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Man Shoots Girlfriend While Trying to Shoot Ex-Girlfriend
RUSH:  Try this headline: "Texas Man Accidentally Shoots Girlfriends While Aiming at Ex-Girlfriend."

Yes, as we continue our low-information outreach today: "A San Antonio man faces criminal charges after he accidentally shot his girlfriend while aiming a weapon at his ex-girlfriend. Local authorities say the incident took place early yesterday... The man's ex-girlfriend had unexpectedly arrived at his house and a verbal altercation ensued. ... Investigators say the woman tried to prevent her boyfriend from shooting his ex-girlfriend, and was 'unintentionally' shot in the chest by her boyfriend in the process. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but her status has since been upgraded to 'stable.'"

Who do you think they voted for?

Obamacare Was Never Meant to Work
RUSH: The National Journal has a story: "White House Has Known for Months that Obamacare Implementation Wouldn't Work."  No kidding.  Now that the cat's out of the bag and they can't implement the thing, we get a story: Oh, White House has known for months that it wasn't gonna work!  How did the White House know for months that it wasn't gonna work?  Because it wasn't intended to work, when you get right down to it.  I know that that's something that may be a little bit difficult to believe or comprehend, but it had no prayer of working. 

And it has no prayer of working. 

But they're gonna stick with it. 

NFL is Seeing a 75% Jump in Player Arrests
RUSH: "The NFL has seen a 75% increase in player arrests this offseason, according to an analysis of the San Diego Union-Tribune’s NFL arrests database."  That's right, my friends.  The San Diego Union Tribune has something called "the NFL arrests database."  In other words, it has so much content, they had to make a database out of it.  It's keyword searchable. Search it by crime, by criminal, by weapon, by victim, by number of arrests, convictions, any number of things. 

"The most recent arrest, which has not yet been included in the Tribune’s database, came Saturday when New York Giants linebacker Dan Connor was cuffed at Philadelphia International Airport for carrying a switchblade in his luggage. This brings the grand total of NFL incarcerations to 35 since Feb. 4, the day after the Super Bowl." So that's when the off season for the arrest database begins.  "Labor economist Stephen Bronars analyzed the database and found that 0.78 players per team are arrested each offseason. Bronars also broke down arrests by position, pointing out that one out of every six players arrested are wide receivers, while one out of seven are cornerbacks and one of out eight are linebackers." 

Quarterbacks, somehow, escape it.

Dead Cleveland Fan Asks for Browns to Serve as Pallbearers
RUSH:  A lifelong Cleveland Browns fan has passed away, but not before making one final request of the team.  The Browns fan's name was Scott Entsminger, 55, lived in Mansfield, Ohio.  He died on the Fourth of July.  He was a native of Columbus, Ohio.  He was a musician, a season ticket holder for the Cleveland Browns.  He wrote a song every year for the team, and he sent the song in along with his advice on how the team should be run. 

"According to his obituary in the Columbus Dispatch, Entsminger also 'respectfully requests six Cleveland Browns pallbearers so the Browns can let him down one last time.'"  The family also requested that everybody wear their Browns clothing to his funeral today.  No word from the Cleveland Browns on the request for pallbearers to let him down one last time. 

Mexico Passes US as Fattest Country
RUSH: The United States continues to lose it's status is the number one nation in a number of categories.  We lost our number one status in yet another one.  Mexico has surpassed the United States as the world's fattest country. 

"Seventy percent of Mexican adults are overweight or obese, according to some estimates, no thanks to trends like industrialized agriculture and the invasion of fast food chains from abroad."

It's in the New York Daily News.  "Is Mexico even fatter than the United States?
No thanks to industrialized agriculture, widely available cheap junk food and the invasion of fast food chains from the US, our south-of-the-border neighbors are the world's new losers at the battle of the bulge, according to some estimates."

Seventy percent -- think of this, now -- "About 70% of Mexico's population is either overweight or obese, and one in six suffers from diabetes, which kills around 70,000 people a year -- roughly as many as the country's notorious gang violence."

Now, what does this mean for illegal immigration?  Well, we gotta relate it to one of the hot issues of the day. Seventy percent of Mexicans are obese.  You would think they'd be easy to spot if they tried to illegally enter the United States.  And if they're coming across the border with a couple of Happy Meals in hand or whatever then it's probably a dead giveaway.  But note, even though we have lost our number one status and the Mexicans are now the fattest people in the world, it's still our fault because we are exporting junk food. 

Men Get Bored Shopping in Just 26 Minutes
RUSH: There's a survey that has taken place in the United Kingdom.  It's discovered that men get bored on a shopping spree with their wife or girlfriend in just 26 minutes.  However, women get tired of shopping after two hours.  And that's only because they haven't found anything they like, or they haven't found what it is they set out to buy. 

"A study of 2,000 Britons found eight in 10 men found clothes shopping with their partner boring, with 45 percent admitting they avoid shopping with their other-half all together," and most of them admit they do it just to avoid the hassle of saying "no."  Twenty-six minutes, average fatigue time shopping. 


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