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"I just can't take it anymore with the Democrats telling the Republicans how much they care for us and how much they really want us to win elections again."

"Obamacare is the law of the land. So why is Obama or anybody else in the regime running around doing campaign-style appearances trying to sell this? Because there's the 2014 midterm election up ahead and they've got this giant negative called Obamacare."

"They're really not conservative at the Republican establishment. But still, fake it. It's all about winning elections. Fake it. If you're not conservative, fake it. They've done it before."

"UnitedHealthcare is the latest insurer to drop individual coverage in California because it's just too expensive and it's too much trouble under Obamacare. Now, folks, this outfit, UnitedHealth, is probably the biggest propagandists of all the insurance companies for Obamacare. This is classic."

"The Tea Party came to birth, came into existence because of Obamacare and the massive spending and debt. Average, ordinary Americans who had never organized politically before in their lives became affiliated with a bunch of different Tea Party groups, and they showed up to vote in massive numbers. The Democrats lost hugely. The scope of their defeat in 2010 still has not been accurately reported in the mainstream media."

"If we're trying to make the Hispanics like us by going for immigration, then let's change our attitude on abortion, and let's end this War on Women and let's make the women vote for us, too! I mean, where does this stop? I mean, this kind of thinking, where does it stop?"

"To me, 2014 is a golden opportunity. People are so beaten down now. We are a party of ideas and principles that are timeless and endure, and we abandon them. We keep trying to find one savior to save us instead of what we already know works."

"The Republicans ought to announce that they're now pro-abortion, pro-choice, to show the women that they don't hate 'em. To show women that Republicans have compassion for them, too. Snerdley's looking at me like he can't believe I'm saying this, and his fear is that there may be a Republican or two who actually like the idea. (laughing)"

"The fact remains that there are Hispanics that vote Republican. There are conservative Hispanics. The majority of Hispanics vote Republican in Texas. I wonder why that is, by the way? There's no income tax there. It's a rugged individualist state, as you well know by reputation."

"Welfare states are gonna attract welfare staters."

"The left looks at every group as monolithic in their thinking: women, Hispanics, gays, you name it, that's how they look at them. We don't look at people -- well, the Republican Party does, but I'm talking about you and me, American citizens, citizens of the founding if I can putt that way, we don't look at people as members of groups and then determine what they think. We believe that human beings are human beings. If you can reach 'em, the right message, persuasive, infectious way that you can get them to join us."

"You know Republicans are not bad people. You know conservatism is the answer; conservatism is the solution! It's being smeared day in and day out, and nobody is standing up and defending it! Low-information voters believe BS."

"Republicans now, to my thinking, my way of perception, from a distance, have become prisoners to the Republican consultancy class, which has a different objective. The Republican consultants are not first and foremost oriented toward winning. They're first and foremost oriented toward getting paid, which is fine. But they do not really suffer when their candidates lose."

"The opposition to Obamacare is already there. They don't have to create it. They just have to tap into it. And it is a sizeable majority of the American people. And, to me, it's a golden opportunity for the Republican Party to demonstrate that they are indeed on the side of average Americans who oppose this."

"I understand the desire not to be hated. I understand the desire not to be disliked. I understand the desire to be loved and all that. But, to me, the problem here is this immigration bill is devoid of any conservatism, is devoid of any conservative principle, is devoid of anything good for the country. This bill's the end of the Republican Party no matter who's heading it up, in my view."

"Marco Rubio is not going to get the credit with low-information voters for this bill passing. When it is all said and done, that isn't gonna happen. Obama is gonna get the credit for this with the low-information voters."

"The classic illustration of a triumph of emotion over common sense that is used to explain many human behaviors. It's a triumph of emotion over common sense. That's usually when the worst stuff happens. Stimulus, Obamacare, triumph of emotion over common sense."

"You know why people unfriend people on Facebook? It made me laugh. It's because people are giving them too much information! People don't want all the information. Well, hello? What is the point of Facebook?"


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