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"The New England Patriots have offered a free trade-in for anybody with an Aaron Hernandez jersey, and apparently a lot of people took the Patriots up on that deal. I wonder if Obama is thinking about doing that with all the Mohammed Morsi jerseys. This guy didn't last long, and he was Obama's chosen guy."

"Obamacare is whatever Obama wants it to be from day to day, hour to hour. It is an absolute train wreck. It isn't going to work, and that's the whole point. Its purpose is to siphon one-sixth of the economy out of the private sector and to the government."

"There's no incredulity in the story. There's no 'Wow!' There's no nothing. It's just three paragraphs and we move on to the next story, as though it's common."

"Obama's running around doing campaigns for Obamacare, partially because of the 2014 midterm elections. They know that they lost big in the 2010 midterms because of Obamacare. So they're trying to do some fixing of the brand and have it hopefully, from their standpoint, not be as big a negative in the 2014 midterms."

"We have played on my TV show excerpts of the Dumpster diving video. There was one, and it was put out by a homeless guy in California, and it was all about how to Dumpster dive and get food out of there that's not gonna kill you."

"When you strip it all away, when you get down to the basic essentials here, the reason the employer mandate is gone is because it is an election 2014 concern."

"Morsi was democratically elected, but he didn't tell 'em he was gonna do any of this. Does that sound familiar, by the way? Morsi did not tell the people of Egypt he was gonna get rid of the Constitution and replace it with his word, that his word was the new Bible. He didn't tell 'em that."

"Obama endorsed the Brotherhood. I mean, you go back to his Cairo speech in his first year in office and he's out there saying great things about the Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood are just militant Islamists with a pretty face."

"Obama wants people, as many people as he can get, covered by the government, exchanges, however you want to phrase it, and the more the better, and the sooner, the better, making it impossible to take it away. Meaning, making it impossible to repeal Obamacare."

"The original purpose of the fine being so much cheaper than a policy was to get people out of the private sector health insurance market, which is what Obama wanted to eliminate so as to turn everybody to the government, eventually wants a single-payer system."

"In a few short years, the fines become more expensive than the policy, which will then force them to the only place remaining to get a policy, the exchange. I think that was by design to do great damage to the private sector health insurance market, which Obama wants to eliminate."

"The Democrats want to win the House in 2014. And what they're trying to do with this campaign is have all these Hollywood celebrities and Silicon Valley celebrities and all these people out there singing its praises, all these athletes, the NFL, the NBA, talking about how wonderful Obamacare is. It is to get low-information voters loving Obamacare, thinking it's cool, it's the greatest thing in the world, so that it's not an albatross around the Democrats' neck when the election happens in 2014."

"I never thought I would see the day where Congress was so ambivalent about a president usurping its powers."

"When you talk about change, you know what makes it really tough for people is on the one hand you've got tradition, and on the other hand you've got change, in many people's mind, change equals modernization. Tradition, however. I'm a big tradition guy. Traditions and institutions that made the country great, like marriage is an institution, and of course it's changing. Some say it's modernizing."

"Liberalism isn't change. It has to be imposed."

"Liberalism spreads misery. The thing is, it spreads it equally. So they can say it's all fair."


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