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Obama to Pressure House GOP on Amnesty


RUSH: From the Wall Street Journal, otherwise known as the open borders cheap labor lobby.  Yeah, the Wall Street Journal, open borders cheap labor lobby.  I mean, the Journal, well, the whole thing, the whole paper there, they're part of the open borders amnesty crowd.  They want the influx of labor, cheap labor, for the business audience that they have.  Everybody knows that.  That's not controversial. 

Anyway, a story by Peter Nicholas.  "President Barack Obama plans to mount a more visible effort to push through an immigration overhaul that is heading toward an uncertain fate in the Republican-controlled House, marking a risky shift from the largely hands-off approach he has employed to date." 

Now, that is a reference, unnamed, to the Limbaugh Theorem.  What the Wall Street Journal writer is really saying here is that Obama is going to risk becoming attached to an issue in order to push it.  The Limbaugh Theorem holds that Obama maintains, of course it's somewhat slipping now, but for the longest time a high approval number.  Even though people disapprove of the way the country's going and disapprove his agenda, Obama never was attached to any of it because he's constantly campaigning against his own agenda, making people think he's fighting for the same things they are, and of course that works like a charm for the low-information crowd, so the Limbaugh Theorem.  The Journal is saying here that Obama is gonna go out there, and he is going to mount a more visible effort in order to pressure House Republicans on the immigration bill. 

Now, don't be fooled, folks.  Do not be fooled.  This is not Obama turning away from the Limbaugh Theorem.  This is just more proof of it.  One of the things that I have mentioned many times and believed is that Obama wants amnesty to die in the House so that he could use this against the Republicans as a campaign issue for the House and Senate in 2014.  And I think this could be exactly that:  Obama just announcing his midterm campaign.  With Obama getting out and pushing this, what are the odds? Nobody wants this.  Amnesty is not a majority opinion.  So here's Obama out essentially pushing it.  He might drive up opposition to it.  And if he does, it will be by design. 

Now, this business of immigration in the House.  Folks, we're hanging by a thread on this in the House, and I have to tell you why.  If Boehner, if the leadership brings the Senate bill to the House, it looks like it's got enough RINO Republican support that it just might pass.  Nobody would know for sure, obviously, until the votes are taken, but there are reportedly 20 to 30 Republicans in the House that have just drank the Kool-Aid, and they are scared to death of being hated by the Hispanics, scared to death to vote against this thing for fear of what Democrat opponents in 2014 would say about 'em in the campaign.  So they are hoping that Boehner doesn't bring the bill up because those 20 to 30 might feel the external pressure to vote for it.  The Democrats all would.  So it will be tight. 

So the thread that we're hanging by, the Speaker, John Boehner, has pledged not to bring the bill to the floor of the House.  If he doesn't, then, of course, the House would have to come up with their own bill, and then there would be a conference. And at this point I tell you the forces, there are many -- well, not many, but some say in the conservative media, formerly in the open borders camp, formerly pro-amnesty, who have now abandoned it because they simply can't abide the house bill, or the Senate bill.  The Senate bill is an absolute, just like Obamacare, it is an absolute disaster.  It is so bad that Republicans who want amnesty can't even support it, it's that bad. 

One of them is Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard who has a column that he wrote with Rich Lowry condemning, berating, disapproving the Senate bill, the Gang of Eight bill.  So Obama's out there, he's gonna start pushing this, pressure Boehner in the House to bring the Senate bill up for a vote.  We're hanging by a thread here on this. 


RUSH: Here's the Daily Caller story on Obama's road trip to push immigration, and here's the pull quote.  This is probably the best pull quote of the story.  "He will also try to convince reticent Republican lawmakers that the Republicans' viability as a national party, with aspirations of winning back the White House, is linked to the fate of the bill." 

Now, this cuts to something that I've never understood.  And, by the way, I don't believe it.  I don't believe Barack Obama wants the Republicans to win the White House again.  I think everything about Barack Obama is eliminating the opposition.  In fact, I don't think it; I know it.  It has been Obama's modus operandi from the first day he got into politics, and maybe prior to that: eliminate the opposition.  I hear all of these Democrats warning the Republicans, "You know, you guys, if you don't get right on this immigration bill, you're never gonna win the White House again, 'cause the Hispanics are gonna hate your guts." 

