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Rep. Phil Gingrey on Delaying the Employer Mandate


RUSH: This is interesting.  This was last night on the Fox News Channel On the Record With Greta Van Susteren, who, by the way, just so you people know, Greta Van Susteren sent me a note and said, "Any time you want to come on, if you want to talk about the Republican Party and the state of immigration..."


What?  Number seven.  I was getting to that. 

Anyway, as I was saying before I was interrupted on the IFB, which you people can't hear.  This is why they don't have microphones.  Just so you know that the this whole drummed up thing with Fox and me, it's all BS.  Greta Van Susteren sent me a note saying, "Any time you want to come on my show and talk about whatever you want, feel free." 

So there's no Fox News policy that says Limbaugh can't come on here and talk about immigration.  I don't know what happened on their morning show.  It was down to the wire on the airtime for the segment or whatever, but it doesn't matter.  I just wanted to let you know that there's no problem.  And the point is that Greta, just to illustrate this, she had as her guest Phil Gingrey, the congressman from Georgia last night, and she played a sound bite of me.  She played a clip of me yesterday talking about why Obamacare isn't going away and what all of this is really about in terms of Obama going out and campaigning for it. 

There are two things going on with this.  Obamacare is the law of the land, right, so why is he out doing campaign appearances for it?  Why is he out running ads for it?  Why is he out trying to gin up support that's already the law of the land?  Two things.  It's the midterm elections in 2014.  Remember what happened to 'em in 2010.  They got shellacked, the Democrats, and that was a huge defeat.  They lost nationwide over 600 seats.  It was massive.  It's never reported how massive a defeat that was, and it sent chills up their spines. 

It was the Tea Party, midterms.  And they think that it was Obamacare that caused the Tea Party to come to life and become this massive force that voted.  Republicans took control of the House in 2010.  Nobody expected that to happen.  Well, here come another set of midterms.  So Obama's out campaigning to try to prevent the same kind of thing happening.  And there's a second reason.  He delayed the employer mandate by one year.  I told you yesterday there were two things that happened last week. 

On Tuesday of last week they canceled the employer mandate, but on Friday, when nobody was listening, when nobody was paying attention, the day after the Fourth of July, they released a 600-page document, 606 to be precise, and it was that document that basically said you're on the honor system.  Since the employer mandate has been delayed, you can go to an exchange, and you can say you qualify for the subsidy and get a subsidized insurance policy paid for by your taxpayer buddies and get it simply because you say you qualify.  There isn't gonna be a database to disapprove you.  But they made it official anyway.  So it wasn't last week, it wasn't just about the employer mandate.  There were three other delays that happened on Friday.  And here they are again. 

"State-run marketplaces will not have to verify consumers’ claims that they do not receive health insurance from their employer." The exchanges.  Now, I hit this hard yesterday, but I want to do it again because it's very important.  This happened on Friday, nobody was paying attention.  There is no verification.  You can show up at an exchange and claim that you don't have health insurance at your work, or that you qualify for a subsidized policy, and you get it simply because you say so.  There is no verification system. 

The second thing that is paramount in this 600-page document released last Friday. "The federal government will scale back oversight of what applicants say they earn." Now, that's important because "Knowing an applicant’s salary is crucial for the Affordable Care Act: Their income determines what kind of tax subsidy they receive, if they get any assistance at all." But because of what was released on Friday, the federal government's gonna scale back all that oversight of what you say you earn.  So now you can go in, you can lay about qualifying for a subsidy and you can lie about how much you make and you can end up basically having a policy given to you.  The reason for all of this is Obama wants as many people registered for health care in the exchanges as he can get, because that will cause the tentacles of this entitlement to be woven deeply into the fabric of society, making it nearly impossible to repeal it. 

It's that simple.  The more people they get signing up, who cares how, who cares if they qualify, who cares about anything, just get 'em signed up, just get 'em on the insurance rolls provided by the state or the federal exchange.  The more, the better, because it's harder to repeal the entitlement.  This is an effort being made by the regime to repel any repeal movement that the Republicans might someday get serious about. 

The third thing that was prominent in this Friday document dump last week. "Electronic notices for Medicaid will not be required until 2015." The document says, "'We recognize that states are at different places in the development of their eligibility and enrollment systems,' CMS stated in the Friday regulation. 'Technology needs to be in place to offer beneficiaries and applicants the option to receive notices electronically.' Out of concern that the technology won’t be in place, the federal government will give state Medicaid programs until 2015 to roll out electronic notices. These would include notices of what tax subsidy, for example, an individual applicant is eligible to receive."

So the point is with that, there aren't going to be any categories or limits until 2015.  So what the regime has signaled -- and believe me, all the people running these exchanges now know it -- what they have signaled, anybody who walks in to an exchange or anybody who logs in via a web browser, you can also do it, you don't have to go to the brick and mortar shop, the actual office, you can do it online, anybody who shows up, however, gets a policy, and they get a policy based on what they say.  So you can show up and lie about whether you're covered at work.  You can lie about how much you make, you can lowball it and say, "I don't make very much money," and then you qualify for the big subsidy.  And then you do not have to depend on any notice being sent to you telling you how you qualify because there aren't gonna be any of those 'til 2015, if then. 

