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Too Many Americans Don't Work Anymore


RUSH: Larry in Albany, I want to grab you here quickly.  Great to have you here on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Yes.  Yes.  You missed the boat on immigration.  I think everybody's missed the boat on immigration.  The problem with immigration is not at the border.  It's in the heart and the soul and the very core of this country with the entitlement programs.  My goodness, we even call 'em entitlements, because as long as there are people that want very little, and they have to do absolutely nothing for it, why should they work?  And as long as those people will not work, there are jobs for these guys to come up here and take.

RUSH:  Now, you know, folks, I have to tell you, I know this is gonna appeal to a lot of people.  Larry is saying, "Rush, the people of this country, they ain't working anymore. They won't work. They're being paid not to. They're eating. They're watching TV. They're using their phones. They're driving around. Why work?"  But there are businesses open that need people to work, and Americans won't do it.  It's not that there are jobs Americans won't do anymore.  It's that Americans just don't want to work.  The entitlement society's too big.  We had the numbers yesterday.  A hundred one million adults in this country get federal assistance of some kind.  Larry, I'll tell you, that's a provocative thing you've said there.  We'll have to explore it when we get back.


RUSH: So our last caller, Larry in Albany -- now, this that he said is a provocative thing because it is something that a lot of Americans will, without knowing anything, will just, "Yeah, yeah, that's damn right, damn right." 

What Larry said was, he said, "Rush, God bless you, God love you, you're the best, nobody better --" He didn't say that, but he meant to.  "You're missing it."  (laughing)  (paraphrasing) "You're missing it on this immigration.  This isn't about anything you're talking about.  The dead fact is that with the entitlement society that we have in this country, we don't have enough people in this country who are willing to get up every day and go to work.  And American businesses need people to do work for them, and Americans just won't anymore."  They're eating without working. They're driving without working. They're watching flat screens without working, and they're making phone calls and texting and they're surfing without working.  So why work? 

Now, I'm conflicted, because I happen to know that those of you in this audience are not the people that he was talking about, and we don't want to think of our country that way, but a lot of people do.  But it's undeniable that more people than ever are being paid not to work.  That's simply undeniable.  It's not just unemployment benefits for 99 plus weeks.  There's stuff on top of that.  There's all the people on disability, SSI.  I mean, the redundancy in our safety net programs is really obscene and the amount of money that we are paying, under the guise of helping the unfortunate, to people who could work but aren't, I'm sure is a staggering amount of money because it's a staggering amount of people.  In fact, every year we do hear stories about how farms can't get enough people to pick their crops, and every year we laugh at these stories.  But we still get the story. 

Even today, with 11 million illegal aliens in the country we have stories about the farmer unable to get enough people to pick his crops.  Farmers are among those who want more illegal aliens legalized.  There's a story about it, that's what my point is.  We get the story every day, every year, every month, whatever, and there's a story today about farmers demanding these people be legalized 'cause they need work done.  And in this case it's work that they've claimed for a long time Americans won't do, but it's not just agricultural jobs now, it's not just service in the home kind of jobs.  It's other work that people claim Americans won't do.  It's not that they won't do it per se, its' that they won't get up and go to work, whatever the job is. 

The farmers want more illegal aliens, but once they get used to living in the good old USA, they, too, will stop working and won't like picking peaches and we'll need another influx of people who will.  So goes the theory.  Now, right now Mexico, which has taken over from us as the number one country with the fattest population -- had that news earlier today -- Mexico has a higher gross domestic product, 3.5% than we do, 1.8.  Mexico has a lower unemployment rate than we do.  Theirs is 5%, ours is 7.6%.  So why do people who want to work come here anyway?  Because, on one hand, we're told there aren't any jobs.  On the other hand we're told people won't work anyway. 

But there's no question, folks, that Larry was right about how entitlements have changed the work ethic in this country, and Obama's just given us the biggest entitlement ever since Medicare, Obamacare.  In fact, Obamacare will eventually end up being Medicare and Medicaid for all, probably within 10 years.  That's how big and far-reaching it is. 

Here's the story that Snerdley was talking about from the AP.  "Michigan Farmers Worry About Fate of Immigration Bills -- For northern Michigan fruit grower Pat McGuire, the most potent symbol of the immigration debate isn't grainy television footage showing people slipping furtively across the U.S.-Mexican border. Instead, it's plump red cherries and crisp apples rotting on the ground because there aren't enough workers to pick them -- a scenario that could become reality over the next couple of months."  And it goes on to talk about this guy can't get any workers.  That is the story you were talking about, right?  And they're legion, the stories are everywhere. 

Now, I don't quite know how to express this.  I'm thinking of it in these terms.  You, you're sitting at a place, I don't care where it is, with a friend.  And you're really ticked off at your family. You start ripping 'em to shreds and you go down name by name.  If your friend joins in and agrees and starts telling you what a worthless bunch of fleabags your family is, you say, "Hold on a minute, pal, you can't talk about my family that way." He said, "Wait a minute, you are."  "Yeah, but they're my family." 

