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Petraeus Lands Cushy Lecturing Gig
RUSH: "Having an affair and retiring from service means never having to go broke, if current reports from City University of New York are any indicator. CUNY is apparently paying CIA Director General David Petraeus $200,000 each year to teach for three hours per week. His class will be largely filled out by graduate student staff, who will handle 'course research, administration, and grading.'"

Petraeus won't have to do any of that.  He'll just have to show up three hours a week and lecture, teach, whatever he's gonna teach about.  "Normal adjunct professors at CUNY make approximately $25,000 per year." Petraeus is going to earn $200,000 to work three hours for a week. (interruption) I'm just being handed a note here.  You make more than that in one three-hour...? Oh, really?  Three hours a week?  I do 15, and then nobody sees the 75 or 80 that go into producing the 15. 

But anyway, anyway... (interruption)

I have no animus.  No, no, no.  I'm just passing on the news.

Why We Unfriend on Facebook
RUSH: There's a story here from the UK Telegraph. "Losing Friends: The Reason Why We Unfriend" people on Facebook.  This is part of our low-information outreach.  You know why people unfriend people on Facebook? It made me laugh. (interruption) No, because people are giving them too much information! People don't want all the information.  They don't like all the sharing as much as we think we do. 

Yes, 61%, "said they couldn't bear to hear any more about a Facebook friend's romance and how much they love their partner. Other common reasons for unfriending include too many updates, 'annoying' posts and 'inappropriate photos', while more than a quarter of users said they found a friend's status posts 'too personal'. ... 'Some people's updates just scream, "look at me!" It's like they are trying to convince themselves that their lives have meaning.'"

Well, hello? What is the point of Facebook

So this is not good for Facebook because the very reason for it, people are now finding objectionable.  What do you mean, "[P]eople's updates just scream 'look at me!'"?  Of course they do! You know, I don't want to get anybody trouble. I really don't.  I mentioned an app yesterday.  It exists. I'm not gonna mention the name of it because if I do I'll get roasted in the tech media. Because it is loved, this app, in the tech media.

But it is an app that, say you and your friends are say going to the Yard House.  What you do is you let 'em know you're going; then five minutes after you left, you let 'em know you left; then you post again saying you're 10 minutes away, then you're five minutes away, then you post when you're there.  Then when you're there you post what you're having and what you think of the waitress and what you think of everybody else. 


And then you post when you're gonna leave. And when you leave you post that you've left.  Five minutes after you've left, you post where you are after you've left.  Ten minutes later you post where you're gonna go.  Ten minutes later you post whether you used public transportation or your own car.  Then you give a map of where you've been and where you're going and how much fun it was, and if there are walking directions provided. 

And then when you get where you're going to the next spot then you tell everybody what a wonderful night you had, and all of your friends are supposedly reading this desperate to know everything that you've done in your trip to the Yard House.  I read about this, and I can't imagine ever doing anything like that.  The app is heralded as a great way for your friends to find out cool places for you to go. Because then, as you're there, when you've gotten where you're going, you rate the place that you're at. 

Whether you liked the beer, whether you liked the waitress, whether you were able to do anything with the waitress in the bathroom, whether you mistake the bathroom for the kitchen, how were the table settings. All of it.  I mean, it just never stops -- and this is a huge, huge app on many mobile-format systems.  It just boggles my mind.  Now, here's Facebook: People are starting to unfriend people 'cause they're posting too much stuff. 

"Yeah, it's like people saying, 'Notice me! 'Notice me!'" Of course it is!  What's the point of it?  Then there are all these photo apps, like Instagram and Vine.  I can't believe it. Every time you take a picture you post it someplace.  A little audio tag, maybe.  "Here's a picture of my cat in the litter box.  I just took it! Look at the fun we're having.  Here's the cat leaving the litter box.  Here we are on vacation, the family and I." It never stops.

Hundreds, tens of millions of people are posting photos of everything they do on these various places.  It's just... But it's happening.  I mean, there's a whole generation of people that are doing this and letting everybody know everything about them, where they're going, pictures when they're there. The first step, once you've gotten where you're going, is you can take a picture there and then post that and rate the place. 

