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Obamacare is a Disaster, So Obama's Making It Whatever Irrational Thing He Wants on Any Given Day


RUSH:  Okay.  So what happens is that Obama says it was last Tuesday that the employer mandate is gone, for a year.  But then on Friday there was another announcement.  You know what that announcement was?  That since the employer mandate has gone vamanos, essentially anybody can show up at an exchange and say, "I qualify."  It's the honor system.  And all that happened and I had people over the weekend say, "Boy, Rush, it's really great, Obamacare, falling apart, isn't it great?" It's not falling apart, folks! 

It's not falling apart.  Obamacare is whatever Obama wants it be to from day to day, from hour to hour.  Let me tell you something.  I'm gonna cut to the chase real quick on this. And then I'm gonna spend some time later on, because we're loaded here today, but I want to make sure you understand this right off the bat.  The personal mandate stands.  You still have to have insurance or pay the fine, dude.  Hee-hee.  There is no outta that.  The boss doesn't have to cover you next year or this year or what have you. The boss is totally out, but you still have to be covered. 

Now, one of the reasons for the employer mandate -- and I don't think this is ever gonna work because I don't think they've got the computer system that can handle it. But, on paper, the employer mandate, in addition to being an employer mandate, was also a way that they could tell who's covered and who isn't.  So if somebody walked into an exchange and tried to get insurance and already had it at work, "Sorry, you don't get it here because you already got it." They'd be turned away.  There was to be a record of who was covered by virtue of having the benefit at work and who wasn't.  Well, that's gone!  There's no way to verify who has insurance now. 

So on Friday the regime said you could walk into an exchange and simply say you're eligible, and they have to take you.  That's the key.  Subsidy.  To get a subsidized insurance policy, meaning your neighbor pays for it, or pays for a portion of it.  All you have to do to get a subsidized health insurance policy is to walk into a state exchange and say, "I'm here, and I'm eligible."  It's the honor system.  Now, why?  Why?  Obama knows that this thing is imploding.  Obama knows that it cannot be properly administered.  But he doesn't care. 

There are two reasons they're advertising this thing, folks.  Obama's running around doing campaigns for Obamacare, partially because of the 2014 midterm elections.  They know that they lost big in the 2010 midterms because of Obamacare. So they're trying to do some fixing of the brand and have it, hopefully, from their standpoint, not be as big a negative in the 2014 midterms. But they're also trying to hustle business because Obama knows that the more people who actually go to an exchange and have a policy subsidized, provided by, whatever, the government, the harder it's gonna be to ever repeal this thing.  That's what this is really all about.

When you strip it all away, when you get down to the basic essentials here, the reason the employer mandate is gone is because it is an election 2014 concern.  But there's always something unstated, folks.  There's always a reason they don't tell you.  The more people who enroll for Obamacare the harder it's gonna be to take it away from 'em.  Think of any other federal entitlement and ask yourself, when was one repealed.  There has been one.  I can't think of it right now, but it didn't last long.  They don't get repealed.  Can you imagine trying to repeal Social Security, for example?  It would never happen, or Medicare or Medicaid. You can't imagine it, right? 

Well, there's still a chance to repeal Obamacare 'cause it's a disaster.  It is an implosion. It is a train wreck. I mean, there are people searching the thesaurus trying to come up with the most unique way of describing the disaster this thing is.  And really what it's boiled down to now is Obama's gonna make it whatever he wants.  Like George Will said on TV Sunday, he said, what Obamacare needs to succeed is irrationality.  People must behave irrationally for this thing to work.  Meaning, for example, let's look at the requirement that a business is subject to Obamacare with 50 employees.  All the business has to do is have 49 and convert most of 'em to part time, and the business is exempt.  A business would be irrational not to do that. 

If a business has two options, qualify and pay through the nose and lose your profit, or change policy to escape the mandates of the coverage and the policy and the law, what are you gonna do?  You're gonna do what for you can to escape the requirements of the law.  And that's what businesses are doing.  They're converting people from part time to full time.  We've got more part-time workers than ever in this country, and it's because of Obamacare.  We have fewer full-time workers, fewer people working in careers than we've ever had in this country, because of Obamacare and because of the economy in general.  And it's because businesses say, "Hey, I can get out."  This is before the mandate was canceled.  "I can get out of having to pay all this money for health care benefits by simply shrinking my workforce."  That's rational. 

The irrational behavior of the business will be to sit there and take the hit, and that's what George Will meant.  People have to behave irrationally everywhere, up and down the line, in order for this thing to work.  But where we are now is, even if the law -- and, by the way, this is up for grabs.  There's two schools of thought on whether or not Obama even has the constitutional or statutory authority to delay the employer mandate.  That's how confusing this is. We got a 2,200 page bill and experts exist on both sides, "Oh, yeah, yeah, Obama, he can cancel that mandate for a year."  Other people say, "No, he can't just arbitrarily do it without Congress agreeing."  It doesn't matter.  He did it and nobody's stopping him. 

