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Adult Stem Cell Therapy Wipes Out HIV?
RUSH: This is great news.  You know, every year we do our Cure-A-Thon for the blood cancers. We do it in April every year and we raise money to hopefully eliminate all the blood cancers -- leukemia, myeloma -- and one of the things that we always tell people is that the research that is enabled by your donations every year has led to medical advances in areas outside the blood cancers. Here is a classic example of it. 

It's a Reuters story.  A couple of guys with HIV, apparently, have had it totally eliminated from their systems by virtue of bone marrow transplants, which is adult stem cells.  Once again, adult stem cell treatment. HIV seems to be gone after treating these two patients essentially for lymphoma. "Two men with HIV have been off AIDS drugs for several months after receiving stem-cell transplants for cancer that appear to have cleared the virus from their bodies, researchers reported on Wednesday.

"Both patients, who were treated in Boston and had been on long-term drug therapy to control their HIV, received stem cell transplants after developing lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. ... Using stem-cell therapy is not seen as a viable option for widespread use, since it is extremely expensive, but the latest cases could open new avenues for fighting the disease, which infects about 34 million people worldwide." 

So basically it's a bone marrow transplant, using treatments developed for lymphoma and stem cells, and they just thought they'd give it a shot. Of course HIV is a virus.  It's not a cancer.  Yet this research has apparently eliminated HIV for months now from two patients' bodies.  So I just wanted to mention it to you because it is a great example of the ancillary benefits that come from leukemia/lymphoma research.

Coup: Morsi Told He's No Longer President of Egypt
RUSH:  Yeah, I saw that right before the show started. It said that Morsi was under House arrest over in Egypt, but it was ABC and nobody could confirm it. The Drive-Bys started reporting that the military had succeeded in their coup, and now they're saying that the US can't confirm the coup in Egypt, only the coup here.  The coup in the United States has been confirmed, but not the one in Egypt. The one in Egypt's a military coup, a junta military coup.  Here it's not. It's a Democrat Party coup. 


RUSH: Morsi in Egypt has been told that he's no longer president, but he's still there. He hasn't left yet. He hasn't gotten the news.  Wouldn't that be that easy?  "Barack Obama, you're not president anymore!"



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