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Pearls of Wisdom

"Whereas Mikhail Bloomberg and Moochelle Obama demand of Americans that we eat a certain way, there would be no demands on the illegals. We don't want make 'em mad. There would be efforts to try and understand them."

"Tony was so mad, he was spitting. Our phone lines got wet."

"I don't watch these people that make me mad anymore. I gave that up years ago. What is the point?"

"Nobody wants this Amnesty. Amnesty is not a majority opinion. So here's Obama out essentially pushing it. He might drive up opposition to it. And if he does, it will be by design."

"I guarantee you, if a Republican president were trying this stuff with Democrat legislation, you wouldn't hear the end of it. There would be all these howls and protests about shredding the Constitution, violating the Constitution, but there isn't any of that with Obama."

"One of the things that I have mentioned many times and believed is that Obama wants amnesty to die in the House so that he could use this against the Republicans as a campaign issue for the House and Senate in 2014."

"It turns out that Tony was watching the Fox Business Channel, and he was ticked off at listening to all the liberals there. And I said, 'Well, Tony, then stop listening to them. Stop watching those people.' That became this on Politico today. Headline: 'Rush Limbaugh Tells Caller Not to Watch Fox.'"

"There's no Fox News policy that says Limbaugh can't come on here and talk about immigration."

"The more people they get signing up, who cares how, who cares if they qualify, who cares about anything, just get 'em signed up, just get 'em on the insurance rolls provided by the state or the federal exchange. The more, the better, because it's harder to repeal the entitlement."

"There's one thing about this employer mandate, one thing that is crystal clear to me, and that is the private sector didn't know anything was in the works about it. The private sector could not have known that the employer mandate was gonna be delayed."

"A hundred one million adults in this country get federal assistance of some kind."

"The redundancy in our safety net programs is really obscene and the amount of money that we are paying, under the guise of helping the unfortunate, to people who could work but aren't, I'm sure is a staggering amount of money because it's a staggering amount of people."

"The farmers want more illegal aliens, but once they get used to living in the good old USA, they, too, will stop working and won't like picking peaches and we'll need another influx of people who will. So goes the theory."

"Businesses in this country have not been able to plan like they normally plan ever since this guy was inaugurated. There has been a constant level of uncertainty, except for the corporate cronies of Obama, who are on the inside game of this."

"Obama's just a government hack. He's an agitator. I never understood why people automatically, blindly accept that some liberal do-gooder politician knows everything about the oil business and the people in it don't. You know, it's even worse than that. It's not just that Obama knows everything about the oil business and the people in it don't."


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