So we are to believe the Democrats want to share power. The Democrats are interested in us remaining a viable opponent. The Democrats really do care that we're gonna win the White House again.  They really do want to share some of their voters with us.  Well, why don't they ever say this about, say, women?  Why don't they ever say this about African-Americans?  Why don't they ever say, "You know, you guys, you better go along with this," whatever it is, "on abortion," whatever it is, "on the War on Women or you're never gonna win the White House again." 

Now, the sad thing about this is there are some Republicans who fall for this, or appear to fall for this.  So we are to believe that Barack Obama is so noble that he intends to save the Republican Party despite itself.  Now, a cynic might say that the Democrats are simply sending out their biggest liar to once again spread the big lie.  But Obama is going on the road, and he is going out to sell the immigration bill, and the immigration bill, the Gang of Eight bill, I don't want to be overly dramatic, but it is hanging by a thread in the House. If that bill is brought up for a vote there are, from what I'm told, 20 to 30 Republicans, who would vote for it, along with all the Democrats, which would make it close. 

And the 20 to 30 Republicans who are tempted to vote for it are the type who fear and believe all this razzmatazz that the Hispanics are gonna hate their guts if they don't stand for amnesty and support it, and they don't want that said about them during campaigns.  I look at all this, folks, it just defies common sense, every bit of this.  I remember talking to Senator Rubio on this program one of the first times I interviewed him about immigration as a subject and the Gang of Eight bill specifically, and I asked him a number of times, "Why are we doing this?  Just because the Democrats say that we must and they want this, why do we have to respond with an alternative?" 

He said, "Well, we have to have an alternative." 

"Why?  Why can't we just say 'no'?  You guys don't get everything you want." 

"Well, we can't be the party of 'no.'" 

"Why not?  They already say we're the party of 'no.'  What's wrong with saying 'no' in this case?  Saying 'no' in this case would be pretty wise.  But why are we doing this?" 

We're told now that we've got 11 million here.  The things we're being told now, by the way, defy common sense, or the action that we're being urged to take defies common sense.  So there are 11 million illegals here, and we gotta find out who they are.  We gotta find out who they are and we've gotta register 'em and we gotta collect fine money from 'em. We gotta do that so we know what we're dealing with so that we can start securing the border.  We gotta know who's here.  We gotta bring 'em out of the shadows. 

Now, there's an assumption here that isn't correct, and the assumption is that once we do this that all of them that are currently so-called in the shadows are gonna come forward and say "here we are" or "here I am, and here's my fine, and do with me as you will, but I want to be on the pathway to citizenship."  Not all of them are.  Not all of them are gonna trust it.  They're not all gonna come forward.  In the meantime nothing's gonna happen to the border. We're not gonna be shutting down continual influx of people crossing the border illegally. 

So why are we doing this?  Why are we doing anything?  And we hear, "Well, the immigration system is broken, Rush."  Really?  What's broken about it?  Do we not have enough law already on the books to deal with whatever problems we have with immigration that we're just not enforcing?  What's broken about it?  Really.  What's broken about immigration?  What's broken is we're not enforcing the law we already have. 

There's so many things about this that we're just asked to accept on the basis of assumption that I think it's time we stop and say, wait a minute, why?  What's broken about our system?  Why do we have to do something drastic?  What is the emergency?  And then we find out the emergency is pretty political.  The emergency, from the standpoint of those pushing action, is purely political.  Are they really worried about the border?  No.  Are they really worried about the fate of the country with all this?  Obviously not.  Their concerns are political.  In some cases, they are financial, which would mean business related.

But what's the crisis?  Everything that the Democrat Party wants is elevated to crisis status, and then everything proceeds from there.  You have to fix it. It's a crisis. It's going to consume us. It's going to destroy us, whatever is said to get the general population ginned up and also believing that we have a crisis.  That Wall Street Journal story that I mentioned in the previous hour about Obama hitting the road to sell this, that story in the Wall Street Journal also says this. 

"In his travels, Mr. Obama will need to calibrate his message so as not to drive off potential GOP votes. Republicans warn that Mr. Obama could damage the bill's chances if he paints Republicans as heartless obstructionists determined to keep undocumented immigrants in legal limbo."

Oh, really?  Do you realize what a laugh that is?  Obama has been calling Republicans racists and bigots and heartless and extremists and all that for five years.  If anything, Obama's gonna go out and ratchet up that rhetoric.  This kind of stuff insults my intelligence.  "Obama will need to calibrate his message so as not to drive off potential Republican votes.  The Republicans are warning Mr. Obama that he will damage the bill's chances if he paints Republicans as heartless obstructionists."  What the hell has he not been doing in this regard?  He's been doing exactly that and much more. 

