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Seventy-Two Shot in Chicago Over the July 4th Weekend; National Press Ignores Them in Favor of Two Dead in Plane Crash


RUSH: Yeah, and this plane crash in San Francisco. You know, it's amazing to me.  Do you know what happened in Chicago over the weekend?  Seventy-two people were shot in Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend, 12 men were killed, 60 other people wounded, and you haven't heard about it.  Two people died in a plane crash in San Francisco on Saturday and that's all you hear.  Even today, that plane crash, they always are, plane crashes are always the top of the news no matter -- did you see, by the way --


I know, that's the point.  Seventy-two people shot in a four-day period in Chicago, big deal, not news, not covered.  No panic.  No "My God, can you believe what happened in Chicago?"  But no.  "My God, Mabel, did you see what happened in San Francisco?" 

Now, the pilot, that's the first crash of a Boeing 777.  The pilot that crashed that airplane Saturday had very little experience flying the airplane.  Most of it had been in a simulator.  Well, in all fairness that's how most pilots learn.  It'd be too expensive to have these guys actual education on these airplanes be constantly flying hours.  That's why they've developed simulators which are so damn good.  Now, this guy, this pilot, had probably landed at SFO in a simulator I don't know how many times.  He probably got his qualification for the 777 on the simulator.  The odds are that a pilot's first time in the cockpit on your flight, you'd be surprised how often it happens, because the training and the certification happens in a simulator. 

But this guy, this pilot, had very little experience flying the airplane. He had most of it in a simulator.  He had never landed a 777 at San Francisco airport.  I don't know if he sat in the number two seat. I don't know if he was a copilot on a flight to San Francisco. I don't know that.  I do know that he had never landed there himself in the number one seat.  So, you could say it was on-the-job training.  And when I heard about this, it sounded like exactly what the whole country went through in 2008.  The guy flying the plane had never done it before, had no clue, and still doesn't.



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