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Liberalism Is an Imposition, From the NFL to NYC


RUSH: I'll tell you, the NFL, we talked about change last week and change happens.  You can't stop change, and a lot of people are afraid of change.  Change is a really tough thing for a lot of people.  When you talk about change, you know what makes it really tough for people is on the one hand you've got tradition, and on the other hand you've got change, in many people's mind, change equals modernization.  Tradition, however.  I'm a big tradition guy. Traditions and institutions that made the country great, like marriage is an institution, and of course it's changing.  Some say it's modernizing. 

The National Football League, any sport, take your pick, there are traditions.  The Redskins have always been the Redskins.  There's a small number of people who don't like it.  What they want is something to be imposed, and that really is the key.  A lot of people who advocate change really aren't advocating change.  You know, organic change is evolution, in one sense.  But the kind of change that people instinctively object to isn't really change at all.  It's imposition.  See, if you look at the Redskins problem, this business of the Redskins name, it's really a small number of people who want the name changed, who care, even. 

But that small number of people knows they're small, and they don't have the power to get this done, so they are appealing to other powerful forces, i.e., the government.  And they want what they want imposed on people, just like Mayor Doomberg.  It's not enough that he eats the way he wants to eat.  He wants to impose the way he eats on everybody else.  He wants to impose.  And people who do this, people who orchestrate imposition disguise themselves as advocates of change, when we're not talking about change at all.  And I would suggest to you, ladies and gentlemen, that most of liberalism is an imposition. 

Liberalism has to be imposed on people.  Because most people would never, if they knew what it was, vote for it.  The liberals themselves know this.  This is why they always camouflage and mask themselves in campaigns.  In fact, they're doing that less and less now, a little bolder with Obama.  But even Obama, Limbaugh Theorem, even Obama acts like he's not really attached to his own administration or government because he doesn't want what's happening to be attached to him, 'cause it's all bad. 

For example, the economic news came out Friday.  We haven't talked about that yet, but let's do.  Let's talk about the economic news.  Oh, you know, I got a funny tweet.  You may have seen this, I don't know.  "When I joined the military it was illegal to be homosexual, then it became optional. I'm getting out before Obama makes it

Change.  Supposed change. No, no, this is imposition.  Liberalism isn't change.  It has to be imposed.  I've always laughed when the left says that we impose freedom on people, our foreign policy imposes freedom.  Freedom isn't an imposition, by the way, it's the exact antithesis of imposition.  You cannot impose freedom.  All you can do is grant it or liberate them from whatever you want to call it, bondage, tyranny, oppression.  Freedom isn't an imposition, but liberalism is.  What Obama's doing is essentially imposing all this stuff on us.  Nobody wants Obamacare.  The vast majority don't want it.  Once they found out about stimulus, they didn't want that.  Most people do not want amnesty.  It's going to be imposed on us, and they're calling it change.  "Well, the Republican Party has to change with the times."  The times are not changing in that regard.  And this is what people are instinctively objecting to.  All this crap is being imposed on us. 

Liberalism is an imposition.  It disguises itself as change, and change is always modern, and change is always progressive, and change and the people who advocate change, they're always the hipsters.  They're the ones that are cool, and the people that are focused on tradition -- you know, it's a tough argument.  Well, it's not an argument, it's a debate on whatever is being discussed.  The traditions of the National Football League versus the so-called change that's occurring.  But is it really change or is it a series of things being imposed?  The concussion rules, all of these things that are happening under the guise of liberalism which can make life better and safer and happier and all that, and of course it never does any of that.  Liberalism spreads misery.  The thing is, it spreads it equally so they can say it's all fair.



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