Yeah, we need to get those 11 million people out of the shadows and into the voting booth.  And we need to get 'em into the voting booth now, because for some reason, the Democrat Party feels threatened.  The Democrat Party is what apparently is in crisis.  The Democrat Party is a people that needs those 11 million people to come out of the shadows.  What is the hurry anyway?  We're told the border is secure.  Look at what we're told.  We're told the border is secure.  We're told that immigration is a net zero now because there are as many people leaving as there are arriving. 

So there is no net increase in illegal immigration, people aren't coming.  The people who are coming are fat slobs, according to the New York Daily News, which means they're just gonna put more pressure on the health care system.  Why can't we put this stuff off until the midterm elections, until after them?  See, we gotta get this done before the midterms because this is all about the midterms, this is all about the next election.  So Obama's planning this road trip to push immigration.  He's gonna try to convince Republicans that their viability as a national party with aspirations of winning back the White House is linked to the fate of this bill.  Who in the world up there believes this?  Obviously there's some Republicans who do, because they repeat this. 

Republicans, elected Republicans, trying to sell us on it, warn us that if we don't do this, we're never gonna win elections.  We've been through all this.  The Hispanic turnout 2012, 7.8%.  And Romney got 27% of it.  If Romney had got 70% of the Hispanic vote in 2012, he still would have lost.  This is a scam that's being perpetrated, and it's of the same variety, same nature as the scam that's run on the Republicans, which says, "Don't criticize Obama, don't disagree, the independents don't like that."  The independents don't like the yelling and the screaming, just like the 24-year-old women don't. They don't like this yelling and screaming. They don't like partisanship.  They want people to work together and get along. 

So the first moment that there is strident Republican criticism of Obama, we're told that the independents who despise partisanship run in droves back to the Democrat Party which is the most vitriolic, extreme, profane party going, in terms of what they say about their opponents.  So the Democrats can get away with calling us any name they want, and the independents don't care.  The Democrats can be as partisan and divisive and mean-spirited as they want, and it doesn't bother the independents.  If one Republican or one talk show host is critical of Obama at all, the independents don't like that and they will leave, and they will go support the Democrats. 

It's the same thing as, you know, Paula Deen utters the N-word 30 years ago and loses $12.5 million dollars and a TV show.  Alec Baldwin can threaten reporters with physical violence, gays with physical violence every day and hold on to his corporate sponsors.  The thing that continues to puzzle me here is that the Republicans fall for all of this. 

Here's another interesting little stat.  Andrew Stiles, National Review.  "A majority of Hispanic voters think legal status to illegal immigrants should be granted only after a goal of stopping 90 percent of future illegal immigration has been achieved."  This is from Republican pollster John McLaughlin.  And what this basically says is, 60% of Hispanics are in favor of enforcement first.  Secure the border and be able to prove that you are stopping 90% of the illegals trying to get in before granting amnesty. 

So what are we to make of this?  Granted, this is a Republican pollster, but he's proven to be a fair, accurate, and good pollster.  Now, we're told that we better sign up for this real quick. We better sign up for amnesty. We better not oppose it because we're never gonna win the White House 'cause Hispanics are never gonna vote for us, and yet right here we got a poll, 60% of Hispanics want the border secured first.  It seems to me that a majority of Hispanics would be willing to vote for Republicans if they oppose the Gang of Eight bill according to McLaughlin's poll. 

"By a margin of 60 percent to 34 percent, registered Hispanic voters said they supported granting legal status to illegal immigrants 'only when the 90% goal is reached.' Hispanic adults backed the proposal by a nearly identical margin -- 60 percent to 32 percent."  And, by the way, that's the Cornyn amendment, which was defeated, the John Cornyn amendment, which demanded that we'd be able to prove and confirm that 90% of those attempting to cross had been apprehended and prevented, and not until then could we open the pathway to citizenship and turn on the lights in the shadows.  And 60% of Hispanics apparently agree with this. 

So the Democrat Party and cheap labor business interests are running the agenda on this.  They are running the show.  And now Obama's out there trying to sell Republicans on this by telling them (imitation), "If you guys ever want to win the White House again, like me..." (laughing) as though that's what he's really interested in? 



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