fuel," is the CNN story. 

Who Cares? Let Putin Keep Snowden
RUSH:  You know, there's a story I don't really care about.  It's the Snowden story, and everybody keeps talking Snowden to me.  Look, the guy applied for asylum in Russia. Let him have it.  Let Putin keep him, as far as I'm concerned.  But that ain't gonna happen.  Putin doesn't want the guy, I don't think.  Snowden here. Snowden there. Snowden's a 29-year-old punk. 

Wind Turbine Kills Rare Bird in UK
RUSH: A windmill has killed a rare bird that everybody thought was extinct.  They found it. Really.  The environmentalist wackos, they were rejoicing. A bird that they thought was extinct resurfaced, one bird last seen in Britain 22 years ago.  It was discovered by 40 enthusiasts, and while they were watching it, it flew into a wind turbine and was killed.


RUSH:Folks, here's the bird story.  This is a story in the UK Daily Mail: "There had been only eight recorded sightings of the white-throated needletail in the UK since 1846. So when one popped up again on British shores this week, twitchers were understandably excited. A group of forty enthusiasts dashed to the Hebrides to catch a glimpse of the brown, black and blue bird, which breeds in Asia and winters in Australasia." They thought it was extinct, but one of them popped up.

There have been only eight recorded sightings in 167 years.  So this group of 40 people heads out to catch a glimpse. "But instead of being treated to a wildlife spectacle they were left with a horror show when it flew into a wind turbine and was killed." It had last been seen 22 years ago.  Just like when the Orca came out and ate/swallowed the otter at Prince William Sound.  A bunch of environmentalist wackos watch a precious windmill kill a rare bird.  I'm not laughing.  I don't want anybody to get the idea that I am.

I'm not laughing. 



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