So Obamacare is whatever he wants it to be from day to day, hour to hour.  It is an absolute train wreck.  It isn't going to work, and that's the whole point.  All its purpose is is to grow government, to siphon one-sixth of the economy out of the private sector and to the government.  And again, the bare essential, the necessity, when you strip it all away, the reason for what happened last week is to get as many people enrolled in Obamacare as possible, making it harder and harder to repeal it because repealing it would mean taking away their insurance. And that's why Obama's out there selling this thing like it's a campaign issue, that and the 2014 midterms. 

They need enrollees, and since the employer mandate's been canceled and delayed for other political considerations for Obama, the push is being made to get people into these exchanges.  Because, look, people panic when they think they're gonna be without health insurance.  They panic.  It's almost worse than being without food.  I don't know what it is, but you tell people they're not going to be able to go to the doctor for a month, you've got panic city.  There's something about health care, psychologically, that has developed in this country with, of course, by design, the Democrat Party and the media.  But people don't think they can go a day without it.  Abject panic sets it. 

So the employer now doesn't have to provide you a health benefit, and most employers are gonna say, "You know what, I don't want this expense.  There are other places my employees can go." The only employees that are gonna have this health benefit are the ones the boss doesn't think he can do without, so you better go about making yourself indispensable at work, because if you're not, your benefits are likely going to go and you're gonna have to go somewhere else to get coverage and then you're gonna panic and you're gonna go to the first place you can, and that's gonna be an exchange, and that's what they want.  'Cause once millions and millions and millions of Americans are covered by the government, there's no way you're gonna pull that away from 'em. There's no way. 

So I had to laugh at all these people who said, "Well, I guess that's the end of Obamacare, Rush.  Why don't the Republicans just say repeal the whole thing?"  Well, they should, by the way.  But what happened last week does not mean the end of Obamacare.  It just means Obama recognized it was in trouble and has taken steps to ensure it'll never be taken away, no matter how bad it is.


RUSH:  Folks, I wasn't making it up.  I checked the e-mail during the break.  "Rush, come on. You just can't walk into an exchange and say, 'I'm here. Give me a subsidized health care plan.'" Yes, you can.  In fact, folks, there are two parts to this.  There is no verification of whether or not you have insurance. Because the employer mandate is gone, the reporting system will not be in place.  There's no way for anybody at an exchange to prove that you're lying. 

You can walk in and say you're poor -- say you're this or that and you don't have coverage -- and they're gonna accept you.  They have got no way... (interruption) Don't say, "NSA" to me.  I don't even want to go there.  They don't have any way within the mechanisms provided by Obamacare to determine the veracity of what you say.  But the second part is there's no verification of income on the application for a subsidy on Obamacare coverage. 

So on your tax form, you're gonna be assessed a fine if you don't have coverage.  Well, there's going to be no verification required of whether you have insurance or not on your tax return, and there's no verification required of income on your application for a subsidy on Obamacare coverage.  Like H.R. whispered into my ear during the monologue, "It's all the honor system." By design!  By design.

It's like the old days of getting a mortgage. You'd have to be able to pay it off, and they gave you one.  It's the same thing, folks.  It is the same exact thing.  There's no verification possible.  There is no record.  I mean, if you are brazen, you can lie and say you have insurance coverage and avoid paying the penalty for not having health insurance, and then don't get any at all. 

You can go in and lie and say you've got insurance when you don't.  That way you don't have to pay the fine. So you don't pay the fine, you don't buy the policy, you don't have anything. If you want to do that, that would be really shafting the regime. Because what the regime wants is as many people as possible signing up.  Again, the more people that sign up, the harder it's gonna be to ever repeal this thing, to take that away from them. 

The thing I was thinking about with the entitlement taken away was Dan "Rosty" Rostenkowski. Remember?  It was a Medicare thing.  They made seniors pay like an additional 10 cents a year, and they ganged up on Rosty Rostenkowski's car in Chicago. He was the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.  It was "Rothty," as he was known on the McLaughlin Group.  "Rothty."  It really wasn't much.  It was a little bit more than 10 cents a year.

But seniors were gonna have to start paying a little bit more for their Medicare, and all hell broke loose, and they canceled it. 

It was during the Reagan years, I think.


RUSH: Now, folks, Obamacare is falling apart, and these people knew it.  People like Chuck Todd knew and chose to ignore.  They knew what Obamacare was. They knew how unworkable it was. They knew what a disaster it was. They had every opportunity to report before it was voted on, what they're saying about it now.  They didn't.  Everything they did was oriented towards the Obama agenda being advanced.  They're doing the same thing with immigration.  These people know that this is a disaster.  They know that it is an absolute train wreck for this country.  And yet all they can do is write stories on what Obama needs to do to make it happen.  Whether it's good for the country or not is not even a concern of theirs.



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