So a number of us don't want to believe this about this country. We have been frightened for decades that this is where we're headed, but some of us just don't want to believe that it's happened, that the old American work ethic, the old American dream, get out there and start small and bust your but and work as hard as you can and climb the ladder, we want to believe that that's still the primary objective that people have.  And then when hit with the reality that it isn't, some people want to defend it.  They don't want to bad rap their own country that way. 

Other people can't wait to.  Other people can't wait.  "Oh, yeah, this country..." You've heard. You know how people bad rap welfare recipients in general and bad rap people on entitlements. I'm not talking about seasoned citizens.  I'm talking about otherwise capable people.  All these freeloaders on disability making it all up, you know.  A bad eyelash is a disability, can't go to work today, those kind of people.  That ticks you off.  But he's got a point.  It's worth considering.  But is that reason to support amnesty?  It's not?  Well, if you got work that needs to be done and it isn't getting done, businesses are failing, the economy's not growing, all because Americans just won't get out of bed and go to work. Well, they get out of bed but they won't leave the bar, or Denny's to go to work, and you need the work done, what are you gonna do?  It is a whammy, a double whammy for businesses, especially -- and I want to reiterate this. 

We had Phil Gingrey on. We played the audio sound bite of him with Greta last night, and he told Greta that he wanted to know when did Obama know it and what did he know, and who's behind this, meaning the employer mandate being delayed by a year.  And Phil Gingrey said (paraphrasing), "I wonder did business call him up? Did a bunch of senators call him up who don't want to run for reelection, or what happened here?"  My point is -- I need to reiterate it again -- Big Business -- not big, just any business -- could not have known this was coming. 

Stop and think of all the money that these businesses have spent and all the things that they've done.  They've been turned upside down.  These businesses, in order to do what they think they have to do to comply with this stupid law, they've been turned upside down, they've had to spend a lot of money to make the transition. They have had to lay off people or they've converted full-timers to part-timers. They've done all of this based on what they thought the law was.  There's already been enough uncertainty with the tax code and what was happening with the Bush tax cuts, uncertainty of what was happening with Obamacare, whether the Supreme Court was gonna find it constitutional. 

Businesses in this country have not been able to plan like they normally plan ever since this guy was inaugurated.  There has been a constant level of uncertainty, except for the corporate cronies of Obama, who are on the inside game of this.  But if they're not, of course they're not inside and they don't have their business being supported by an association with the regime, all they've got is havoc.  All they've got is unpredictability, a lack of solidity, if you will.  They have not been able to plan with any kind of certainty for the future. 

So look at what all they've done.  They've laid people off, or they've converted people.  It's not just feel for the employers.  Look at the people who have been converted from full time to part time in order for these businesses to comply with something that they now don't have to comply with until Obama decides that they do.  So we've got abject, total havoc and chaos in the wake of Obamacare, in the wake of the entire administration.  So we've got havoc, we got chaos, now we've got waivers, the uncertainty in the business sector is what's locked in, and that's the antithesis of what they want and what they need.  They need degrees of certainty to be able to plan, to grow, to just run the business. 

So a bunch of central planners made up of people who have never worked a day in the private sector, who have never hired or fired, have never met a payroll, have never started a business, there isn't anybody at the czar level, at the cabinet level, this regime doesn't have anybody.  They got a bunch of advisers, but they don't have anybody actually in the regime that has any experience, a bunch of theoreticians who've sat around the faculty lounge at Harvard and MIT, Yale, you name it, theorizing as the smartest people in the world what really ought to happen and what would happen if they ever got control, if they were ever in power, and now we're seeing it, a bunch of theoreticians think they're smarter than everybody.  I mean, really who is Barack Obama?  What is it about Obama that makes him more qualified than people in the health care business to run it, to shape it, direct it? 

The same thing with anything to do with energy.  Obama doesn't know beans about it.  Obama's just a government hack.  He's an agitator.  I never understood why people automatically, blindly accept that some liberal do-gooder politician knows everything about the oil business and the people in it don't.  You know, it's even worse than that.  It's not just that Obama knows everything about the oil business and the people in it don't.  The people in it, the people in the oil business are just a bunch of pirates, they're thieves, they're cheaters, they're criminals, and the same thing in the health care business, and the same thing in the coal business, and the same thing in retail business. 

The same thing everywhere.  Everybody in the private sector is a suspect.  And Obama and his buddies are the experts and they know how all these things should run. So they're they are, they're in charge of it all now, and look at it, abject, total chaos.  Central planners have created uncertainty, havoc, chaos.  They're forcing people to lose money left and right.  It's a crying shame.  On top of that, this interesting provocative theory that we need amnesty because there just aren't enough Americans willing to work. 

Now, I know the other side of this.  The other side of this is that Obama's policies have killed the economy and there aren't any jobs to get anyway.  And there is something to be said for that.  We have nine million fewer jobs today than when Obama took office.  But it's undeniable, folks, that a majority of people not working, for as long as 99 weeks or longer, are still eating.  And when that's the case, when you don't have to work to live, then everything that you've always believed is out the window. 



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