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The National Anthem by Stephen Limbaugh III


RUSH: We got a substitute broadcast engineer here today. His name is Friday. Maimone is out antiquing again with his wife.  Friday, I want you to hang on.  I've got a YouTube link I want to fire up to you, and then I need you to roll it off and to have it available as soon as you can get it done.  I'll get it up to you in the next obscene profit timeout.  Darn, it's one thing I forgot.  By the way, we've got the link posted at my website, RushLimbaugh.com.  It's my cousin's son, is that a cousin once removed?  I'll just call it my cousin, 'cause cousin once removed, can you imagine what they think that means in Rio Linda?  That might mean it's under the porch.

My cousin Stephen Limbaugh III is a famous musician in Hollywood, and he posted a YouTube video of his piano version of the Star-Spangled Banner with a bobblehead doll of George W. Bush.  You got it?  You got it ready to go?  Friday, I'll tell you, this guy is on the case.  I told him to wait, I'll have it up to him in mere minutes and he didn't wait.  He took the initiative and he went ahead and did it on his own.  Do you realize how rare that is?  Most people you tell 'em to wait, they go, "Cool, I'll be happy to wait," and they hope you forget so they never have to do it.  Friday took the initiative.

Okay, now, this is obviously the audio only, but the video is of my cousin Stephen III at the piano playing the Star-Spangled Banner.  It's really cool when you look at it, and we've got it linked at RushLimbaugh.com.

(playing of song)

The National Anthem for Piano.  And, again, that's the son of my cousin, Stephen Limbaugh II, in Hollywood.  You really have to see the video 'cause he's one of these Leonard Bernstein types who, you know, conducted in a wild fashion. Stephen plays in a wild fashion, and he's got a little George Bush bobblehead doll on the piano.



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