So basically what happened, on Tuesday they canceled the employer mandate, on Friday they opened the doors to everybody, said, "Come on, in.  We are giving away policies."  For all intents and purposes.  And the point here is twofold.  The 2014 midterms and also get as many people signed up as quickly as possible to make it harder to repeal this.  While this is going on, Obama's out pitching immigration next, amnesty, and telling Republicans, "You know what, if you want your guys to ever win the White House again, you better support amnesty."  I laugh when I hear people say it's all falling apart on Obama.  I laugh when I hear people say, "Rush, it's imploding."  It's not, at all, folks. 

When the president of the United States can, with impunity, look at a portion of a law that he doesn't like and cancel it, how can it be said that he's in trouble?  How can it be said that he's imploding?  What's imploding is the Constitution.  What's imploding is the country, as founded.  His administration isn't.  So, with that, Greta played a clip of me to Phil Gingrey, who is member of Congress from Georgia last night.  There are three sound bites, and here's the first.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  The reason for what happened last week is to get as many people enrolled in Obamacare as possible, making it harder and harder to repeal it because repealing it would mean taking away their insurance, and that's why's Obama's out there selling this thing like it's a campaign issue, that and the 2014 midterms.  So I had to laugh it all these people saying, "Well, I guess that's the end of Obamacare, Rush. Why don't the Republicans just say repeal the whole thing?"  Well, they should, by the way, but what happened last week does not mean the end of Obamacare.  It just means Obama recognized it was in trouble and has taken steps to ensure it'll never be taken away, no matter how bad it is.

RUSH:  And Greta then said, "Okay, the delay in the employer mandate, you've written a letter, congressman, to Treasury secretary and Health and Human Services secretary wanting to know more about this.  What do you want to know?"

GINGREY:  Well, we want to know what they knew and when they knew it, and who they talked to. We want to know e-mails. We want to find out exactly who talked them into this one year delay, Greta.  Was it just small-business people, or, call me a cynic, was it possibly some Democratic senators who are up for reelection in 2014?

RUSH:  Well, clearly that was part of this, too. I mean, there's no question that this was an albatross.  Nobody wants this.  The vast majority of Americans do not want, they do not support Obamacare.  And the regime is trying to insulate Democrat senators.  There's a story yesterday, and there's one today, Michael Barone, about how the Republicans could win the Senate and end up with a 52-48 majority, and he lays it out.  So it is something the Democrats and Obama are thinking about.  So you take this thing off the table and it takes away a campaign issue for Republicans.  So Gingrey is right about that.  So Greta said, "Has the administration ever led you to believe that they would be ready by January 1st for this particular mandate requirement for employers?"

GINGREY:  Well, Greta, they've had, what, three and a quarter years to get ready.

VAN SUSTEREN:  I'm trying to -- I'm trying to figure out -- (crosstalk)

GINGREY:  -- March 23rd, 2010.

VAN SUSTEREN:  I'm trying to figure out whether it's just a huge job, whether they can't carry through on their promises, or whether it's politically sinister to get past the 2014 election.  I'm trying to figure out --

GINGREY:  Well, it could be either and, you know, you just had that clip from Rush and I'm a Rush listener and he always gives you a little extra something to think about. And it's very possible that that's true, but look, I've got this sheet here in front of me that says "Obamacare's Dirty Dozen Implementation Failures."  So it's not just this one.  It's one failure after another.

RUSH:  That's the Heritage Foundation Morning Bell document.  We shared that with you yesterday.  He's holding that.  And the Heritage Foundation published 12 implementation delays or failures already with the regime.  Now, Gingrey was saying in the beginning, he wants to know how did this happen, was it an arbitrary Obama decision or did somebody go to him and complain?  And it's probably a combination of a whole lot of things, but the bottom line is that Obama is the one who pulled the string, pulled the plug, pulled the lever, whatever. It's Obama who has decided for probably a multitude of reasons, the bottom line is, remember now what we were told.

This is such a wonderful bill. This bill is utopia. It lowers your premiums. If you like your policy, you get to keep it. If you like your doctor, you get to keep your doctor. It's gonna lower the deficit, most beautiful, wonderful thing, and we found out we can't implement it without it causing pure hell.  Implementing this thing would cause hell, disruption, tumult, chaos and anger directed at those who are perceived to be responsible for it.  This thing never was what it was sold. It never was a panacea. It never was a utopia. It never was a solution to anything other than securing one-sixth of the US economy for government control.


RUSH:  I'm gonna tell you, there's one thing about this employer mandate, one thing that is crystal clear to me, and that is the private sector didn't know anything was in the works about it.  The private sector could not have known that the employer mandate was gonna be delayed.  Well, if they would have known it was gonna be delayed they wouldn't have been laying people off all these years and months.  They would be converting people to part time.  They didn't know this was coming.  So this idea that Big Business leaned on Obama, they probably have been leaning on him forever.  This is nothing to do with it.  They didn't know this was coming.  They didn't even suspect this was coming. 

Had they suspected it was coming, they wouldn't have been converting all these people to part time all these months.  Just think of the money that businesses just wasted trying to get ready to do everything they had to do legally to abide by the mandate.  Just think of all the money they spent.  Think of all the employees whose status has now been converted to part time.  It turns out to be unnecessary.  Think of that, because of this.  So don't tell me that business knew, and don't tell me that they made it happen.  They had no clue it was coming. 



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