These apps are reviewed favorably by these tech bloggers.  I tell you, I know you people find it strange that I delve into these. The reason I read the tech bloggers is because I'm looking for one thing.  I'm looking for the latest technical advancement on the gadgets I use, and in order to find that I have to read this other crap, because it's all part of the mix. 

So if I'm looking to find out the latest thing that's been learned about the beta of iOS 7, I also have to learn this other crap, weeding through the posts to get to the one I want.  So that's how I come across this.  I don't want you people thinking that I am purposely immersed in this stuff.  I have often said that I participate in life by observing it as a commentator and a social arbiter, and that's still true. 

I marvel.

I marvel at what people post about themselves. 

I mean, it gets literally ridiculous.

Rothenberg: Uphill Climb for Social Conservatives
RUSH: Stuart Rothenberg: "It’s Uphill All the Way for Social Conservatives."  I gotta share with you what that's about.

Texas Feminist Calls for Sex Strike
RUSH: "Feminist Calls for Sex Strike in Texas."  But that's not what I'm looking for.

Zimmerman Trial Not Going Well for Prosecution
RUSH: James Taranto, Wall Street Journal, Best of the Web.  The prosecution in the Zimmerman case, the Trayvon Martin case, "We never claimed this was about race."  Their witnesses are destroying them.  Prosecution witnesses are destroying them.

Do you know why this trial's on TV?  Why is it on TV, Snerdley?  Why is this trial on TV?  Not just the racial component.  This trial is on TV because the media is convinced that Zimmerman is a racist, bigot murderer.  They're covering it so that that's their hoped-for outcome.  And it isn't working out for the prosecution. I haven't been up to speed on what's happened today, but the prosecution witnesses yesterday made the case for the defense, amazingly so, so much so now that the prosecution "We never said this was about race."  The only reason Zimmerman's on trial -- do you remember when this first happened?  The cops didn't arrest him.  There wasn't any evidence. 

The only reason this trial's happening is because the race industry in this country made this trial happen.  They forced everybody, intimidated everybody up in Sanford to treat this as a case of racial hate crime discrimation, and that's why the media can't let go of it, that's why all the interest in it, and they're hell-bent on that being the outcome.  Well, it's not going so great for the prosecution, so now: "'It's not about racial profiling,' said lawyer Daryl Parks about the murder trial of George Zimmerman. 'We never claimed this was about race.'"

Really?  Who was it who said if he had a son, Trayvon Martin would look like him?  What do you mean it's not about race?  Why are they now trying not to make this about race?  'Cause it isn't working, is why.  But wasn't it Barack Obama who said, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon Martin."  And now they tell us it isn't about race.  Ha.  Insult our intelligence.

La La Anthony Still Smarting from Honey Nut Cheerios Comment
RUSH: La La Anthony is still upset over being told she tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios, too.  Yeah, La La Anthony, you know, Carmelo Anthony's wife, the basketball player, remember the Knicks and the Celtics and Kevin Garnett of the Celtics during the playoffs said to Carmelo Anthony on the court, on the floor, "Your wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios."  And a brawl ensued or a near-brawl.  This is back in the spring, and it didn't go down well with Carmelo that Garnett would even know what his wife tastes like.  So La La is her name, La La Anthony, and she addressed the Honey Nut Cheerios controversial regarding her husband and Kevin Garnett on the upcoming season of her reality show on VH1. 

La La Anthony is the host of  "La La's Full Court Life."  It's an eponymous show, named after her.  "La La's Full Court Life" on VH1.  And Garnett of the Celtics famously told Carmelo Anthony his wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios during a game with the Knicks and the Celtics this past season.  In a preview or trailer for the premier of La La's show, she sounds off about this.  Page Six of the New York Post says that La La says, "This year we had a tough time as a family. The Honey Nut Cheerio thing was so stupid. I’m very protective over my husband and my son, and you don’t want people feeling like they have the right to judge who you are and how you handle certain things."

She's writing a relationship book for Penguin Publishing, and started on that before the Honey Nut Cheerios blow up.


RUSH:  You know, it could have been worse for La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony.  Kevin Garnett could have told Carmelo his wife tasted like Lucky Charms.  It was bad enough at Honey Nut Cheerios, but imagine if it had been Lucky Charms, especially with what we know about Lucky Charms now.



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